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  1. This is going to end badly. It's all power and greed with no regard for college football itself with its traditions, millions of fans and most importantly what was once known as the student athlete. By the time these clowns are done college football will be relegated to the status of "NFL Minor League". A couple dozen high powered programs will totally dominate the college football landscape and I fear Oregon won't be one of them....and meanwhile the arrogance of the SEC and the BIG10 is annoying to say the least. So, my dream scenario: Uncle Phil goes mid-evil and buys ESPN. He immediately voids the ACC TV contract after the 2024' season....in a fit of financial irrationality he personally picks 20 teams from the Pac 12, ACC and Big 12 and offers them up admission into a third power conference under an exclusive ESPN five year TV contract guaranteeing each school an annual payout of 150 million. Of the 150 million 50 million must be directed toward the NIL program which would rocket each schools recruiting. The balance goes to the school and its sports programs....and the new conference will be open to discussions regarding a 16 team playoff...wonder if that would get the attention of the BIG10 and the SEC? A guy can dream can't he? (Oregon, Washington, Stanford, Utah, maybe San Diego State, Miami, Florida State, Clemson, UNC, Virginia, Baylor, Oklahoma State....).
  2. I don't think it's the field so much as recruiting....Oregon's done really well in SoCa for the last decade plus and SC's gonna need those players to compete in the BIG....what better way to change the playing field than to have Oregon relegated to a lesser conference giving SC the upper hand in terms of prestige and exposure.....But yes, I think SC is actively trying to keep Oregon out of the BIG.
  3. I'd like to see a reversion to the power 5 conferences, the regular season TV money from all the networks spread evenly among all the P5 schools, a OOC schedule that requires only schools from the other four conferences, a 16 team playoff with its own TV revenue (each playoff round has its own TV payout divided evenly between the remaining playoff teams), the first round of the playoffs would be held in the Top 8 Bowl games, each of the 5 conferences would get 2 automatic layoff bids leaving 6 at large bids determined by a playoff committee. The money made in such a scenario would be staggering....automatic conference playoff births and evenly divided TV revenue - like the NFL - would give all schools an equal shot at recruiting and getting to the playoffs.....and yes I know it will never happen.
  4. I don't like how the Big10 and the SEC are seemingly looking to make two power conferences and let the rest wilt on the vine....since USC has obviously conspired to make sure Oregon is locked out of the BIG10 - SC can't have Oregon poaching their backyard for top end players as they've been doing for fifteen years as they'll need those players to compete in the BIG 10 and what better way to get a leg up than to help relegate Oregon to a lesser conference - maybe turn about is fair play. The ACC needs to do a deal with ESPN to end their current TV contract.....since college football is now a coast to coast operation maybe Oregon, Washington and say Stanford team up with say Clemson, North Carolina, Florida State, Virginia Tech and Miami....and maybe a couple of others....then poach the better schools from the Big 12 (Baylor, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech).....and form a third power conference.....otherwise it's gonna be the BIG10, ACC and the Little Sisters of The Poor....just a thought.
  5. Here's my conspiracy theory that may have a bit of truth to it: USC wants Oregon left out of the BIG10....since the late 90's they've played 17 times with Oregon winning 11 and 7 of the last 10....Oregon out recruits USC in their own backyard and USC is gonna need those guys....and they couldn't care less about UCLA. It's all about TV revenue....does anybody really think Oregon vs any of the top BIG10 schools won't draw heavy ratings?....whether USC gave it a wink and a nod or just came out and said it to the powers that be in the mid west, USC does not want Oregon in the BIG.....laugh all you want but USC's been Oregon's little brother for the better part of two decades.....just a thought.
  6. I blame the college presidents....they always refused to give up the bowl games which stifled an expanded play off format which limited any playoff hopes to eight maybe ten teams annually thereby allowing the "haves" to dominate recruiting.....the playoffs always needed to be 16 teams with the top eight bowls hosting the first round.....with five big conferences they could have bagged the conference championships and given each conference two automatic berths with six at large....this way everybody is in play. The other mistake that was made was allowing the power schools to play non-conference patsies....why would they not want to? Again, a four team playoff format and a loss up front could end your season....the non-conference schedule should have been made up of teams from the other four power conferences or the independent Notre Dame. Not sure how this turns out but I'll always believe it could have been avoided.
