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  1. I picked beavers in here a month ago to win the North if Oregon stumbles
  2. Hey I picked Ducks to win by 17. My first correct pick all season. Grilled crow and humble pie. I’ve had that for many a meal.
  3. Now that would be a perfect script. I picked beavs to win north if Oregon doesn’t. Then the immediately lost a game.
  4. Lol. Ok I will never again ask a question like that. It just hit me. I’ve never worried more about a running back getting hurt than our QB. I actually caught Covid do I can’t even smell incense but the visual cracked me up. I just want exciting football again!!!!
  5. By the way. I really believe Oregon stomps UCLA by 17. And I think college football would be more exciting with a cap on 3,4, and 5 star athletes
  6. It is. Bring back college football where there’s hope, where any team has a shot, where the hardest working, best coached teams win! Not just the ones with the best athletes.
  7. Jon I think they win out. They are going to pound UCLA. Then barely beat a few others. It’s the Utah game. That’s the Rose Bowl game.
  8. We win because this game matters. No need to get team focused. This is UCLA. This team focused is much different. My mind says UCLA in a close one. But I just have the feeling that we’re going to see a glimpse of what Oregon could be again. The Price. You have to run Dye a lot! Even if he escapes the injury bug he’s going to be fatigued. And we still have a lot of season left.
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