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Charles Fischer

Whew! Updated Depth Chart with 31 New Ducks, and 36 Departures

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Check out ChileDuck's updated depth chart; it is at the top of the forum. 


With a desktop/laptop, you click on "Repository" and then click on ChileDuck's Depth Chart.

For mobile, you touch the horizontal three lines in the upper left corner, then touch on "Repository," and then "ChileDuck Depth Chart."


He has 12 positions listed, (two OLBs) and I understand the confusion that most have, because we run a 4-2-5 defense with the Outside Linebacker on the line of scrimmage and he is called the "Jack" linebacker.  Oregon only has two inside linebackers in this defense, the "Money" and the "Mac."


He is showing 76 scholarship players, and 32 walk-ons for 108 total.  Looks a lot different!


                  Byran Addison making a nice interception

Byran Addison Interception_Eric Evans of Oregon Football Twitter.jpg



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Mr. FishDuck

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Looks like many may have quietly left the team. 


Perhaps even with that year one coaching rule where the coach can remove players in the first year and those players retain their scholarship with the university. 


This would have been done in December but looks like that is probably what happened to some extent. 

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