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  1. Big Ten players vote on which team to add to the conference. Who chose the Oregon Ducks? WWW.YAHOO.COM If Big Ten players had a vote, which team would they want to add to the conference? How many players do you think picked Oregon?
  2. Quack! Oregon Recruiting: 4-star DL Terrance Green commits to Ducks DUCKSWIRE.USATODAY.COM Blue-chip addition for Dan Lanning and the Ducks. 4-star DL Terrance Green announced his commitment to Oregon.
  3. Yep. Is also why UCLA was $100m in debt and why realignment is all about $
  4. Tied with same grading score as 1 and 2. ESPN Football Recruiting - 300 Player Rankings WWW.ESPN.COM Where do the nation football recruits rank? Check out the player rankings on RecruitingNation.com
  5. Show strength but reveal nothing. Not time to tip your hand.
  6. Time to dump Arizona and bring in San Diego St. Clearly Zona is leaking these reports to their basketball beat writer.for a reason, including the unsubstantiated one of UO and UW requesting higher % shares. Then they leak othey are meeting with big 12 Wednesday. Clearly it is posturing. But nobody else in PAC is yet leaking this stuff (which might mean his sources are garbage or intentionally misleading him to get others to act). Either way, let them go. They bring no value or football pedigree All PAC and current Big12 teams have more avg TV viewers except Beavis and the 2 Kansas schools. Zona, good luck peddling that to get equal shares in Big12, if you are not happy splitting a quarter of a Billion+ per year, when you contribute peanuts to it. They are thinking with their hoops brains maybe, but this is about money, which means football. SDSU is a better add all around, and it is not worth Arizona’s drama anymore.
  7. Nope. That is over 6 years. Big difference. MWC teams are getting $4M per year from that.
  8. BSU is horrible academically and only competes in football, from a lesser league gauntlet. They bring nowhere near the value to share a piece of the pie. Tiny Idaho market and draw. No thanks. If add anything, add San Diego State. It beats BSU in every category.
  9. That lower initial offer may not be a bad thing RIGHT NOW for UO. Gives them leverage to wait and not sign long term GOR. But also this is a negotiation. Nobody offers best and final, early on. Everyone has been saying they expect it to hit $30M per and stretch hopes were for $40M per. This first pass is easily in line with heading there, and also if you factor in other media $ sources at play, including streaming. As many have said, no way would I want to be in BIG12s shoes… it’s actually laughable that essentially no PAC team but Zona and Beavis were outdrawn by any current Big12 team in avg TV audience since 2015.
  10. The bigger news is here is another blue chip in the Huskies’ backyard that avoided them. Not even in his top 3. Heck, he blocked for Sam Huard in High School.
  11. It would kill Olympic sports at most colleges as the revenue used to pay for them gets redirected to the football players. Those players will have to explain to their softball, track, soccer, and volleyball girlfriends …as those girls move out.
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