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  1. This score came to me in a dream last night. Oregon 17-14 1 1 250
  2. Jester, I really like your style of writing!
  3. I would have to agree! I think DL has a lot to learn, but he is learning quickly. BYU is a solid team. So we should be pretty excited about the future, even if we run into a few hiccups!!!
  4. Does anybody have his low-lights so I can make an educated conclusion? His highlights look pretty encouraging!!!
  5. Finally! Some news to help tame the insanity!!!
  6. Oregon will be just fine! When this all blows over, it will be for the better!!!
  7. Wow, I just checked out On3’s website and I am quite impressed with all the information they provide. St. Jean Baptiste day 6/24, is going to be a huge recruiting day!!!
  8. I would throw the 2010 team in there. That team was one horrible call away from being the National Champs!
  9. It all started when I was born at Sacred Heart in Eugene!!!
  10. Wow!!! I live in Florida where we haven’t had to wear masks in ages, probably since the pandemic first started!!! I hope all enjoy this new found freedom!!!
  11. Does Oregon have any remaining scholarships for the 2022 cycle?
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