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  1. Ever been to Lubbock? At least he's not in the PAC. Best of luck!
  2. At this point, without better evidence on the field, I feel as if high expectations are a curse. But then, it's only ESPN.
  3. Not too worried...the small percentage drop means that not many upperclassmen left, so it follows that lots of the young players now have game experience.
  4. Prediction: he'll be Gracen the field in the Ducks uniform.
  5. It appears that if you coach a good game against the Ducks, Mario will hire you. Other good news: Jaylon Redd comes back for another year, and the crystal balls are pointing to commitments from Byron Cardwell and Gracen Halton.
  6. Excellent article, Charles. I hope that, on average, I am a critical analysis fan. The problem is that one day I feel like a suck-up to the coaches, the next day a troll, the day after that a sunshine pumper, and the following day a dark pessimist. And, on the other days, I vow not to even think about the Ducks. Does that make me crazy, or just a typical fan? Given the recent ups and downs of the program, I'd like to think the latter.
  7. The mere fact that you're asking the question is scary, Ryan. If an 18-year-old who has not played a down is seen as a potential savior, we're not in for a good season.
  8. Is it presumptuous of us to think that we get to pick and choose? Is the Ducks' program that attractive to coaches who could go virtually anywhere?
  9. I see the Ducks in a "Yes, but..." situation. • Yes, they were the youngest, most inexperienced team in the nation. • Yes, the COVID impact hurts a young, inexperienced team more than others. • Yes, they had a new offensive coordinator and a new scheme, with little practice time and few games in which to learn. • Yes, they lost a 4-year star starter at QB and the entire O line. • Yes, they had established stars and leaders on defense opt out. That's a lotta "yes" explanations or excuses, which I think are valid. I feel many of us had unrealistic expectations for t
  10. Well, Oregon lays an egg on the national stage. On offense, defense, special teams and on the sidelines.
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