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  1. Annie, I don't know if this is the answer, but I know that TV is more conservative and careful than radio and what you might be hearing is a 30 second delay put on the TV broadcast as a safeguard to allow a last second edit in case something might get on aIr that was not supposed to be there. Example, some unruly, perhaps intoxicated fan yelling something obscene that the audio equipment picks up. If that were to happen, the TV engineers could edit it out and the audience would never know. Just a thought
  2. winner Oregon score 42 - 24 turnovers Oregon creates 4 Oregon sacks on OSU 2 Ducks passing yards. 295 Go Ducks!
  3. Progress report: 4:45 left in 2nd Qtr Clemson 21 Miami 0 Quotes from Canes Insight: "run run pass punt....all dayyyy" "305407cane said: Yep. It’s cowardly playcalling." "Run it up the middle again. It's bound to work." "Wow, shocking what happens when you force your offense to have to throw on 3rd and long." Thought you might enjoy these quotes from those who haven't seen the whole movie yet.
  4. -- winner: Oregon -- score: 53-31 -- turnovers Oregon creates: 4 -- sacks Oregon records: 2 -- Ducks passing yards: 272 Go Ducks!
  5. Mario Cristobal Postgame Press Conference After 42-Point Loss to FSU "I Hate This For Our People"
  6. Oregon --the winner 45 17 --the score 3 --turnovers Oregon creates 4 --number of sacks Oregon records 275 --Ducks passing yards
  7. If Bo leaves next year, I bet Tyler Van Dyke will probably be in the Portal.
  8. It seems he has gotten his star QB hurt as well. He then put in back-up Garcia, who then threw 3 interceptions. If it weren't for bad luck, Mari-no-O would have no luck at all.
  9. --the winner: Oregon --the score: 42 - 24 --the amount of turnovers Oregon creates: 3 --the number of sacks Oregon records on the opposing team: 4 --the number of passing yards by the Ducks: 292 Go Ducks!
  10. I think if the Trojans have a lead, it will be hard for Utah, but if the Utes can score with them, the Utes will run USC's defense off the field. The secret will be for Utah to get ahead. Which I think they can do at home. Utes 32 - USC 24
  11. Tough duty Charles, for sure. I know this won't work for all situations, but the first test I would give any of these comments; Is this a comment or are we name-calling because we can't think of a better way of complaining about someone's actions? I would jump on the name-calling right off. I know it might take a cooler head to come up with a way to make a point about someone's play or decision making without calling them names. Just don't do it. Or else! I could certainly back that! Thanks for all you do. I certainly appreciate it.
  12. Agreed, but every time he checks his 10 year, $80 million contract, I'm sure he thinks he is.
  13. --the winner: Oregon --the score: 54 -27 --the amount of turnovers Oregon creates: 3 --the number of sacks Oregon records on the opposing team: 4 --the number of passing yards by the Ducks. 312 Go Ducks!
  14. Wow, I just went there and read the first four pages of the thread called. "Perspective on Mario Start:" It would seem that some of the cane faithful are on to Mari-no-O's game coaching short comings already. Even though before the season started, many were predicting a 9 win season for Miami, now some of those are saying the canes need a complete rebuild. As if ................ never mind, I'm not going to say any more. GO DUCKS !!
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