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  1. Did I like the name change? You decide. I threw all my duck gear in the garbage can and sent an angry email to the AD
  2. Not a fan of this. I have no interest in seeing this guy in a Ducks uniform
  3. If I was at the game, I would have been booing. But I would have been booing the coaching, not the players. I'm fed up with watch Mario's press conferences. He throws out so much jargon: next man up, we need to execute better, we need to coach better. Why not be honest and say we've had a lot of injuries and are playing second and third string players. Admit that the second and third string players are not as ready to contribute as the first string. That's why they aren't on the first string, right? Admit that they are learning on the job and will make mistakes. You can want "next man up" but you wont get it unless the next man is as good as the one they are replacing. Mario, fans are asking you to play one of the freshmen QBs because we don't believe you when you say AB gives us the best chance to win. We were up by 17 pts in the 4th quarter at UCLA. Why not put in one of the freshmen QBs and give us a chance to see what you are seeing?
  4. For me, youth combined with the covid pause are factors in how the team is playing. According to a current depth chart I found online, the first team offense has 5 freshmen and sophomores and the second team has 8 freshmen and sophomores. The first and second team defense have 8 and 9 freshmen and sophomores. That's a lot. Being on campus and spending a lot of time around each other, especially the veteran players, are key to helping the younger players learn the culture and everything else that goes into being productive college football players. Repetition and constant reinforcement of what's being taught is also important. Spending half of 2020 at home must have really slowed the development of players, especially the young ones. Not only did is slow development, I suspect many forgot at least some the things they had been taught.
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