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  1. The PAC-12 leadership i.e. university presidents and conference front office still seems to be suffering from their country club mentality while the Big 12 seems to be looking to be more aggressive. The PAC-12 needs to abandon this idea of only a certain academic fit etc. should be allowed into the conference. Years ago when expansion to 12 took place, everybody got worked up about no to BYU, which is Utah's natural rivalry. At that time, they should have gotten Colorado, Utah and BYU. Right now nobody is itching to pull the trigger and go after SDSU and Fresno State. What happens if the Big 12 is talking to both schools and they scoop up those schools before the PAC-12 even gets off the pot. What is needed is television markets along with schools that could ad value in recruiting grounds and any expansion should be a significant increase in numbers. I would like to see the following: North South Oregon Colorado Oregon State Air Force Washington Arizona Washington State Arizona State California Utah Stanford Utah State Nevada San Diego State UNLV Fresno State Boise State UT San Antonio Colorado State UT El Paso Each school added offers benefits: The Texas schools open up Texas recruiting and two 1 million + media markets. SDSU & Fresno help with the So Cal recruiting market and San Diego is a larger media market. Utah State pairs a more natural rivalry to Utah. Nevada and UNLV are natural rivals and Vegas is where the conference headquarters should be, plus the Vegas Valley has nearly 3 million people. Colorado State pairs better to Colorado than Utah and increases the Front Range viewership, as does Air Force and the PAC-12 schools can say what they want about their academics, outside of Stanford and Cal, no body is touching Air Force academically. Boise State provides a good football program that has kicked plenty of PAC-12 tail in the past decade +.
  2. I have to disagree with the hurting minority student athletes. Women, YES! The NFL has 60% of their rosters made up of black athletes, I think it's safe to say D1 football is about the same. D1 basketball is at least the same if not higher. The non-revenue generating sports like gymnastics, hockey, soccer, of women's basketball and volleyball teams generate revenue and not surprisingly they are in the B1G. Out side of these volleyball schools: Stanford, State Penn, Wisconsin, Nebraska what schools actually pack the house and make money? Outside of these basketball schools: Duke (pardon me for using that word), Stanford, South Carolina, Baylor, Kansas, Maryland, UCONN, Tennessee consistently bring in revenue? If it comes down to a class of people, he women are getting $crewed. I like the idea posted about a football only conference format and all the other sports stay in their own regional conferences.
  3. Claiming a playoff spot regularly is a huge overstatement. The PAC hasn't been in since 2016 and have only been in 3 times since it went to four teams. B1G will have one for sure, ACC with either Clemson or Miami (if Cristobal can work his magic) will have one, and the SEC will likely have two. Regularly is a pipedream!
  4. Some of the discussion in this thread is a bit of PAC-12 fans being self-absorbed. I love my Ducks, but I am a realist. What makes anybody truly think the SEC wants Oregon? That 200,000 Eugene/Springfield market isn't going to be burning down any SEC doors. As for poaching Big-12 schools, we're a year late. They are in the drivers seat now, not the PAC-12. If anything, the Big-12 may come around and poach the best of the PAC-12. From a media standpoint, that starts with the Arizona schools due to Phoenix, proximity is also a benefit. Next would be Colorado and Utah, both large markets and in the mountain time zone. Then UDUB and Oregon to keep a rival pair. That would take them to 18 teams. If they went to 20, they would take Stanford and Cal, which leaves OSU and WSU holding the empty bag.
  5. The PAC-12 has nobody to blame but themselves for the miserable leadership they have had over the past two decades. First Larry Scott screws up television deals and now George Kliavkoff is completely caught off guard. How on earth can he not look out into the landscape and see upheaval about to happen. As soon as Texas and OU bolted, he should have been on the horn with the presidents of the conference members and said, lets try to pick off, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Baylor and TCU. The PAC-12 would have been at 16 at that point and if SC & UCLA left, then the PAC-12 would have been in a position of strength and could have gotten KSU and Texas Tech to get back to 16. This is nothing but a complete failure from the leadership in the conference and the leadership at the institutions as well. It also looks like UDUB and UO got a cold shoulder from the B1G, at least until they hear from ND. It's time for Phil Knight to crack open the wallet and protect his brand.
  6. Not leaving the SEC, more money and more opportunity for talent. Mario was our talent pull.
  7. $50 Tanner Bailey signs with Miami since he already had an offer from the U. Mario left for more than just football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  8. Thompson won't make to his senior year. He will be leave after his sophomore or junior year depending on how well he performs. So, Mario shouldn't have even been worrying about redshirts.
  9. MH will not be a Duck again. Not only would they not go there, I don't think he would take an offer.
  10. At what point do you put AB on the bench. They took Shug out last year for AB. Ty Thompson is the future of this program and he isn't going to be here for four years anyway, so burn his redshirt. AB can not throw the deep ball with any accuracy. He's a really good running back, but just an average QB. The pick before the half was absolute genius!
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