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  1. He is a slasher who hits the hole fast. Strong punch and nice knee lift. Wait till he puts on another 15 pounds of good weight. A real bruiser. A "long day at the office" for the defense.
  2. It's not difficult to see a clear Comp of Dickey to A.J. Brown that just got traded from the Titans to the Eagles. He is a physical player whether he's establishing position to highpoint down the field, ragdolling smaller DB's in blocking assignments, or pushing off potential tacklers at the second or third levels on his way to the endzone. This guy is a bully on the football field. I ran a quick SPARQ score on him based upon Chris Singleton's verified numbers and he is at 113.83 which is an outstanding score. A.J. Brown tested at the Combine in 2019 at 123.90 and was taken with the first pick of the Second round. If you manipulate the data and add 15 pounds of muscle to Dickey, it boosts his score to 121.05 which is nearly identical to Brown. They both play with a nasty streak, great hands (9-3/4") and are a dominate matchup issue in the middle branches of the Tree. Jurrion Dickey has a very bright future. And the rest of the Pac12 are going to be glad when he's graduated and moved on to the NFL.
  3. Call be old school, but I've never cared for East-West football or this basketball on grass (7 on 7) that everyone seems to play. I like this power running stuff that Cristobal preaches. Mike Tyson said it best..."Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth".
  4. If he's not careful, he's going to turn around and find himself a very rich man in the next year or so. The NFL covets big guys that can play virtually every position along the O-Line, and do it well.
  5. I'm thinking Tyner was more of a track guy first, and a football guy second. He had great straight line speed (and he was a tough guy - Rose Bowl). Cardwell is a different breed of cat. He is the complete package that I'm not sure that we have ever seen at Oregon. Every one of these guys that we think back on had a deficiency. Whether it was a top end gear, the ability to bounce, the vision to use the whole field, the stop/start and bend to use the whole field. Could any of them get "small" down in the red zone to score and still protect themselves? Could any of them run between the tackles and still catch the ball like a WR? I'm beginning to think that Cardwell may very well be the most talented kid that Oregon has ever had in their backfield.
  6. We know he is the complete package at RB. Great triangle numbers combined with elite receiving skills. But last night he started to look more comfortable at the D1 level. We're starting to see some of the stuff that was on his HS tape. It was the patience that got my attention. Freshman ball carriers usually want to flash their open field skills, bounce it to the freeway and take it to the pylon. More experienced (and talented) backs use the the whole field and look for the windows that open & close around them as they move from the second to the third level. Cardwell took some big development steps last night. Instead of trying to Gap Bounce everything, he he used his Next Level Start/Stop and vision on his first TD run. On his second touchdown he had the patience to let Steven Jones finish his block, and the cut back inside the hole rather than trying to take it to the pylon. His vision and ability to Bend/Sink and "get small" coupled with his break away speed will make him one of the best ever at Oregon. This kids future is so bright he needs to wear shades.
  7. I'm not concerned with Utah, or Alabama for that matter. But Georgia is an animal of a different stripe. No one is going to beat them playing East-West football. It is going to be a North-South fistfight. Oregon will have to go toe-to-toe with them in trenches in an ugly low scoring football game. If there's anybody in college football that can challenge Georgia...it's Oregon. Any of these teams that play basketball on grass or want to get cute going sideline to sideline are going to get a bus ticket. The only way to beat the Bulldogs is to line up against them and out physical the. A tall order, but it can be done. You just have to punch them in the mouth and see how they react.
  8. If everybody played ALL of their games in the comfy confines of their home stadium, then EVERYBODY would be undefeated every year! See how that works? Oh wait... Dang it. That academic prowess keeps rearing its ugly head. SMH
  9. Byron Cardwell has a nice blend of size (6'0/215 Pounds) and athleticism. He can bend and sink which makes his Stop/Start difficult for a would-be tackler to square up on him. He is an elite Gap Bouncer with vision to turn a 3 yard loss into a chunk play. But what sets him apart is his elusiveness combined with an NFL-Level stiff arm. Someone on the Duck Territory board comped him to Le'Veon Bell right after he committed to Oregon. I couldn't agree more with this comparison. He has great Hand/Eye and body control. He catches the ball out away from his frame as a receiver. He is a big time threat in the passing game. Something people miss about him is his ability to "get small" down inside the 10 yard line to slide through a seam in the wall at the LOS. but to also protect himself where the big contact happens. Oregon has had quite a few really fine running backs over the years. Byron Cardwell may very well be one of the best ever. He is a threat to score every time he touches the ball.
  10. 20.5 YPC is ridiculous when you consider that he's caught over 50 balls.. And I'm sure the corners are getting help over the top.
  11. Though Anthony Brown is not lighting the world on fire, he doesn't make a bunch of mistakes that jeopardizes the defense by putting them in a hole inside their own Red Zone, repeatedly. I'm going out on a limb here, but the coaches have stress tested Thompson and Butterfield with Oregon's own #1 defense three or for times (at least) and they have failed every time. If not, they would be playing. By "stress test" I mean they try to speed up the clock in their head to see how they handle the pressure. Coordinated blitz's, disguised coverages, etc. A successful test is no turn overs. Did they get the team in & out of the huddle without a penalty? Did they move the ball? Did they score? The fact that they're not taking any meaningful snaps during the season tells you they're not ready.
  12. As you well know, I'm not a big "stars" guy. I look at talent. And this is a really good football player. I love the way he sticks his face into the ball carrier and wraps up. Dudes a baller.
  13. Great triangle numbers (6'2/200/10.79). Impressive Start/Stop twitch. Can Bend/Sink & change direction like a Corner. Can cover a ton of ground at the backend with impressive ball skills. This kid could start out as a Corner and then morph into a backend guy/Hybrid LB before ending up as a Perimeter Edge Setter. I didn't see any evidence of him testing anywhere, but if he did I bet he would have been well over 100 in the SPARQ.
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