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  1. I think the biggest challenge in past ranked Oregon vs Stanford games is that the players for some reason just didn't take the tree seriously. So I hope that isn't the case this time.
  2. When you put up a D2 level effort you should get regarded as such. The final score could have been 70-3.
  3. I'm afraid that the star rankings have no place for heart and competitive spirit. Could have a highly ranked class but they lack the desire to fight for it but are happy to be front runners. I have a feeling this is what Cristobal recruited to Oregon.
  4. The star ranking system apparently accounts for athletic ability but not at all for heart and competetive spirit.
  5. Too many greats competing in many many events. sorry but doesn't define the two weeks.
  6. I've played ratball for 35 years and never ever in all of my overly agressive efforts have I ever clubbed someone on the head. Maybe a hard slap on the hands or arms. Very dirty play.
  7. The coaches failed. They need to learn how to recruit competitors and then coach them up. If not then you aren't doing your job.
  8. I totally expected the gentleman Ducks to fail but had hoped the women's team would advance.
  9. 5th generation Duck. It's in the blood.
  10. Legally anyone 18 or older is an adult and should be treated as such in terms of labor and value.
  11. After the string of injuries for the team I hope they get some good health for awhile. Sabally will always be injured off and on but when she is healthy enough to play she is fun.
  12. A combination of them being ding dongs and at least one of the refs being a massive egoist (I recognize the very bald muscular one from his horrendous night at Matt earlier this year).
  13. I only want non front runners who are hungry to compete. No need for anyone else.
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