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  1. The money is 3/1 coming in favor of the Purple people yet the line isn't Dropping. Vegas knows something. The late big money often a tell. Right now, Vegas likes the Ducks. ALOT Got my tickets, leaving the Van for a night out.
  2. Im not quite sure how people derive the mentally broken aspect independent of an injury caused emotional reaction. Watching him be escorted/ helped off the field with someone supporting his throwing arm looked more like an injured player, possibly thinking his season might be in jeopardy and hiding the emotions of recognizing its all over. Can anyone name a QB who was uninjured who didn't celebrate an undefeated regular season? It just seems highly implausible that he was having a breakdown independent of another factor like an injury. I think there is some sort of injury making him think he might be done and that would make laying 7.5 a steal.
  3. SMU UTSA SDSU …8 game league schedule to pad league win totals in the now sufficiently larger league of TV and recruiting markets that will warrant a bigger better media deal. The league should then work hard to remedy the deficiency’s of each schools best tv sport teams and then continue to grow the competitiveness of every pac 12 school while also play the same slick game the SeC does by scheduling an ooc game near the end of the season.
  4. Looks like the athletes are starting to see the reality of MC QB recruit Jaden Rashada changes commitment to Florida WWW.ESPN.COM Jaden Rashada, ESPN's No. 7-rated quarterback in the 2023 class, announced on social media that...
  5. As resounding a job interest denial as Ive ever heard and a great message of support for the job as a destination. The grass isn’t always greener. It’s damn green in Eugene Lanning said. He’s got me convinced he might be here a while.
  6. Agreed, like Pittman, leaving midseason screams quitter and ME guy. Even if you plan to transfer why not get better, practice, work out, get treatment, take classes and get better for the next stop? who knows. Hudson gets hurt or gets a case of the ddddrops and suddenly he is starting and still building a resume or possibly never looking back and continuing to making plays. He eliminated options, had no deadline, and now looks like a quitter. Any guy joined my team after quitting mid season I’d be leery. Best of luck regardless but not his finest hour.
  7. My first thought in looking at a matchup is always which team can; Run the ball? Stop the run? pressure the QB? The Ducks look much stronger in every aspect and given Cal’s offensive line inconsistency Accordingly, I suspect Cal suffers badly on offense and cannot match Oregon. This game shouldn’t be close and should be over by half. However Turnovers and big plays always being the asterisk that exists in every college football road game.
  8. Great stuff, Pato pescado. DL seems head and shoulders above the 8 million dollar man whose game management skills were legitimately repeatedly in question. I sense an aggressiveness tempered by a calculated data driven approach. If the offense can continue to be efficient and the defense improves commensurately the Ducks will be a tough out. It might still yet be a small sample size but I have a lot more confidence in this staff and that they are a no stone left unturned group of coaches taking the program to new heights.
  9. You are so correct. Taking photos out of video is very distorting. This Guy makes 8 million a year and is a happy fun jovial lighthearted loyal funny guy and look what he looks like
  10. Agreed. The pass coverage has had some lapses and play recognition isn’t always happening fast enough. Justin Flowe has really special physical tools but seems out of position at times and has missed some tackles. The speed and size is there amongst the group. I suspect they just aren’t quite there yet mentally to play fast and loose. However, there’s been a team wide improvement week to week which bodes well for what might yet be in store for Oregon’s Linebacking Corp.
  11. Interesting. Hadn’t really thought he’d get that type of jump up but coaching is crazy and the NFL is going young. For not having called plays before he’s throwing multiple combos out of similar sets and really forcing defenses to be on point. Yesterday I felt that Dilly served the master with a taste of his own medicine. It was a thing of beauty. co-head coach and a big raise for. 5 year lock?
  12. It might be time to talk to Dilly’s agent about creating enough incentive to keep him from entertaining a HC spot too soon. I love all of the coaches and what Dan Lanning is leading but the Offense and play calling has been elite at times. Kenny Dillingham has as much to do with the success as anyone. Dilly won’t be around long without more. Can the Ducks offer enough?
  13. Lost some respect for DTR after those comets. You got beats, son. Oregon was better than your guys, DTR, and you know why they didn’t perform? They didn’t perform because the Ducks didn’t let them. Bruins scored 3 when Oregon scored 7. The Ducks were better on offense, defense, special teams, and coaching. Sore loser and bulletin board material for any rematch.
  14. Dan Lanning was gracious and classy after the game deflecting credit away from himself. Mario also deflected away during his presser throwing part of the team under the bus and suggesting some people need to leave. motivating. Oregon has a better Coach than Miami and it’s really fun to watch fun exciting dominant football again.
  15. Are you watching them against the Purple mutts? Call’s offensive line is playing terrible. The offense looks weak. Call’s defense looks ok but I sure don’t suspect that Cal can stop Oregon enough times given their offensive woes and Oregon’s size speed and depth. Next week I suspect we will see a massive difference in the Jimmys and Joes.
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