  7. Or Nix has been promised the job and Dart might mess that up.....color me skeptical....didn't Ashford leave?....there's room for another QB.
  8. So, Oregon's all over Dart right?.....is he not better than Nix?.....if Nix isn't penciled in as the starter why would we not pursue Dart?....the competition thing remember?
  9. It's hard to erase any thought of a wink and a nod to Nix given his history with the current incoming OC....he may turn out to be great but unless the name is Burrow, Murray or Fields - and now Williams - I'm totally against portal QB's.....just hate it.
  10. "Nix was brought in as a safety net" Respectfully, I'd bet everything I own that Nix has no intention of being "a safety net"...he's here to start at least in his mind....and I seriously doubt the coaches would have brought him here if they thought otherwise. "Lanning and Dillingham may have some tape to look at and study over time on the freshmen qbs for Oregon but that takes time" Based upon their playing time a film review on the Ducks young QBs's would take about five minutes.....throw in their high school video and you're looking at an hour or so. "The risk for their first season at Oregon is too high for them to put full trust in players they have little knowledge on" Really? Half the Ducks roster were freshmen and another 25% were sophomores.....new coaches will have little knowledge of a large portion of the roster. "I truly believe there will be an actual competition this off season" Hope you're right....from what I've seen, which admittedly isn't a whole lot, Nix is just OK and frankly if none of the young Ducks can beat him out maybe it's time to look past them.....but then coaches can be woefully biased.....I recall an NFL coach last year saying publicly that Justin Herbert was a backup "for a reason".....of course once Herbert hit the field for about 15 minutes the only person on earth who thought he was a back-up was the coach. Hopefully you are correct and there is a true competition and the "real winner" plays cause both TT and Butterfield strike me as Power 5 QB's and should they transfer and pan out while Nix looks average it will be a bad start for the new coaching staff.....just my own thing but I don't like the Nix transfer the same way I didn't like the AB transfer. And if I'm wrong I'll actually be happy about it.
  11. Oregon's young receivers showed their stuff last night.....now, if Nix - lets not be delusional, he's Dillingham's baby - if Nix ain't a down the field thrower there may be a problem as Oregon definitely has down the field receivers and Butterfield and TT are on video showing themselves out as down the field guys....in High School. There needs to be a fair and open QB competition.....no favorites. Fair and open.....cause if Bo gets the job and morphs into AB 2.0 the good folks who flock to Autzen in the fall ain't gonna be happy....and I for one won't blame them.
  12. The idea that two four star and one five star QB's sat behind AB because they couldn't beat him out isn't necessarily true....I recall a former NFL coach saying publicly that Justin Herbert was "a backup for a reason"....of course once Herbert hit the field for 15 minutes the only person on the planet thinking Herbert was a backup was the coach. Here's my not so theoretical conspiracy theory: Mario knew AB wasn't a thrower and wanted it that way....if your QB can't throw there's only one option....watch TT or Jay's high school tapes - both throw the ball all over the field. Granted this ain't high school but both showed promise and having either on the field and not throwing would make no sense and maybe raise some eyebrows. I liked MC and think he left the program better than he found it but Nix strikes me as AB part two....if high school QB's don't see QB development they'll go somewhere else.... Mycah Pittman said it - these guys goal is the NFL.....that requires development.....sitting behind portal transfers isn't developing. And by the way, why is Nix transferring? I always suspected AB left because he couldn't win the job at BC.....same for Nix?
  13. Gotta say it's a bit rich reading how Oregon's young QB's need to suck it up step up and compete for the starting job if they really want it......why do you guys think most players go to the portal to start with?....answer: if they stay where they are they'll sit - they'll get beat out.....are they not doing that for which you criticize Oregon players?
  14. Just did some reading on Nix.....seems he's a mobile dink and dunk passer who can be a questionable decision maker.....sound familiar?
  15. Dillingham obviously has no problem playing freshmen as Nix was a freshman when he played for Dillingham.....this tells me Dillingham/Lanning have decided that a five star in his second year and a four star in his third year won't be good enough.....so they've watched extensive tape?....I've watched tape and I'm pretty sure Ty and JB are every bit the throwers Nix is.....so we're back to the QB has to run offense?.....wonder what the receivers think?......am I the only one who thinks this could explode?....all for Nix?
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