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  1. I'm watching this game just to see OSU put a beatdown on the USC traitors.
  2. They are putting so much pressure on Caleb Williams. There was one play where the offensive lineman literally tackled one of the DL to prevent a sack... in front of the ref and there was no call. Otherwise he would have been obliterated by that guy.
  3. 21 points scored in 2:48? That's insane! Good job on Lanning and the Ducks. Hopefully they clean up those mistakes!
  4. Dude... we finally get to Cameron Ward but it's a targeting call on DJ Johnson.
  5. Actually 45-24 now. Middle Tennessee is blowing Miami out. Mario definitely deserved $80M for his coaching prowess.
  6. 38-24 now with a little under 9 left in the 4th. And he took a timeout out of the break from half I think.
  7. I just got to tune into the game and I would not classify myself as very happy.
  8. The Boo Birdz have already started flying down there. Soon they'll all be released.
  9. I mean... now I'm curious. How much is Miami going to end up forking out for his buyout in a couple of years? Haha
  10. My sister and I both played water polo. One year, my sister won the Most Improved Player award to which my parents said, "Isn't that great?" My snarky teenager reply? "All that means is that she sucked the most to start out with." Feels to me like the Huskies right now just sucked the most right at the start. Any improvement would make them MIP.
  11. MC is who you work for as an OC if you want to kill your career.
  12. I'm liking the coverage by Gonzales. The defense is looking sharper than they have. It seems DL is actually developing the talent on this squad.
  13. If there is a culture problem (it might just be that they are demoralized from being so thoroughly crushed), the question that I feel should be asked is how much of that is from DL and how much is leftover from MC? DL definitely seems more humble and focused on learning, which I think will lead to great growth of our team.
  14. I do like the offensive play calling. It's not so predictable and MOAR physical like MC was always shouting. I think there are some small promising glimmers of hope.
  15. On a separate note, I really hope Stetson Bennett wins the Heisman and GA repeats as National Champions. That will bring some much needed vindication to OBD.
  16. Running it on 3rd and long looks to me like DL is losing confidence in Bo Nix
  17. There were 4 Ducks on Stetson and yet they couldn't bring him down. What on earth?!
  18. What was that throw decision by Bo? Almost throwing a 3rd pick?
  19. There isn't a chance with him, might as well get Ty experience.
  20. That doesn't surprise me. MC did all of these blue chip recruits a disservice in the lack of developing their raw talent.
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