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  1. Oregon will be fine, as MC hate him or not, left the program with players. Lanning first 2 years are with MC roster. Question ___ Can this group develop talent? Todays players are not about what a degree from institution can do (or) set you up for life. Except USC, UCLA, Stanford, UW and CAL __ their alumni networking in major (corporations/business) open many doors outside of football. Plus these kids today careless about bowl games unless it's CFP. It's about the league and majority of these 4-5 stars have been hearing from middle school, you be in the league taking care of ALL the hangers on. In closing, CFP will be four (4) teams through 2024 and odds PAC12 gets nothing (or) even sniff. SEC and ESPN driving the not too expand. My only concern __ like ASU we have ALL NFL coaches, who were castoffs and honestly the Steelers and Jags additions, these two (2) in the end Lanning will regret and truthfully were on the streets in the next two (2) weeks. STEELERS fan as I am, this guy killed us for two years and developed and improved nothing. Najee Harris wishes he has Alabama line in the Steel City.
  2. If the Herbie story is true, MC played this just as did Slick Willie. Read the grocery list and as always facilities/Nike-NIL blah, blah. Coaches not the be ALL. These programs are ALL building and upgrading, and you don't think the global leader in sports gear because of soccer ADIDAS will put the three stripe pancake on PK? Plus some of you folks with blinders on, reports have MC wife has uncle the richest Cuban imigrant in Florida, is behind the $$$ for the new stadium People it is Eugene vs. South Beach. He is going home to recruit the best HS players and that is SE U.S. and Florida and can be home more a major plus. Another side note ___ Do you know on the West Coast there are NO OL/DL to speak of in Top 300 for 2022/2023. I did some research and the two pick ups by Lanning from Jags and Steelers were going to be castoffs at seasons end. Steelers guy Tomlin cut him loose, as OL for three years is the worst maybe since before Bradshaw. Could not develop after career ending injuries to Pouncy and DeCastro. MC is hot check him on the web MiamiFlo ___ Behind his desk overlooking practice field and the gulf. Epic. Bring players to Miami campus and ALL the beauty vs. tie-die and hippie type talent in terms of atmosphere off the field.
  3. Again __ USC, UCLA, Stanford, California and Washington ALL these schools are in the Top 20 academic and research schools in the WORLD. There is more money in research and academics then the football. Plus in the Top 300 World Ranked schools __ UO, OSU and Wazzu bottom 200's. UO football helps enrollment and helps the balance sheet from drowning in red ink. Heard great line other days ___ Full Ride ESPNU ___ Coach Mario has a medical school on the U that in 2020, profited over $400M alone that school has cash. So take the five (5) schools above and what do they ALL have in common ___ Global academics, research in sciences, math and medical research ___ Their liberal board regents will take $40M here and there over $50K per game attendance. Oregon built beautiful supporting for ALL sports ___ Don't forget PK dollars are and how it was built pure and simple. Going take long shot here per this blog___ Folks PAC12 is pure simple an olympic sports conference. Fair assessment? I could see when the new TV deals come forward __ Could USC pull a Norte Dame and go independent and remaining sports do an ACC alignment like ND has today 2025? Problem the TV rating Los Angeles. Phoenix and Seattle are the only population market draws.
  4. Starting understand bitterness towards UW... Like UA vs. ASU. UA leads series 49-46-1 and Sun Devils have their numbers like reading on this subject so looked up. Made huge catch-up as read here with the Ducks over the last 15. Todd Graham, Herm and even old Oregon Assistant Bruce Snyder had their way with the Devils. Oregon has made nice decade run on Purple Puppies.... Looked up still large gap UW 60-48-5 ____ One thing like USC and UW, they have national championships in their trophy cases. History or not they are on the board. Sports junkie Colorado has one as well. Three (3) PAC 12 teams. pretty sad. CFB what was the last time a PAC 12 team was in it?
  5. There ship is not sinking ___ Bad leadership from Petersen and the Token AD who is bad. Petersen bailed because he saw this ship taking on water. Herm Edwards will be in the same way next year. Only thing in his favor, his agent for years as player/head coach NFL is the ASU AD Ray Anderson. De Boer will take two (2) years and Purple Puppies be back 8-9 wins. ASU will never be a legit program as president is ALL about academics and his new campus in China. Most people don't know ASU is largest PAC12 school with over 80K students in AZ and oversees. Oregon and USC are about football and branding / helps enrollment and dollars generated. UCLA (14), Stanford (3rd), Washington (7th) California (4th) and Colorado (62) __ their board of regents are about endowments and US News & World Academic rankings, based on research and academic reputation per published ranking in December. Their numbers are impressive. Shocked USC (70th) then Arizona (99) ALL below 150 and lower Utah (151) ASU (165) Oregon (244) Oregon St. (295) and Wazzu (302). Chip knows, DeBoer will soon learn, Shaw has known and gotten tougher and Wilcox - poor guy lives in the World of Berserkly.
