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  1. Isn't that the point of every title of every thread...to peak the interest of the audience. That said, I'm all for DL saying this for the UGA game and every other game on the schedule. That is the objective every week...beat the brakes off of whoever they play.
  2. My takeaways: - Receivers are a deep and very talented group. - D-Line was impressive...especially DJ Johnson. - Nix is the clear starter at QB going into to the fall. - Seven McGee is going to be exciting to watch. - Energy around the team seems really good.
  3. BYU's schedule is absolutely ridiculous. Kudos to them for going independent and really pushing themselves with scheduling instead of trying to pad the schedule so they can get to the playoffs easier.
  4. I just have a feeling about this coaching staff. I know I'm wearing green and yellow glasses, but I never had this feeling with the miami coach or the fsu coach. I was indifferent with Helfrich getting the gig because the team was so loaded, I probably could have coached them to a Pac-12 title. The only other coach I had this same confident feeling down in my gut with was CK when he got the gig and that turned out pretty darn good.
  5. Dan the Man is connecting this team to the fans. He recognizes how connected the Ducks were with the fans back when most of these fellas were on the team. He's trying to bring back the connection and energy that was the Golden Age of Ducks football....everything that the miami coach lost in a just a few years.
  6. Good article. I'm looking forward to Williams being on the field again because he seemed to be a play-maker like VM. I'm also very curious how the coaching staff manages the QB situation. The temptation to play a more familiar but inconsistent Nix over one of the young QBs that has more potential but is less polished, may end up costing Oregon a great QB to the transfer portal, create chaos in the locker room, and likely set the team back a couple years while they develop someone again from scratch. My hope is that one of the young gun QBs sets themselves apart this spring and makes the way forward obvious and they use Nix in change-up situations to keep a defense off balance.
  7. First off, I think Brown was probably a lot better than he appeared....much like Herbert under the current miami coach, he was the victim of some of the worst coaching available in the NCAA. That said, here are some other stats that give a bit more context when comparing the two QBs side by side: Brown: 7th Yr Senior YPG = 213.5 TD/Int = 18/7 Yds/Completion = 7.7 Games Played = 14 QB Rating = 140.1 Williams: Freshman YPG = 242 TD/Int = 21/4 Yds/Completion = 9.0 Games Played = 7.5 QB Rating = 7.5
  8. Nailed it. Herbert is a top 3 QB in the NFL in 2 seasons but you would never have known that talent was on the field when he was under the tutelage of the miami coach. Sometimes the trash takes itself out.
  9. You say that but OSU beat that Miami team the next year with 0 first round picks and only two draft picks in the fist 3 rounds that draft year. Miami was good, but beatable.
  10. Miami undoubtedly had the better athletes, but in a single game matchup, I absolutely believe Oregon could have beat Miami with Joey Ballgame on the field. Underdogs....yep, but the way the Ducks played in the Fiesta against the same Colorado team that smoked Nebraska...I have no doubt that the Ducks could beat Miami if they played that day.
  11. As I was saying just a few short days ago.....it just happened faster than I expected. Government should view FBS college football players, Division I men's, women's basketball players as school employees, according to advocacy group's complaint (espn.com)
  12. Happy for him, but my goodness the Pro-Bowl is sooooo bad.
  13. KT will be fine in the NFL. I don't think he's an elite talent at that level and I'm not sure if he was at the college level either. But does anyone actually believe he lived up to the hype? Some of that is probably due to the coaching that wasn't happening, but it felt like he was playing it safe most of the year because he had a lot to lose by either not dominating or getting injured. I don't fault the guy for either of those potential reasons, but I'm just saying, my eyes weren't lying when I saw slightly above average play....when he played. 7 Sacks - Not in top 50 49 Total Tackles - Not in top 500...yes 500 35 Solo Tackles - Not top 100 I know the temptation is to say he didn't play much of the season...that's part of the point.
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