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  1. I wonder how much Dante Moore factors into the starting quarterback decision. Moore is free to decommit at any time. If Ty becomes the starter and excels, does that cause Moore to re-think his commitment to Oregon knowing that Ty will likely be the starting quarterback for the next 2-3 years? I'm probably overthinking this, but if the coaches like Moore that much more than Ty, and if Ty isn't clearly better than Nix, then why play Ty if that possibly leads to Moore decommitting? I doubt this is actually a consideration. Just food for thought.
  2. Ty Thompson should enter the transfer portal as soon as possible. We all know what Bo is. We saw it today. He was and is horrible. His experience obviously doesn’t matter. And yet Ty wasn’t given an opportunity to take a single snap. It doesn’t appear Lanning is considering making a change. Ty must be experiencing deja vu. This is A. Brown 2.0. Bo has another year of eligibility after this year. That means Ty won’t get a shot this year or next. This will likely be Moore’s team in 2024. Ty doesn’t have a future at Oregon. He won’t even be given an opportunity. I’m sure he will figure that out sooner or later.
  3. If I were Ty Thompson or Jay Butterfield, my name would be in the transfer portal by Monday morning. I hope they do it, too.
  4. After suffering through A. Brown last year—after the coaches so stubbornly refused to give the other guys a chance—I’m not sure I can go through that again. Bo Nix is what he is. He’s had flashes of brilliance with a lot of stupid errors all throughout his career. We’ve seen his ceiling. If DL and this coaching staff stick with Nix, I’m going to have a lot of free time on Saturdays this fall.
  5. Losing recruits isn't great, but they are high school kids--not known commodities. Losing a starting corner stings.
  6. I’d be curious to know how often it works out for a native son that returns as a head coach. It seems the hype is almost always greater than the results. MC should consider how returning to Nebraska has worked out for Scott Frost. Scott Frost the player was a two-time national champion quarterback. A true legend in Husker lore. Coach Frost is a pariah whose coaching seat is awfully warm right now. Husker fans are literally (they’re in Nebraska, after all) grabbing their pitchforks to run him out of town.
  7. Thanks, Charles Fischer. If only I had more time…work, wife, and kids seem to command most of my attention. Responsibilities are the worst.
  8. Or truly cedes control to an X and O guy…
  9. He’s elite at some things, but not all. It could be worse, he could be average at everything.
  10. That seems to be what most of the reports are saying.
  11. I hope not. But that’s what happens in college football. Look at Texas, USC, Miami, FSU, Nebraska, etc. All big-time programs with winning traditions relegated to mediocrity for years (decades?) because finding a good coach that is elite at something is really, really hard.
  12. Completely agree. But he can learn, or hire guys that are Xs and Os guys. In which case he will need to cede more control to those coaches. I think his biggest weakness is he’s too stubborn. For example, he stubbornly stuck with AB when AB obviously was ineffective.
  13. Exactly. He’s still a work in progress. But, how many college coaches are actually elite at anything? Recruiting, Xs and Os, player development, etc.? Not many, and even less are elite at more than one of those skills.
  14. Following Oregon’s second humiliating loss to Utah in as many weeks, I found myself drawn to the growing mob of Ducks fans calling for Coach Cristobal’s head. I even rummaged through my garage searching for my pitch fork, but alas I could only find a plastic rake. It’s understandable that so many Oregon fans are upset. We’re disappointed that this year’s team ostensibly underachieved. We’re frustrated and bored with an offense that looks like it was stolen from Nick Saban in 2007. We miss the “Oregon brand” of football. And so we call for Cristobal’s firing. We hope and pray that Miami makes an offer that he can’t refuse… …We should be careful about what we wish for… Coach Cristobal is an elite recruiter. Being elite at anything is very difficult. Does he need to evolve as a coach? Absolutely. Does he need to make better personnel choices? A resounding yes. But how many college coaches are really elite at anything? USC spent the last decade searching for an elite coach and finally made a marquee hire, but only after pulling off one of the biggest coaching coups college football has ever seen. Coach Cristobal’s coaching chops, or lack thereof, are well documented. But he’s learning, and he will learn from this season. Hopefully, he hires a offensive coordinator that will help implement a dynamic offense. I have my doubts, but we will see. In any event, with MC at the helm, Oregon will continue to be pretty good by playing a boring brand of football with top shelf talent. Oregon will be competitive most years, and every so often they will put it all together and be included in the national championship conversation. If the alternative is roaming the coaching wilderness for the next decade looking for a coach that is elite at anything, is that so bad?
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