  6. Take Kennedy Brooks and the -4.5 ___ This game OU is playing for more. Plus in San Antonio money --- This will be 80% RED SEA in the Alamo Dome. Take the OVER in the total points.
  7. Read from PAC 12 (Oct.) _ NFL Players Active (or) Practice Squad/Injured Reserve by school (2021): Read 2019 (UW) most and 2020 (Stanford & UW) most. ____ Was amazed at the numbers! Arizona (10) ___ 8 active and 2 PS/IR. Arizona St. (12) ___ 8 active and 4 PS/IR. California (21) ___ 13 active and 8 PS/IR. Colorado (20) ___ 10 active and 10 PS/IR Oregon (27) ___ 18 active and 9 PS/IR Oregon State (15) ___ 10 active and 5 IR/PS Stanford (31) ___ 25 active and 6 IR/PS UCLA (31) ___ 26 active and 5 IR/PS USC (31) ___ 21 active and 10 PS/IR Utah (20) ___ 15 active and 5 PS/IR Washington (43) ___ 31 active and 12 IR/PS
  8. Bynum on that team is NO loss was 4th on depth chart and have the Nevada Gatorade Player of the 2021 6'3" WR. Otton had worst luck and should have gone to the league in 2021 ___ Projected now late 3rd or 4th rounder. TE in traditional UW offense is gone and hearing Newweasle on Full Ride, UW TE more of a wideout. Sammy T. __ Waste of talent and word is following his coach to either UCLA or former Dawg DC Coach Pete K to Texas. Per ESPN Mock Draft more Dawgs __ Have have four UW players in the 1st two rounds. (McDuffie - So., Kirkland - Jr and Kyler something So.)
  9. Husker Online many quoting _ would you not be wanting out on 3-9 team and four years of losing? Scott Frost next year winning season and bowl game expected (or) out. This guy looking for new start and security. Two names surfacing in Big Red Country next year | Frost fails and Trev Alberts AD has to pull the plug!___ Dan Mullen and Urban Meyer. As for this coach coming to Eugen many reports he cannot recruit and in addition, Scott Frost was recruiting his son DL. The last three Lanning hires not real pretty and many stops along the way.
  10. Being die hard Steelers fan ___ Steelers OL is horrible and this guy was being shown the door at season end. The last two (2) years, we can't run (or) keep Big Ben on his feet. This is a cast off of EPIC proportions and as Steel Curtain die hard.... TY Oregon or whomever takes this guy.
  11. California will get boat raced another Pac12 team goes down bowling. Read moments ago Illinois (or) Marshall will go bowling.
  12. Horrible with Todd Graham at ASU and could not recruit ___ Dillingham was the ASU head recruiting with him.
  13. Line someone wrote about financial commitment. USC private school and can do anything they want. Read interesting article and the other PAC12 schools have to be financially responsible. According to USA Today was shocked that only one (1) PAC 12 school in terms total generating revenue was listed in the Top 25 and in addition the most profitable and made Top 20. The ugly Dawgs of the NW. Stated $133M in revenue profited over $50M. Oregon State was the worst Power 5 program in America @ $87M. Another note __ Stanford does not run their athletic department like normal ones. Like Vanderbilt ALL based on fund raising and NO marketing. Except the Nike agreement. Oregon investment PK straight and simple and his love ___ These other Pac 12 schools their Board of Regents won't invest ___ Like Utah how did the get better in facilities __ U.S. Olympics paid for ALL that infrastructure. Just stating facts the PAC 12 up against. Revenue for each Power 5 Conference: Big 10 @ $768M. <> #1 Revenue Ohio State SEC @ $728M. <> #1 Revenue Bama Pac-12 @ $533.M <> #1 Revenue UW ACC @ $496M. <> #1 Revenue North Carolina Big 12 @409M. <> #1 Texas Note: Profit balance sheet the UW was in the Top Twenty @18 ____ Thank god Ducks have football because basketball written only made $200K.
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