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  1. When WT dumped Oregon, the timing was terrible, and we needed a solution quick. Mario filled that spot, and if I remember, was emphatic this was long term and he'd have to be dragged out of Eugene. He was a hard worker, personable, great recruiter, and the players loved him. I think he put everything he had into the program until the last year, and unlike WT, didn't bolt for Miami the first time the position was open. While he had shortcomings as a game coach and serious stubborness, we won a lot of games at Oregon, though most in a pretty boring fashion. I've never considered Mario to be stupid, and would think he would eventually learn from past mistakes, so I'm going to go out on a limb and assume he will give a little more control to his coordinators going forward. Oregon was used as a learning experience by him, so we'll see what he has learned. I'm sure he's heard all negativity about his offense and coaching, so we'll see what he does about it. While I agree that he seemed to check out the second half of the season, about the time his offense got booed, it's hard to find a good time or way to leave a program . If he's too open about being a candidate, he risks his recruiting class, transfers and assistant coaches. If he keeps quiet until the last minute and bolts, he's ticks off fans and the athletic department. It also appears to me he didn't go looking for just any better job, he went with one that has serious importance to him for several reasons. I'll just cut him some slack, glad he's moved on, and look forward to a more interesting team to watch. On the side, I might pay a little attention as to whether he has actually learned anything while at Oregon.
  2. Mario Cristobal, ACC rearranged his media day schedule to allow him to attend Spencer Webb’s memorial SATURDAYOUTWEST.COM The former Oregon coach rearranged his schedule to try and get to Eugene for Spencer Webb's memorial service. Unfortunately his flight was cancelled.
  3. Nice article, thank you. From the spring game, I was much more impressed with Butterfied than Thompson. While he made mistakes, he seemed much calmer and in control, and for the most part, his passes were accurate. His mobility is the biggest issue.
  4. Oregon walk-on QB AJ Abbott enters the NCAA Transfer Portal 247SPORTS.COM Oregon walk-on quarterback A.J. Abbott has elected to end his career with the Oregon Ducks and play his final four years of college football at a different college Maybe this has something to do with why Lanning took another walk on QB, or else this is the reason Abbott is leaving.
  5. I believe the OT they were referring to is Samson Okuniola.
  6. My picks for Oregon's spring headliners and the big questions for each position group 247SPORTS.COM My picks for Oregon's spring headliners and the big questions for each position group Pick for the top player for each position group and questions about each group.
  7. I think McIlroy, Thomas and Rahm have pretty much said exactly that, without the easy part. The easy part only works for Woods and Nicklaus. Mickelsons main complaint was the PGA Tour making huge sums of money off the players back , not returning enough of it to the players. LIV shows up with giant sums of money, offering to pay large amounts over 2-3 years for only 8 tournaments a year, which is more than many of them have made in their total career prize money. I could see how it would be hard for many of the middle of the road and older pros to turn that down. I'm sure there will be more defectors as time goes on. Tough times for professional golf.
  8. DuckTerritory - Oregon Ducks Football Basketball & Recruiting 247SPORTS.COM Stay up to date with all the Oregon Ducks sports news, recruiting, transfers, and more at 247Sports.com His father discusses each of the schools he's interested in.
  9. I've also always liked that they must earn their money by being competative as well. Golf is a high participation sport, and is highly watched for entertainment. Is it right that a pro football, basketball, or baseball player hauls in a boatload of money whether he plays, is injured, is a backup, or isn't the best player playing? Golfers work at least as hard, if not much harder, to perfect their talent. Most put in a full day of practice almost every day. Yet they get nothing unless they perform well each week. Shouldn't the playing field be a little more level for them when compared to athletes in other sports? But I also don't have an answer how the PGA could or should deal with this.
  10. Golf is a unique sport in that, with just a few exceptions, you only get money if you compete well. There are just a few appearance payouts, and more is made from endorsements for the most prolific players than prize money. Compare this to an NFL quarterback, or an pro basketball star. When Phill Mickelson initially talked about the LIV tour, his goal was to use it to pressure the PGA tour to stop being so cheap, and pay the players more. He got so much backlash about the human rights issues and the LIV tour that he lost most of his sponsors and he went into hiding. Because that went nowhere, he resurfaced, $200M richer, and signed on with LIV. It's disappointing that the PGA hasn't made a better effort to take care of their players. While it's helped make a select few quite wealthy, mostly through endorsements, it hasn't even come close to other professional sports at taking care of it's players financially. The new LIV tour I see as a serious threat to professional golf. More and more will sign on with them, field on both tours will be divided, weakening the PGA fields. As far as the four majors, it's not known yet how they will respond . All have a long history with the PGA, and the talk seems to be they won't hang the PGA out to dry. The USGA is the only one to comment so far, and they are saying those that are already qualified for next weeks US Open will be allowed to play. The other 3 haven't commented. The LIV wants their tournaments to be qualifying events, but that will go against the PGA, who again, have a long history with the 4 major tournaments. Right now, professional golf is becoming a giant mess, and the PGA, through some of their own mistakes, aren't in a good position to deal with it.
  11. When Lanning took Oregon's coaching job, he had no QB he could rely on to lead his new team, so he sought out and took the best QB with experience he could find at the time. I have no doubt he will be a significant upgrade from last year. As Lanning didn't have time to find and develop a young QB when he took over, Nix affords him time to find and/or develop one. While Nix has had a mixed career, he has a lot of talent. It will be up to the coaches to develop an offense and plays that minimize Nix's shortcomings, namely interceptions, and I think that they will. I'll be fine with him throwing a half dozen picks next year as long as he also throws 20 - 30 TDs.
  12. He's been pretty successful in his short time on the PGA tour. He's won once, and has had many high finishes.
  13. Breaking Up is So Very Hard to Do: Exiting Huskies' Last Words WWW.SI.COM UW players spoke about maintaining standards, teammates leaving and not playing for dad, and then changed their minds. Huskies : Breaking up is so hard to do !!
  14. Oregon women’s golf defeats Texas A&M to advance to face Stanford in NCAA Championship match WWW.OREGONLIVE.COM The No. 2 seed Ducks defeated No. 3 seed Texas A&M, 4-1-0, in a semifinal of match play Tuesday afternoon at Grayhawk Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona. Finals to be played this afternoon. Go Ducks!
  15. Looking at some of the Miami forums, they think it's a given that Rashada will be going to commit to Miami based on Mario and their NIL deals. What a delussional fanbase they have. They think it's between them and Mississippi St, but they'll get him. I've seen or heard nothing favoring any of the schools mentioned.
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