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  1. Bend but don’t break defense, maybe? Definitely not playing swarming lock down. Another targeting doesn’t help.
  2. I love that DL and his staff crushed on the field the other known interviewees for the UO job: Sitake, Chip, Wilcox (who never was actually offered the job if you know true insiders). I think UO loves Musgrave’s legacy but not his coaching potential. Peterson got wiped off UO coaching hire lists based on his reaction (lack of) from the LGB punch. Chip suspended LGB for the whole regular season and Chris P did nothing to his player that started it by calling LGB the N word…enough witnesses heard it and Chris knew. Thrilled to have Dan here.
  3. It has been pure comedy gold to read the Miami forum. Many posters don’t hold back, and are creative in their disdain. Even on Mirabal and “Mustache Boy”. A slim majority no longer buy into Mario’s words. Gotta think Moss or other recruits will soon do the same. It’s clear many current players do not buy in.
  4. Thanks. And I suppose the main point, is whether indifferent, leaning to Bucky, or thoughts of a tie….there is fair consensus that this team is just fine without Dye.
  5. I know what I have NOT thought…. That on any ONE play did I wish we had Travis Dye back. This RB room is legit.
  6. And the players lose Shout over this garbage time scheming?!
  7. UW Exposed. And home win vs Mich St is now meaningless. As Sparty got rolled 34-7 (and 508 yards vs 240) AT HOME last week by Minnesota . With Gophers just getting rolled AT HOME by unranked Purdue.
  8. Yes on Bo one more year. Ty does not yet seem mentally ready. And Moore would not start day 1.
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