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  1. You listen to that podcast and it's clear that besides needing a football masters to follow that X's and O's chalk talk, that JoMo knows what the hell he's talking about. I would hope Mario would be like "PHEW! One less thing to worry about!"
  2. Two things I took from this.... 1.When your OC creates his own offensive language from scratch then he's a STUDENT of the game. 2. He was asked who he watches for offensive inspiration and his answer was CHIP KELLY! Mario got us an OC that fits the Oregon culture with the EGO left in WESTWOOD! Well played Mario, now let him coach!
  3. Lake will take UW down, his ego and whatever else behind the scenes that went on to Petersen walking away, should have been HUGE RED FLAGS to the nation that the powers that be at UW aren't the right ones making the decisions. Smith is a smooth operator, he knows that he can't out recruit Oregon or for that matter most schools in the PAC + they don't have the funds. That said, he's been given a get out of jail free card with the transfer portal and that might just make up for their recruiting woes. I worry that Butterfield might end up there as their next Mr. Anderson. The B
  4. I wonder if the better question is who's the best CFO for their team as a head coach and who has the best coordinators to get their vision accomplished? I.E. Nick Saban
  5. If it were me, I'd put Terry, Richardson, Duarte, Eugene and Frank out there. Terry can get to the hoop, set up the offense and distribute, Richardson can knock down the three plus handle the ball on presses, Duarte can feed of the mismatches and create his own shot and Eugene and Frank offensively play the catfish role going for anything that doesn't go into the hoop.
  6. Campbell was a RB whisperer and I really don't think Mastro is. As a side note.... Didn't Deruyter leave Cal to be the main DC here? I'm not sure having a Co-DC is necessary or wise for coaching longevity but to each his own....
  7. This may be unpopular but I really believe that Richardson is a 2 guard miscast as a PG. When you watch Pritchard, he initiates the offense. Richardson however is best creating for himself. Very different skill sets. Will can shoot the 3 ball well and if isolated to that skill set and getting "himself" to the rim, might be a far more effective player for us. I might put Terry and Richardson in at the same time to see how that works for a few games with Will playing the SG...
  8. Mario needs to be the CFO of this team and allow his coordinators to do their job. He and mini Mario "Mirabal" keep making the O line epic. The rest of Mario's time should be getting us amazing recruiting classes like he's been doing and keeping a great revolving door of coaches always on the upgrade in Eugene.
  9. "IF" Eugene can stay in the game and Duarte goes into a nice shooting zone, the Ducks will win this game.
  10. I wonder about Jordon's weight loss and if that had an affect on his play as a senior? Could Jordon be another Poona Ford? I'm grateful to Fat Mac for holding down the D line for 3 years. It's pretty studly to walk in as a true freshman and call your spot like he did.
  11. I think keeping confidence at an all time high is important with Ty, Butterfield and Ashford..... Brown has the confidence but maybe not the straight up talent of the others but the last thing I'd want to do is to have another "SHOUGH Effect" with my freshman. Brown seems logical till probably mid season and then you never know what can happen but I would not let Ty be fed to the Buckeyes as a true freshman. He can more than redeem himself as a RF against Georgia the next year!
  12. I stand corrected..... Kevin Wade says "ROD CHANCE" get's the trophy for this recruiting grab! Chance is turning heads with his recruiting chops too...
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