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  1. That was one impressive game. The BYU defense is stout & they play as a team on both sides of the ball, the team looks united, focused, disciplined & very well coached. Our beloved Ducks must be well prepared for a huge challenge when the Cougars roll in Saturday.
  2. Glad her symptoms were much milder than this quad-vaxxed Duck loving person. I wore a mask the minute I felt a scratchy throat because I knew I may have been exposed (this variant is harder to get a positive OTC test result--BinaxNow worked well for me). I didn't transmit it to others, so that's a win! Hugs for full recovery and hopefully no Long Covid or complications. Thank you for caring about your FishDuck Flock!
  3. Why have I been sulking alone when I could've been sulking here with all of you?! Who knows how all of the variables will play out, at least we can commiserate when Our Beloved Ducks win & celebrate the wins! Thanks Charles.
  4. Whatever wins games and recruits is my favorite uniform. (Ok I'm partial to the stormtrooper, Lightning, & anything in dark greens). Win Ducks WIN!
  5. Yeah I just asked Google, thanks @deschutesduckfor the current amount.
  6. About that QB Coach wish, what about Chris Miller? I am totally biased since he was my high school and college star QB before he was in the NFL... Thoughts?
  7. $8,252,740 payout=they'll be playing nonetheless.
  8. Just saw something about this on Nemec's Twitter. So he's going to run the game like Mario, let us lose, and nab our players on his way out?! The Alamo is looking disastrous on several fronts.
  9. Ducks hire a slimeball like Urban Meyer & I'll become an NFL junkie. Something like that does not fit our University culture.
  10. I think the players leadership having representation upon the decision is fantastic and with long precedent at UO. I was a part of decision making within the university as a student leader as well as part of an advisor group to the President, that was long ago. We want another hire that players want to play for! But one who can help them reach their potential, whatever they're role.
  11. Fentress has his haters but I've always felt like he tells it like he sees it, and is right about weaknesses much of the time.
  12. In November...before the first unprepared Utah spanking?
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