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  1. Bird poo white. my Second least favorite to that Ohio state practice Uni the Ducks wore in Texas at the Natty. As long as they win. I’ve still got a bad Tucson left in my mouth from previous visits.
  2. You hit the nail on the head. They were in the red zone needed to focus, and in fact the song was going on into the snap. It’s fun but cannot get in the way of winning.
  3. Does the talent on the roster dictates bend but don’t break more than wanting to bend in the first place? Is it a strategy or the result of Jimmy’s and joes? I suspect that if the Ducks could cover man to man, especially outside, and the Ducks tacked better in space that there would be less bending to start with. I don’t think there’s much choice when your D line isn’t wreaking havoc and it’s risky to play a lot of single coverage. You do your best and get help from the back line inside the Ted zone.
  4. Bingo. Our Ducks are a young team, not only the players, but also the coaches. We forget because of recent recruiting upgrades that we are building a new football program with a new coaching staff many of whom are also busting through their own personal ceilings of achievement and experience. Dilly’s a Rook and so is Dan Lanning. MC is far more experienced but I don’t believe he would have coached like Lanning did or made adjustments or have been nearly as aggressive as dilly and Lanning were. MC likely isn’t throwing it on 4th and 2. watching the game again shows just how many plays WSU made. Give em credit. Some of the red zone woes were great plays, missed blocks, and calls into their scheme strength. The players will own what could have been different and I’m pretty confident this staff will too. Ducks have an powerful improving offense, solid run defense and a kicker. Looking forward to seeing what each game brings in terms of improvement cause it’s really pretty nice to have a new staff, a rebuilding, year one of a new football program, and be pretty good and improving.
  5. Es major de ingles. Nuestros queridos patos! Where do I get the Duck games in Spanish? Epic. I’m hooked.
  6. Soooo many unknowns top to bottom, coaches to players alike. This is a brand new Oregon Football program, one built on some solid successful recent history, some above average recent recent recruiting and a new young staff growing themselves into their newer greater responsibilities with a young team only partially of their own making. This team looks to be growing almost immeasurably week to week. They have heart. They have size and some speed. They don't get down and play hard. However I try to remember, optimistic homer that I am, that this Duck team is still filled with underclassmen. This team is still young and growing and learning and still getting stronger. Each side of the ball is running a different scheme from before and there’s no shortage of transfers in the starting mix. cohesion can take time. This team isn’t finding its identity as much as creating it week to week. Georgia set the standard in every facet and since that lesson the team has rebounded. Oregon has improved in some way every week. Growth mindset? This week was the type of game that likely made the team believe in each other even more. Seeing Noah and Bo celebrate together was a glorious thing. Cohesion. Leadership. I can’t predict the future but there are so many positives to take from what’s going on at Oregon Football, that with the schedule ahead, this team might just be able to be playing it’s best ball come late fall and be set up to make some noise.
  7. Ball needed more arc from the start. Have to put that ball where only one person gets it or it drops on the ground. more arc and it doesn’t get tipped or picked. Damn nice recovery from what might destroy a lesser QB. Gritty good victory
  8. ....and it wasn’t that close. How many of you think Mario would have pulled it out in Pullman today? Didn’t think so. Ducks might not yet be a good or great team but dang, they snatched a victory with serious perseverance and grit. Lanning and Co might not be there yet but I like what I see, as bad as some of it was. drinking angry in the Palouse tonight. LEOs busy with bad 8 million of regret in Lil Havana tonight. Heat wave in Mijami.
  9. I couldn’t keep watching Mario be Mario. Canes fans gotta be wondering this AM isn’t the definition of insanity repeating the same behavior and expecting different results?
  10. So many missed tackles. So many blown coverages. No pass rush. It’s just flat out bad football. Bo nix is doing his best Bo nix impression. This Is an embarrassment on every level. Even the special teams are horrible. Should searching top to bottom.
  11. Never thought they’d look so comprehensively unprepared. Tackling abysmal, coverage soft, QB play lacking, special teams more like special Olympics and a non existent pass rush. Protection and run blocking average and too many unforced errors. no use of height and never really gave the run game much of a chance. Disappointing start.
  12. You are Just one more reason to visit Georgia. Gracious winners. Hopefully in defeat as well after tomorrow but it’s Friday and I’ve been testing the kool aid, since the spring game.
  13. My Drugs are clearly better than ALL of yours. I see a Duck Victory in the ATL. I see the Ducks fielding 11 receivers and TEs topping 6’3” with 9, yes nine of them topping 6’5”. Half of them have good speed at the position. The Ducks have never had such height and speed and talent at WR. By comparison to last year, night and day. I See a veteran top ten Duck O- line which ran the ball well last year with now 5 capable backs who could carry the rock. Several with some proven experience. It’s a Solid line with a few big nasty bodies. The Duck O-linemen are going against a Georgia line not nearly as talented as last year. This admitted by Kirby Smart himself. “ “We’ve got good depth, but we obviously don’t have the quality at the top we had last year. We don’t have three first-rounders across our defensive line, so we can’t ask them or expect them to do what last year’s group did.”-Kirby Smart. The Ducks will run the ball for 200+ I see the deepest biggest most talented DL the Ducks have had in years. Lost KT but added 3 talented experienced big bodied guys. More experience, deeper, and bigger with proven returning talent. Georgia under 150 I see a Duck LB Corp with real speed and deep again at every position who can run with and bang with Bowers get after the QB chase down RBs and bang with the less experienced Georgia o line. Duck LBs have never been more talented or gifted and last year were so depleted Bassa had to move from safety! I see a DB room with two corners at 6’1” and 6’3” with speed toughness and some experience and many others right behind. I see a 6’5” safety and two Stars that bring the wood. Jamal hill being 6’1”and Brian Bennet with proven talent and toughness I see vastly improved special teams emphasis. I see a hungry Bo Nix wanting to prove the naysayers wrong. He’s never been bad just not ever matched the hype. With an equally hungry and more physically gifted TT pushing him I suspect the Ducks have guys that can lead the team. This Duck team is a roster unlike Oregon has ever seen. The talent of the depth is only outmatched by the measurables of the perceived starters by comparison to previous years. Georgia likely will not achieve end of season cohesion on day one. This is a trap game for Georgia even if they are ready. This isn’t last years team. They are not Deep or more impressive at WR. They are not as deep at RB. The QB is 5’11 195 , medium arm, and not very fast. Bennet is not likely to carry the team or survive a heavy pass rush and playing from behind. Oregon went to tOSU and people said similar things about the game and then the Ducks won anyway, without KT, and a lesser roster than they have now. The Ducks are a much improved team by comparison. They’ve bonded and will motivate off their fallen brother. If they’ve been coached up anything is possible and I think that this Duck team has the pieces to do something special. That starts with a 26-19 victory in Atlanta.
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