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  1. I'd love to see the Utes take this one, but don't see it happening.
  2. Absolutely. And when viewed in conjunction with the allegations regarding player abuse and mistreatment by Klemm and Mehringer it's highly concerning. We've never been "one of those programs." I'm afraid we may be headed in that direction.
  3. He's been a lot of fun to watch. So much heart. And he brings it every play.
  4. The kid is fun to watch. I'd love to see him at SC. Put me in the "a strong SC is good for the Pac12" camp.
  5. Completely agree. And I think it adds to the sense of camaraderie.
  6. Thanks, Charles. That's one of the many things that make this such a great site - even a highly unpopular opinion like mine can be aired and no-one attacks me personally for it. That's pretty darn amazing if you stop and think about it. Thanks for all you do in keeping it this way.
  7. I should probably change my screen name to "Mr. Negative," but I'm not excited about Lanning's hiring in the least. I'm concerned about his age, inexperience, and potential for a lack of "seasoned judgment." I think hiring Klemm as an assistant speaks to this and was a huge mistake by Lanning. There was a time when Oregon wouldn't touch a coach who was accused of abusing players (active lawsuits against Klemm on this front) and I see it as a black eye for the school (my school) and the program. Based on the noise coming out of Hawaii, I'm also worried about Lanning's tutelage under Graham. Is Lanning okay with this behavior? The Klemm hire seems to say so. Of less importance, but still concerning, I suspect the exciting offense we've missed during the Mario years won't be returning with Lanning joining the flock. I don't see Dillingham airing it out and the plucking of Brown 2.0 from the portal doesn't appear to allow for it anyway. Lastly, I'm not sold on the Georgia D as the end all all be all (Alabama sure had their number) and even so, I wonder who was really running the show (I think Kirby may have had more to do with things than not). I don't for a second doubt Lanning's desire to succeed. I just don't see it happening anytime soon. I don't think we'll see a Pac12 Championship during his tenure, nor anytime soon thereafter. As far as a National Championship, not a chance.
  8. And the SEC just took a loss to Army on a last second field goal.
  9. I hope Coach Lanning doesn't have blind spot when it comes to players being bullied and abused by coaches. Considering his history with Todd Graham, the latest developments out of Hawaii are more than a little concerning. https://sports.yahoo.com/current-former-hawaii-players-allege-mistreatment-and-abuse-under-coach-todd-graham-055929891.html
  10. It looks like the lawsuit regarding his horrid treatment of player(s) is still alive.
  11. Horrible hire. Doesn't make me feel any better about the Lanning's judgment, either.
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