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  1. My QB was William Musgrave. But I have liked quite a few of them along the way.
  2. Dennis Dixon, is the all time greatest (imo) QB to play RPO football. I remember all the times the TV cameras were following the wrong player while the ball was streaking down the field with another player.
  3. He does but he just doesn't have the size. Small backs don't last, imo.
  4. Probably why his pay raise and contract extension. Can't lose him to another higher bidder!
  5. Too true! He turn the Zags into a winning program. Came here and in two years with his recruitment of Sabrina and Ruthie made this a machine.
  6. I would like a coach to teach these young men vision! If you see a hole take it--don't just run the play called blindly. Cyrus in the pistol on third or fourth and short...No team in the country knows what the call is there... Watching the top teams play you see that the backs actually look for a hole or bounce off and run. Our guys just seem to follow the play as called even when there is no hole and lose yards. To quote one of my favorite movies of the 80s "Go that way, really fast! And if something gets in your way, turn."
  7. Was this Omoruyi? Coach said he wasn't feeling right on the trip to Colorado and Utah.
  8. Too true but even last place teams, especially Fuskies, don't want to lose to the Ducks on their own home court. They saw how Prichard "owned" them the four previous years.
  9. We all know the coaching prowess of both men's and women's basketball teams. DA is a 20+ win season a year coach while KG is a turn a program around coach. Oregon should have won the Pac last year if it wasn't for the pandemic. Will the Ducks sweep the Pac this year?
  10. Remember about 10 years ago when Sabin said, I'm paraphrasing, that Oregon's blur offense was a danger to the game of football and should be banned? It wasn't good for the sport and will lead to many injuries on the defensive side of the ball? My thoughts about his football teams now? He is an adapter! He saw this is what fans wanted, changed his tactics, and hired coaches to get him here. No longer is the game about stifling defense and score just enough to win offense. It has mutated from three yards and a cloud of dust to 52 yards and eat my dust! We can thank Chip for this. He changed
  11. I was afraid to login because I thought maybe I was "that" guy?!!
  12. I love this girl's smile! Her game is almost certainly there too! If she get's the killer, Sabrina, instincts she will be a force in the Pac and the NCAA. I told my friends that by the end of this season I expect these ladies to make at least the Elite 8. They all have a few things to work on and clean up but I expect coach Graves will have them tuned up by the Pac tourney.
  13. He just needs to clean up a couple of things in his game and I think he'll be ready for the NBA. Maybe ride the pine a little more than Prichard but he'll be ready. So I doubt he sticks around for another year.
  14. Let me throw something out there. When I went skydiving I had to sign a waiver to waive my rights for insurance because the potential to die is real. Even though I paid and still pay for insurance those kind of activities are not covered if I chose to risk my life. To me this pandemic is the similar in that the potential to die is there. The difference? One risks other peoples lives. You chose to skydive and die? That's on you. You catch this disease you potentially die but more importantly you potentially kill others. You get contact traced if you get an STI/STD and your name goes on a l
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