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  1. The offense is boring and predictable. Brown is obviously part of the problem, but a change toThompson or Butterfield may not solve the problem. While they're better passers, and possibly better decision makers, Mario has to allow them to do what they do best to get offensive improvement. I think we'd end up with the same conservative offense, just a different quarterback. Cristobal is pretty set on not doing anything out of his comfort zone. He kept the reins on Herbert pretty much, and likely Herbert was more talented than any of our present qbs.
  2. Wow, that is a mind numbing prediction, but probably pretty accurate. With losses to UCLA, Utah, maybe OSU, and possibly a Washington school, that's probably in the ball park. In a lower tier bowl game, I think we'll win it. It just doesn't seem like leaving is in Mario's personality, but with LSU and likely Miami openings, he certainly could.
  3. Our offense does need a spark. Most want Mario to give Ty a chance, but will anything change, will it open up the offense? As conservative as Mario is, I see him restricting Ty, pigeon holing into the conservative offense that Brown plays. Look what he did with Herbert. Justin was never able to play the game to his potential or strengths, and I'd guess Ty won't be able to either. At some point, Mario needs to develop his offense around the strength of his players, and let them do what they do best.
  4. Cristobal is not an innovator, as has been mentioned. He's conservative, and he plays the players that have the most experience and practice the best that week, unless he has no choice but to play a freshman. Other players may have much more talent, but unless he sees an overwelming improvement in using a given young player, he'll stick with experience and who he thinks practiced best. The problem is, the most talented and productive don't always practice the best. Some of these kids are "gamers", they rise to the occasion in games and under pressure. They may not truly buy into the practicing, but given game opportunities, they produce. Devon Williams is one who comes to mind. Any one of those 3 young quarterbacks could be a gamer that rises to the occasion and competition, but we'll never know as coach just won't take that chance.
  5. It's way more than just winning a game. The team has just become boring. i'm so tired of runs between the tackles and no imagination for an offense. I'm tired of a qurterback who is so limited. It's more than wins and losses, I want to see a team thats fun to watch, and ours is not.
  6. According to Duckwire, it sounds like Brown is going to continue as the starting quarterback. Either Cristobal is just incredibly stubburn, or the three freshman just aren't ready or aren't that good.
  7. It's really unfortunate Moorhead is out of commision as the bye period starts. I just don't see a quarterback change occurring without him present to make it happen. Wish I knew how long he'll be away . With Cal, we could use two quarterbacks and let Brown anf TT play half the game each to ease TT into game situations, but I doubt they'll do that.
  8. I hope Cristobal watched the Chargers and his old quarterback tonight. Even more, I wish he would learn something from Staley, like how to run an effective, imaginative offense, how to be unpredictable, and how to manage a game clock. What a difference. Very fun game to watch. That coach is really sharp.
  9. I'm an avid college football fan, Oregon specifically, but have never spent time watching the pros. I've always looked at them as a bunch of over paid prima donnas. But now that we have a local Oregon quarterback playing for a west coast pro team with an apparently very smart head coach, I may become a fan.
  10. I do take it with a grain of salt, as I'm sure he wouldn't say anything negative. But from my perspective, Brown is a one year player, the other three quarterbacks have all or most of their eligibility left. Unless Brown is heads and shoulders above the rest, I think the staff should concentrate on developing a multi year started, someone who will give the offense consistency and continuity over a few seasons. If Brown is used this year because he's slightly better than the other three, we'll have the same issue the following year trying to develop a starting quarterback. And while he may have the experience, it's generally thought he doesn't have the high ceiling of some of our other recruits.
  11. For Oregon, the 10 transfers are likely a result of our continually improving recruiting. Those already not getting much playing time can see the writing on the wall. Isn't Shough the only player that's transferring that has had much playing time? If recruiting continues at the present pace, I'd think the transfers will continue. I guess that just makes room for better players.
  12. There must be something Moorhead really likes about this kid, as I believe he was recruiting him well before moving here to Oregon. Just because he's considered a pro style QB doesn't mean he's a statue and can't move. Numerous QB recruits are rated at some level as both a pro style and at a different level as a dual threat, though I don't know if this kid fits this senario. Of the two pro style recruits that left, Millen was never going to move up the depth chart and Shough left because either he or the coach, or both, lost confidence with him on the field. But at least he, as mostly a pro style recruit, got the chance to try to prove himself and play in Moorhead's offense. His failure wasn't in his ability to move, rather his lack of confidence in what a pro style QB should be best at.
  13. Tanner Bailey, 4-Star, Rivals , No. 9 Pro-Style quarterback gave Oregon a verbal commitment today. from 247 sports.com That will mean four of the players in the QB room will be 4 or 5-star QBs for next year. Cristobal is rolling.
  14. It appears, according to Arizona State sites, that recently Oregon commit Jace Feely has backed off his commitment and has now committed to Arizona State. That's very unfortunate, as he had a very strong leg, regularly kicking kickoffs 70 yards. That would have been a significant benefit for us. Hope coach can find another one.
  15. Nothing the matter with the way Darren Thomas ran the offense either. He was pretty cool, calm and collected, and while not having the best arm or legs, he was really efficient keeping the offense moving. The team was awfully good with him at the helm. I'd still go with Marcus however.
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