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  1. Does that mean Jaden Rashada is joining the Ducks? This would be an awesome class pulling together.
  2. I think he is going to bulldoze people and I think Oregon will train some top end speed. He'll regularly get a few yards after contact and then go all the way on occasion. Do you guys know who our fastest running back is? Because if the defense has to try to guard a bulldozer back and a speed back, that'll spread them thin and really kick them in the teeth.
  3. This guy is a USC fan but did an excellent highlight breakdown of the new RB recruit Dante Dowdell. How do you guys see Dante being used with the new coaches scheme and in conjunction with the other backs? I'm not sure who our fastest back is to pair him with, but I'm looking forward to that sort of combo terrorizing opposing defenses. P.S. This is my first topic post so I hope I didn't violate any rules. I don't think there was any swearing in the video.
  4. Yes, every single starter should be pulled at this point. OSU is now attacking our players. DUDE!
  5. Oh, I guess they decided that it wasn't targeting... anyone have insight on the targeting rule in general? It's quite confusing how it's enforced
  6. With 1:38 left... Verone McKinley gets ejected for the first half of the next game for targeting. Dude.... also, why is the first team defense out? This is garbage time.
  7. AB back to missing every pass again. Is there something really wrong with his technique or what?
  8. I was thinking the same thing. It looks so much like the game plan that Oregon drew up against them. No way Michigan would win this game without OBD providing the blueprint earlier this season.
  9. Yeah, I can't say I understand MC's decision to stick with AB... doesn't MC know that we need to face Georgia early next season and that TT could really use some experience. How come TT didn't even get garbage time play?
  10. Oh well. Still love our Ducks. This was a tough game but hopefully it'll be a humbling moment for MC that will help him to make some important changes and benefit the program in the long run.
  11. I saw that and DW definitely should have made that catch. I just thought it was strange that the commentator says the coaches were trying to sequester DW from AB. DW wouldn't be justified being upset on that particular throw but there were definitely some other connections that AB should've made with DW.
  12. Did anyone catch the commentator mentioning that "I think the coach told Williams to stay away from Brown"? If the coaches have to tell the WR's to stay away from the QB because he doesn't make the throws he needs to make... then why is he the starting QB?
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