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  1. Up here in Portland the air is very similar to what it was during the terrible forest fires a couple years ago. The sky is dark and the air quality appears to be in the unhealthy category. This will be the first game I've gone to in a few years and I'm bringing the kids, so I'm wondering does anybody have any live reports of what it looks like in Eugene or how this may impact the game today?
  2. My first game was at Autzen and a loss to Hawaii in '92. I was in my first year and put my elbows on the bench behind and feet on the bench in front and lots of space was still available as this was before it all took off. Back then I may have described Oregon as back water. Now The only backwater around there is some excellent kayaking up at the North fork of the Willamette, the Mackenzie, and Fall Creek heading towards the coast. I get what you mean though because I think most people can't locate the state of Oregon on a map if they're from the East Coast. I do love the energy around the new coaching staff and I'm hoping that it translates into an exciting product both on the field and off. So far I feel pretty good about it!
  3. As a fan base I believe we've become a customed to a top 10 recruiting class. Having this group of coaches come in and with less than a month to secure a top 25 class and in the fashion they did, I feel ecstatic and don't need what we've had the last few years to feel good about the outcome. I believe we have brought in some very talented and exciting recruits. I believe we covered almost every position. I do see a little lull in regards to the tight end position this year, but to supplement the recruits the transfer portal brought in support. This coaching staff had a few recruiting coups from programs that are very competitive. Having a top 25 class, with most major positions covered, with the exciting recruits they brought in, and beating out those other teams... I'm feeling pretty excited.
  4. I say this with all the academic prowess in the world, "Neener Neener Neener Mario!"
  5. We're all familiar with the concept of risk versus reward. When I think back to what led to the most exciting time for me and Oregon football, it was the risk taken on hiring an unknown coach named Chip Kelly. Lots of reward came from that gamble. I am still uncertain about the risk taken here with many of the new coaching hires, but I am definitely thrilled about the reward that could be experienced and I believe it fits the fabric of what Oregon football is. I am excited to see what this coaching staff can do and I give them my support as the drama of this risk and potential reward plays out. Should be fun. On a different note, I've been thinking about this idea of coaches being able to recruit players on one school's dime and then should they take a job somewhere else have those recruits follow them to their new school. That falls under the category of things that make you go hmmmmm.
  6. You have all hit on exactly the thoughts that have been going on in my mind. The one thing that I would add that I believe is another contributing factor to the changing landscape is the ever-increasing salaries paid to coaches that can lead to jumping ship. The days of having a Bellotti and tenured coaching staff who recruit athletes that stay at the school, play in their bowl games, and become names that we really root for may be coming to an end. Imagine if an NFL player could simply say I'm going to play for a different team next year? The inequities in the system that exist may devastate all of this even if it is well intended for the athlete. What tools or governing bodies even exist at this point to regulate some of these factors?
  7. A friend of mine often used the phrase norming, storming, and conforming. We interpreted this to understand that there are three phases that occur whenever there is change. I'm not going to worry about all of this too much either because at the end of the day this is all just a fun hobby for me. It just seems like there is so much right now in the storming category that could irrevocably change what this sport is. Someone above said that these athletes do deserve more compensation than what they've received before. Another person stated that the NCAA has essentially become ineffective in regulation. Charles you brought up the fact that the bidding price has now been set and other teams will need to want to match that to be competitive. So it's that delicate line between what is good for the athletes and where this eventually ends as something that we can all continue to enjoy. For example, the new defensive back coach ringing with him the player from Colorado. As a fan, that's great! If you're a fan of Colorado though how does that feel to you? It seems like between coaches getting big money and pulling players with them, the transfer portal, and now this compensation package that is going to create so much inequity, this storming stage could be long and end in a product that is concerning. I simply hope for some stability at some point as we get to that conforming stage.
  8. I appreciated the bulleted points that really show how it's done. It is going to be interesting to see how between this and the transfer portal college football changes. Texas A&M sure spent a lot to get that number one class. Sigh. Texas A&M Boosters Spent Unfathomable Amount Of Money To Land No. 1 Recruiting Class, Per Report by Grayson Weir of brobible
  9. While so many of us enjoy seeing top recruiting classes, I'm wondering if that becomes more of a mute point with an active transfer portal?
  10. I do not want to arm wrestle him! Nothing interesting to add to the conversation, just impressed with the guns!
  11. I'm very happy they are okay. Warriors all of them. Hayward, I am subscribed to your optimistic perspective.
  12. Boy! What he says about the new coaching staff opening up his eyes about a brighter future has me really pumped up! We don't get the inside story and all of us end up making a lot of inferences, but when you hear inspirational words from someone who does reside inside the circle, it is inspiring.
  13. As a school administrator I know one of the best levers that I can pull to increase opportunity for all students is to make excellent hires. I don't know why, but I just have a daunting feeling about some of the hires that coach is making here. I hope I'm wrong as I make this statement from a lack of knowledge about these individuals; however, I've just seen some flags about some of these guys on other sites regarding recruiting violations or poor treatment of players or inability to coach them up. I sure hope coach is pulling the right levers here.
  14. The way I see it, early signing day is going to have to receive some additional consideration from the NCAA. It was a good notion to implement an early signing day to alleviate the stress placed on recruits and coaching staff; however, with the rampant and extravagant salaries being offered to coaches (who are then leaving teams adrift), plus the NIL factor (essentially a salary), plus the transfer portal (essentially free agency), we now have a landscape that has changed from the ESD early implementation. I think walking away with seven recruits yesterday with all things considered was an excellent haul. I trust that the coaching staff will coalesce and by February 2nd will have the right additions in place and that may very well include plans for student athletes in the transfer portal (this is a factor all coaches will have to begin planning for moving forward). All of it is way more dynamic than it ever was before. That being said, I feel good with the recruits who signed yesterday and have hope in what will happen over the next month and a half.
  15. I turn 50 this next year and I have definitely gotten to a place in life where I appreciate a good cup of coffee and some mellow music. In my younger days I related a lot more to high energy, high risk kinds of activities. All that to be said, maybe there's something good about this youth movement with our coaches. There's a part of me that is nervous about these up and coming guys that don't have a totally proven record, but again, maybe they'll have all that great energy and risk taking mindset that is necessary to win over the hearts of recruits and team members and take us to the promised land.
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