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  1. Did anyone else catch DL with James Crepea at the end there? So hilarious!
  2. Be warned, the levels of hubris and pride displayed in causing physical injury can be nauseating to us Duck fans. How much are we looking forward to going into Seattle and beating the Huskies fair and square next year?
  3. This writer gloated about how pivotal injuring Bo Nix was and basically how incredible of a hit it was because it caused that injury. How decent of a human this Husky writer is, eh? Bo Nix's Goose, Make That Duck, Was Cook-ed on Late-Game Hit WWW.SI.COM The Oregon quarterback couldn't get up right away after UW safety Alex Cook dropped him late in the game.
  4. Thompson now threw a pick. What are his season passing stats?
  5. I feel like it would have to be Karl Dorrell. Stanford has inherent limitations because they have such strict admission standards so there are reasonable excuses for David Shaw (like he only has 1 transfer portal player on the roster while players can freely leave his team but not join it) whereas Karl doesn't have much in the way of excuses.
  6. How many years until Franklin can declare for the draft? Because he is gone when he can declare I have a feeling.
  7. Yeah... After that Stanford TD and with the refs on their team too, I'm going to have to agree. A 3 score game does not seem all that safe to me right now... though entrusting the team to our backup QB's because of an injury to Bo feels more risky to me.
  8. So... would now be an appropriate time to bring in the backups and not risk an injury to Bo?
  9. I'm watching this game just to see OSU put a beatdown on the USC traitors.
  10. They are putting so much pressure on Caleb Williams. There was one play where the offensive lineman literally tackled one of the DL to prevent a sack... in front of the ref and there was no call. Otherwise he would have been obliterated by that guy.
  11. 21 points scored in 2:48? That's insane! Good job on Lanning and the Ducks. Hopefully they clean up those mistakes!
  12. Dude... we finally get to Cameron Ward but it's a targeting call on DJ Johnson.
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