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  1. I am rooting for 50 percent Brown and 50 percent Shough for the game on Saturday. I am watching Oklahoma dominate Florida (hehe) and seeing how well they run the RPO. The last three games the Ducks have struggled to execute the RPO. I am hoping that they give Brown a series early to see if he can move the offense He just seems to have a better skill set to run Moorheads offense than Shough. Then let whoever runs the team better get the majority of the snaps (kind of like the backup quarterback from Texas against Colorado and the backup to Trask tonight in the Florida game). Our offense was hard to watch at times during the USC game and one of the bright spots was when Brown came into the game. I know the coaches know best however I think it would be exciting to see him run the offense at least 50 percent of the time. I am up for some more excitement from a very exciting young football player.
  2. Sometimes the might have to play the Huskies.
  3. Thanks for the great insight. I will also be curious about the game tonight. I almost always root against the SEC.
  4. WOW! I watched the Colorado game last night hoping that they would show up and show the rest of the nation that the PAC12 can compete with the rest of the conferences. I often grow tired of the rhetoric about how bad the PAC12 is and this beatdown by a mid-tier Big12 team is only going to make things worse. Colorado was supposedly one of the PAC12’s best teams. YIKES! We will hear the excuses that supposedly Colorado was only playing with 49 players but the rest of the nation on hears that one of the best teams in the PAC12 got dominated by a mediocre Texas team that lost their starting quarterback after halftime. The PAC12 is in trouble and the only chance we have to redeem any respectability this year is for our Ducks to go out and beat ISU. a heavy burden to carry but I think our Ducks are up to the challenge.
  5. The PAC12 desperately needs every win they can get right now. I will be rooting for the Buffs as they take on Texas. If Colorado and our Ducks can beat both of these Big12 teams we might be just a little bit less irrelevant than before.
  6. A few facts about our upcoming opponents. I researched several sites for this information. Under Matt Campbell ISU is 4-20 if trailing going into the 4th quarter. let’s get an early lead! ISU is 8-16 with a negative turnover ratio under Matt Campbell. Keep the momentum going from USC and it should be to our advantage. They were unable to get consistent pressure on opposing QB’s. In their 2 losses this year against big12 competition ISU only had one combined sack and averaged 2 QB hurries per game. Purdy running for his life in 2 Big12 losses. Get some pressure on him and we have a chance. OSU AND OU had 3 sacks apiece and averaged 5 QB hurries per game. In ISU’s 3 losses Purdy threw 5 of his 9 interceptions. With this pressure we can get them off the field on 3rd down. ISU only averaged a 30 percent conversion on 3rd downs against these 2 Big12 teams. While I think that we all know that games are won in the trenches I thought these were still interesting facts. I think if we continue to do what we did during USC that we will have a couple of interceptions against ISU in the Fiesta Bowl. If we can get an early lead and rely on our running game in the 4th quarter statistics show we have a pretty good chance of winning this game.
  7. I rewatched the USC highlights and noticed some interesting things about out DT rotation. I loveJordon Scott and the dedication he has to the Ducks. He is such a great young man. It looked like to me that Kristian Williams and Brandon Dorius are wrecking Balls. They were destroying USC’s offensive line. They are so athletic and I think they should play even more. Almost every play that Kayvon was chasing down Slovis these two were also back there. It was crazy watching them jay push back the offensive line like they were not even there. I think I would like to see more of them going forward. What do you think?
  8. The last game was very telling about Shough. He had either lost confidence in himself or the coaches have lost confidence in him. There were very few passes downfield and the one I remember vividly was the interception. It also seems to me that he is struggling with the run part of the RPO. The first couple of games it looked Like he was doing a good job of identifying where the linebacker was going and pull the ball out of the running backs hands and get some nice gains. Recently however it seems like he is confused and misses some pretty big opportunities to keep the ball and run. A couple of fumbles have also occurred because of this indecision. I am hopeful that during this two weeks off that he regains his confidence and is able to run the offense more like he did earlier in the season. I always have to remember how much we expect out of these kids. A lot of pressure for someone just a couple years removed from high school. I am excited about the future with all of our high commits currently at Oregon or soon to arrive.
  9. My favorite memory is a lot of times my last memory. Being at the Auburn game last year to begin the season was setting up to be an awesome memory, however with 9 seconds left in the game it was slightly dashed. . I still have the memories of the trip, the barbecue, the amazing stadium and venue, Spencer Webb catching the first touchdown and pushing the defender to the ground, but alas I also have the memory of the Ducks losing to an inferior team. Walking away thinking we should have won. While that was one Experience from last year it was not the only lasting one that I had. My wife son and I were able to go to the pack 12 championship and watch the ducks play the Utah Utes. We had Wonderful seats right above the tunnel where our team came in and out of the game. We also traveled with three other couples that we sit with at all of the Oregon games. When we were walking into the game he heard several Utah fans banter with us about how we didn’t have a chance. Most of it was in good fun but there was some truth behind what they were saying. At least they thought there was truth in what they were saying. Not only did we get to talk to most of the players before the game as they were walking in and out of the tunnel we also got to watch a really good football game. We got to see Our beloved ducks win the game in the trenches on both sides of the ball. It was awesome and after the game we once again got to talk to several of the players as they left the field after their celebration. Finally we made one last road trip down to watch the ducks play Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl and what a great game it was. If you have not had a chance to watch a game at the Rose Bowl I would highly recommend it as it is a unique place to watch a game. My wife and I retreated to a great game to follow up our other experiences throughout the year. Even though we didn’t get a lot of other experiences this year we look forward to the many experiences yet to come in 2021 and well into the future.
  10. Welcome to Our Beloved Ducks Forum.. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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