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  1. This is who I would like to see come in at OC. Keep BMAC at WR coach.
  2. I agree, as much as I want to believe he would entertain the idea, even if he was offer double his current salary, I lean in the 51%-100% side that he wouldn't take the job. What he has built in Clemson, being at Clemson basically recruits itself at this point (same with Saban), needing a replacement staff/coach/whatever at the school basically repeats itself (same with Saban), ACC being a joke and still making CFP (not the PAC12), Oregon/Eugene/Portland (Insert whatever you can think of), and more.
  3. Lol I did the same thing this mornings. Figured by the time I got home news would hit. I was wrong.
  4. Same here. That was the problem with North, literally everyone that tried out made the team because we needed the bodies. At South, Sheldon, Churchilll, etc they can pick and choose because the talent pool is much deeper. 30-50 kids trying out vs 100-200 kids trying out, they can be a bit more picky.
  5. Agreed. We hired a top OC and a goodish DC. Let them make a majority of plays.
  6. I think he would be a pretty good fit at Colorado State.
  7. One time great, Dennis Dixon, was a baseball player and gave that up for football. I'd say, it worked out pretty good. I think Ashford can be a real threat to other teams.
  8. Pretty sure Charles Woodson won the Heisman. ETA: I see that they reported that in the article now.
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