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  1. We must have been sitting pretty close to each other because that was my view as well.
  2. Penn St, Michigan, OSU and Wisconsin in that order.
  3. A lot to digest in this post and a lot of good takeaways. I was somewhat skeptical regarding his hiring, just as your friend was...it felt hasty and Oregon didn't seem to look seriously for external candidates. I think the players advocating for him had a somewhat significant impact on the decision, which feeds into the loyalty discussion in another thread. I think ND may have just done the same thing with their coaching situation, hopefully it works out better for them than it did for the Ducks. As far as the Stonybrook game, I need to go back and see what you're referring to there because I have no recollection of anything unusual at the end of that game. I agree 100% with the Hutson incident...both in how he handled Huston's penalty and the outrageous claims Rod was making on TV that were slanderous. It seems you have a very measured approach to how you assessed the former coaches hiring...I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on the DL hiring and what your initial thoughts and gut feelings are.
  4. Interesting take and I hadn't thought of it from the perspective that he see's/saw the Oregon fanbase as disloyal. If that is the case, I wonder if that played a part with some of the transfers that happened/nearly happened after his departure...those players also felt betrayed by the fans as well. If DL kills it this year (I think he does) and brings back the positive energy that Oregon fans became accustomed to in the CK days, I think DL will earn that fan loyalty quickly...just as CK and many of the still beloved Duck player of that era did. If so, that should be another lesson learned for the miami corch, loyalty isn't guaranteed, it's earned.
  5. Can't remember what station I was listening to on SXM during my daily commute, but one of the dedicated sports stations was talking about the UGA/Ducks game and point spread. As they talked about the matchup, the "expert" said UGA will be challenged defensively because Oregon's O-line will be able to block UGA's front.
  6. I wasn't going to read this article at first because I'm pretty much over the miami coach, but I caved and gave it a click....so glad I did. Love the term "corch" and the examples given to help define the term...those are perfect qualifiers and sure enough, the miami coach is the poster-boy of all things corch related. Felt good to read that others felt pretty much the same way and saw the same ridiculously embarrassing short-comings and limitations of that clown. Can't wait to watch from afar as history repeats itself knowing we will never have to deal with that corch again.
  7. I'm not buying Clemson, USC, Texas, or NC State on that list because none of those teams have a chance this year. Maybe in 2-3 years I could see Clemson, USC and Texas getting close but why NC State is on the list is laughable.
  8. Oregon recruits nationally and doesn't need UT San Antonio on the schedule to get recruits from Texas. Oregon is a national brand and as mentioned multiple times on this site and by DL during his opening statement during the Pac media day, has the #7 national TV audience. None of these schools move the needle to improve recruiting nor do they result in more TV viewers and revenue. Oregon's best option is to go to the B1G. The next best option (also the most unlikely) is to join the SEC. If neither of those are an option, they should remain in an unchanged PAC-10. If that option isn't available, then they should be independent. If that isn't feasible, they can join the Big-12. Last and definitely least, if none of the previously mentioned options happen, then they can join the MWC with a couple other Pac schools and make tens of thousands of dollars per season in TV revenue.
  9. I read another article that mentioned NBC was trying to piggy back on the B1G media deal so they could broadcast B1G conference games in the evening. I assume that would help generate the necessary revenue so they can pay ND $75M/year which keeps them independent. I assumed the B1G would bring on the 4 Pac teams but apparently, the money must not be lining up for that to happen. My gut says it's still going to happen and was always the plan because I have a hard time believing that USC and UCLA are going to play only teams in the mid-west and on the east coast.
  10. I never thought of the offensive philosophy the way you just described under Mario, but I think you are exactly correct. It wasn't about out-smarting or out executing the opponent, it was about physical domination. It worked except when it didn't.
  11. Good interview. I can't wait to see Sewell and Flowe unleashed on opposing offenses. I hope both stay healthy and we get to enjoy watching them together wreak havoc.
  12. I think we are in violent agreement here and my posts are being read in a tone that doesn't reflect the tone I'm intending to convey. I don't feel like I was attacked and definitely was not offended by anything said and so I apologize if I gave that impression. When I saw your statement "I told you DazeNconfused was going to bring you football, but not always what we want to read" I wanted to make sure that you and DZNC understood I wasn't attacking the article. I was actually trying to laud the article as a great example of something that provoked reader engagement. As an aside, I think what this article brought to the surface is that we, as a fan base haven't flushed out how we feel about Bo Nix transferring. This article opened that door.
  13. Just to be clear, I appreciate DZNC's perspective...I just see some things differently and figured I would opine. That said, this is a great article because it is backed up with supporting info but it also opens the door to contrary views and provides space for disagreement and discussion. To me that is ideal versus just having everyone give a thumbs up in agreement.
  14. No I didn't miss it, but I think he is conflating the idea that because Chad Morris installed a spread offense and recruited players successfully for Clemson over a 4 year period, that Bo Nix can't be coached up beyond where he currently is. To me, those two ideas are in-congruent and there are other contributing factors that better explain why he hasn't lived up to expectations...such as having only 1 season with an OC every year of his career so far. This requires learning a new offense and having your game tweaked by someone with a different perspective every year and then starting over the next year and doing it again. Not an ideal situation for a QB to get better year over year. My second point was AB playing Pac defenses and Bo playing SEC defenses probably has more to do with AB's stats being better than AB being a better QB.
  15. Regular season with losses: 10-2 with losses at UGA and BYU. Season starts off tough but DL gets it going and builds momentum for next years title run (12-2 with postseason). 9-3 with losses to UGA, BYU, Utah. We get to the Pac championship game and lose again to Utah but go on to win the bowl game (10-4 with postseason)
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