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  1. I’ll be interested to see what Jordan Scott’s measurable are in actuality. He does not look 6’ 1”. His wingspan does not appear long. Each of those if under sized will be much more detrimental at the next level where offensive lineman will all be taller and likely have longer wing spans. He never consistently showed the hands to get off blocks and rush the passer. He didn’t bat down many passes. His quickness is an asset and he’s got decent speed but so will most other lineman. I’m not convinced dropping 20 lbs. helped him and he’s still a big belly guy carrying extra dead weight. I
  2. I sense poise and not confidence as his issue. He didn’t make quick or accurate reads and at times looked panicky. I think he thinks he’s confident but deer in the headlights and the occasional panicked Chuck a duck doesn’t cut it in Div 1.
  3. When Oregon came out against Ohio State in Dallas they looked like they were wearing Ohio state practice uniforms. The colors are GREEN and YELLOW. Not grey. Not Grey.
  4. I’m not condoning it but, c’mon, winter at WSU might drive many to drink. I got a MIP at UO for being the underage designated driver but allowing alcohol to be consumed in the car. Sometimes doing the right thing is still wrong. Being the genius I was, I then proceeded to use a roommates paid UO tuition card to get a “replacement” UO ID complete with my picture and then went immediately to the DMV and got an Oregon drivers license under the same roommates name but with my picture. Two photo IDs were invincible. Risky and arguably not lawful but they both worked for two years even
  5. I agree. I’d have thought he’d have given spring a chance but the more I think about it the more sense it makes. Grad transfer, three years to play, more of a pro style QB with AB having already supplanted him in the biggest game of the year and some seriously talented guys ready to compete. He could possibly have been fourth on the depth chart and never start a game again. You never really know whose going to step up, or get hurt. another great appreciative farewell considering how thought it must be.
  6. I didn’t think my prediction would come true so quickly. I was hoping he’d compete but it’s not hard to see that he was facing serious competition from better athletes more suited to run Joe Moorehead’s system. Best of luck to him. He tried his best during a very difficult year. I hope he enjoys some success.
  7. Great post and great stats. I’m certainly not the expert in the room because Mario hasn’t offered me a job. I just see Tyler's decision making as less than ideal. However, a full spring and camp might make all the difference and prove me wrong. Ask all of my exes. I’m apparently wrong a lot more than I think.
  8. Add three or four picks in there and it becomes pedestrian. The throws in question were bad decisions into bad spots. The defense simply didn’t make the plays. I like him and want him to succeed but AB looks more athletic, has more experience and Ashford and Thompson look like a better fit for the Moorhead O as does AB. My PREDICTION: Tyler faces intense competition and loses out to one of the three mentioned and enters next years transfer portal. Mark my words and then skewer and roast me if I am wrong.
  9. Defenses dropped 3or 4 potential interceptions in Tyler’s first few games. Had the defensive players made those plays his season would look different. he could be the third best QB, AT OREGON Heck, look at Joe Montana. 1981 CHAMPIONSHIP he had three interceptions and Everson Walls should have had the fourth, one play before “the catch” which changed everything. That play was right in front of me. Good times. Joe’s reputation might look different if E walls does not drop that pass.
  10. I think coaching in Eugene requires the right “fit”. I believe CK even was looking long term until the NFL money and challenge swayed him. He built a massive house I believe but left at a high point. I winder what he’d say privately about whether he’d want to be Oregon’s Coach again MC is building something of his own design. Additionally he has small children, should say young because they are probably bigger than me by now. I’m sure the stability is an asset for his family. Coach D mentioned how he likes college station type towns and Eugene is a great college town. He’s been aroun
  11. Four game redshirt sounds like a good option. I love that it gives coaches a look at a young player and the young players an opportunity to force the coaches hand and get playing time beyond 4 games. Win win.
  12. Has Coach D ever had this much talent on any of his defenses.? He’s turned around many programs with far less but I am curious if anyone has a sense of what teams he’s coached that had commensurate or better talent?
  13. I’m kind of a oregon homer and definitely biased towards Duck success but would hope you are both right and wrong in your excellent statistical presentation. Right in the fact that this is still quite a young team as you point out and wrong only in the sense that I hope there is no “THE” year and that Mario Cristóbals culture building is creating a perennial contender and recruiting juggernaut such that every year forward we are honestly believing that it’s THE year. I do that anyway which proves I’m totally and completely biased. But c’mon how can’t I like what I see. Since
  14. I’m simply protecting the most vulnerable and weakest of our wilderness society from the stalking violent murderous predators lurking below who regularly aggressively and viciously look to harm the weakest of society, our tiny bug friends I'm a justice warrior for the oppressed and short lived members of wilderness society!
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