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  1. REPORTS: Oregon heads to San Diego to take on either No. 21 Notre Dame or UNC in SDCCU Holiday Bowl 247SPORTS.COM What bowl is Oregon heading to? Unsure if correct, but good conversation
  2. As a duck fan, I'm thankful that our games are fun again. That's due to a coach that's young and upbeat, that has a great connection to his players, and wants to be part of the Oregon community. I'm thankful for Mario for showing us that recruiting well can be accomplished at Oregon, and that our new coach seems capable of sustaining or improving upon. I'm equally thankful Mario has moved on to his dream job. I'm thankful for the direction the program is headed. Though this season didn't end as we would have liked, the Duck season was fun to watch, and gives hope for the future.
  3. I don't think Lanning blew it at all. There were two things that ruined our season, the first being Bo getting hurt. Had he not, we would have marched into the endzone vs UW and lead by 10 with a few minutes to play. The second was the botched punt vs OSU along with the still injured Bo. Had Bo been his normal self, we would have handled OSU easily. If those two things hadn't happened, we wouldn't be having this conversation about Lanning as we'd be 11-1. Those 4th down calls in both games likely wouldn't even have existed, and Lanning would have looked like a hero. Losing those two games by a total of 7 points with a gimpy QB and an unfortunate dropped punt in the endzone is not a "colossal failure".
  4. I think several factors play in Lannings decision to get a transfer QB. First is what is Bo going to do? If he stays, we won't need a potential starter. Second, how will taking a transfer affect what Dante Moore does? Last thing Lanning wants to do is anything that concerns him. And lastly, are both Butterfield and TT going to leave, which gives us almost no depth. So if a transfer is taken, are we looking for a starter or just a decent backup. I think Lanning needs some of those questions answered before he makes the transfer decision.
  5. i certanly agree with this. Most every college QB would like the chance to be an NFL starter, but few succeed at doing it. Bo would be a great back up, would stay much healthier, and would get his NFL fix and pension. I think Bo's ultimate livelihood will be coaching. He's got such high football IQ, interacts with teammates and people well, and has serious drive. Maybe he could eventually come back as our QB coach at some point.
  6. Oregon Recruiting: 4-star Caleb Presley announces visit to Washington DUCKSWIRE.USATODAY.COM 4-star CB Caleb Presley, the third-highest-rated commit in Oregon’s 2023 class, will be taking an official visit to the in-state Washington Huskies. This is concerning, as he's our 3rd highest ranked commit
  7. Yet , if we're going to be a national presence with goals of the playoff, we can't dwell on the two rival games. They're obviously more important to the fans, but placing the two rivalry games above the others kind of puts us in the OSU mindset, that being no matter how many we loose, we need to win these two. As a fan, it would have been better to loose to Utah and WSU than UW and OSU, but with the goal being the playoffs, it's the same result.
  8. That then begs the quuestion, what happens next year. Bo was the difference between a potential 11-1 team if he'd remained healthy, a 9-3 team once wounded, and a losing record if he weren't here. With Bo gone, what do we have? Two highly rated, but apparently inadequate returning QBs, and a 5 star incoming freshman. No matter how they play, it's going to be a large step down from what Bo provided.
  9. I'm not so scared about a step back with a new OC as much as I'm worried about it with Bo Nix leaving. He will be hard to replace.
  10. I agree with ths completely. A healthy Bo and I think we would have won both of those games. In addition, instead of all the complaining about the play calling, in game mistakes, poor defense, and grousing about Lanning in general, everyone would be estatic. The donors and fans would be overlooking some glaring team weaknesses due to the superior offense led by Bo.
  11. It appears Miami forum fans think Dante has removed his commitment due to that instagram, and they are likely his next choice, and have a good chance to land him.. Talk about delusional. Even if he were to leave, with all his offers, why would they thinkthey have any chance of getting Dante come to play Mari-no O ball? I think they lost Rashada for that very reason.
  12. I have no animosity towards Kenny at all, at least until the time he takes some of our recruits and coaches. It will be fun to see how he does. He helped make us fun to watch again.
  13. Up until 4 minutes left in the Washington game, I think most alums and donors were pretty happy with the season. The defense and special teams had been spotty, but the offense unstoppable. Lanning had made some gutsy calls, some worked, some didn't. Then it happened. Our all star QB went down, some questionable calls by coaches and refs occurred, we played with a wimpy QB, and lost 2 of 3 games by a total of 7 points. We could have, should have, won those two games, but our success lived and died with Bo Nix. Had Nix stayed healthy and we won those two games, the donor would not be fuming, they wouldn't be down on our new coach, everyone would be estatic. Going 9-3 , and potentially 11-1 with 9 more points scored sounds like a pretty good season to most people. No blowout losses. I still think we have a pretty good coach. He's smart, has a high football IQ, interacts with everyone well, knows how to recruit, and is a breath of fresh air as a game coach over the last 4 years. Unfortunately, the season ended poorly, but it was entertaining football, and given time, I think Lanning has the drive to succeed. Just look at the fuming in Miami if you want to see a dose of depression.
  14. I do have some concerns about Oregon next year and going forward. It seems to me, the whole success of this years team was on the back of Bo Nix. It will be pretty hard to replicate his arm, legs, and football intelligence. We've seen the results of not having him play, or play hurt. It's not pretty. Dillingham did a great job play calling for the most part this year. He was very imaginative, and adjusted well to game situations. Can we find someone that is equally as dynamic and football smart? With Dillingham leaving, what will happen to our recruiting class? Do we loose our 5 star QB and receiver? What current players follow him? I assume it would be ones not getting enough playing time, like maybe Thompson or Dollars. But finding a comparable replacement for Bo is imperative. Does the ending to this season tarnish the Oregon brand as far as the national audience and potential recruits are concerned ? We're a well known team at present, but at some point, we need to deliver the goods to stay relevant. What will happen to Oregon in conference realignment? Will we stay as a top team in a very weakened Pac 10 ? Will we be swallowed up in the Big 10? Where do we land and how will it affect us? While I'm sure these concerns I have can be overcome, I'm just not as optimistic as I'd like to be. I think Lanning is great and I love the more aggressive and unpredictable offense, but there is a lot to solve before next year.
  15. What an embarrassing game that was watched on national tv. Reminds me when Vernon Adams got hurt in a bowl game and we lost after leading by 30 at halftime. Combining that with Dillingham leaving, it will be interesting to see which recruits stick with their verbal commitment. It was a sad day for OBD
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