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  1. Actually I like the blue field and remember there are those who find the Oregon basketball court undesirable (not me I love it). Oregon is well known for liking different. Le Boise be different if they want.
  2. I'm going back and forth in my mind, show them last years game as a team to make sure they do take them seriously. But I also think they need to not be reminded. Enough guys who played in that game are still here to know to take them seriously. Just play good football and you win. Oregon playing at its best vs Stanford playing at its best Oregon wins every time!
  3. Not so good for us eastern Duck fans, I'll look for the score in the morning. I can watch most of the Stanford game. Working Sunday morning when the Ducks are playing late...argh!
  4. Looks about right to me. I think Utah is on top, but not by much. If I put the team that lost to FL on the field with the Oregon team that beat BYU Oregon wins by three touch downs though. But that's a first week game vs. a third week game. I picked the Beavers to beat SC. I didn't see the game and when I looked at the box score I was wondering why they didn't until I saw the 4 ints. USC is much more hype than substance at this point. Dye is playing well for them, which I expected. Guy has a lot of heart no matter what color the uniform he's wearing. Haven't been able to watch much else, it's that trying to watch PAC games in Eastern time zone thing. Of course I've only seen Ohio St. play once and that was just one half. Just not a lot of free time on saturday lately.
  5. And Miami fans didn't take long to jump off that band wagon. Oregon fans gave him a little benefit of the doubt. Maybe the Miami fans are looking into his track record at Oregon figuring things out pretty quickly. Don't expect Tom Brady to perform well under this coach. It's really hard for a QB to perform at 100% with their 200+ lb head coach sitting on them.
  6. I was expecting a close game last week and OBD surprised me (very pleasantly). I'm expecting a fairly close game again and hoping I'm surprised again. If this team continues to improve from week to week as much as they have in these first three games, it may not be close. No let down!
  7. Thanks for the article Dazed, here's to your full and speedy recovery. I also think the Ducks will win this one, but there are possible pitfalls I'm concerned about. One: Bo running under control is good. Bo running for his life, history says not so good. Hopefully the contest between the unstoppable force and unmovable object, the WSU pass rush vs Oregon pass protection will be won by Oregon. Two: Georgia's offense was largely based on getting to the edge, mostly in the short passing game. This is also a strength of WSU. We have tackled a million times better since that game. So, hopefully we can slow them down considerably. Three: Oregon has all those blue chippers, but WSU has a great big blue chip on their shoulders. An over confident Ducks team may get a big surprised. I think we will deal with all of these and end up with a solid victory. But take these Cougars lightly and it could be really tough.
  8. I'm still hoping for something like this, maybe even with all three conferences. A coast to coast conference with 4 divisions and a 4 team play off (maybe not with the 12 team NCAA play off coming). First championship game Oregon vs. Miami, if Miami can get there.
  9. Yeah, how many times do I remember Oregon losing a coach and Mario talking about how his replacement was an upgrade. I even believed it a few times. The season started again and it was just the same old stuff.
  10. Same here, I think this coaching team can be special as they become cohesive learn how to fit together. I do not begrudge Dilly taking an opportunity to be a head coach if that's what he wants, but I think he will have better opportunities if he waits a few years and is successful at Oregon. He has the luxury of being patient right now.
  11. Well I tried to help you out a few days ago. I read something where someone was suggesting the Dawgs are the best college football team ever. Well, I said they are really good, but GOAT is a pretty tall order. Let's wait until they've played a few more than three games. In any case, when a team is really hyped (maybe over hyped) in the media, the key is getting the players to not believe it. Bama may not be looking invincible these days, but they are Bama, Florida may have stumbled againt KY, but they looked pretty tough against Utah... there are really good teams out there with really good coaches working to get better every day. I have a feeling Coach Smart has the Dawgs convinced they have to do the same. They need to know they are not where they need to be to win in late November and December. Because everyone is going to be better then.
  12. Yeah, I said in another thread the product on the field means as much or more than the size of the market. Oregon is an example. Eugene is a tiny TV market, but Oregon (at least until MC) put a great, exciting product on the field. I became a Duck fan, in spite of my geographic dislocation, because of loving how Oregon played. It was also cool seeing a team usually mostly made up of 3 star guys beating some of the big name schools (and watching their fans pull their hair out over that). Winning is part of it, but playing an exciting brand of football conference wide would also help the PAC.
  13. BTW, great article. Charles sure knew what he was doing getting you to write.
  14. Any offense that includes a read option, which is almost universal now including Dillingham's, has to have at least the threat of the QB running the ball at times. Bo definitely gives us that. Banging heads with a couple of defensive backs with bad intentions may be a little overboard, but it's what you get with an intense competitor sometimes. Here's hoping Bo stays healthy, even if it's in spite of himself at times. I think we may be selling Ty a little short. A bad play call (maybe the only one of the game for Dillingham) and a missed pass that should have been caught did him in. If Bo goes down at some point, we might be surprised how well Ty does with the opportunity to be THE guy, even if temporarily. He may just rise to the occasion.
  15. SDSU is a no brainer to me. It should already be done. It would be great to pull in BYU, but that chance may have passed. I would also go along with UNLV, but more on potential. It's a national market and they can be competitive with P5/6 teams at times. I'm still hoping for some kind of conference merger. I think with the B1G and SEC obviously looking to create super conferences, a third super conference needs to emerge. PAC and Big 12 are probably the best fits for this. It would be good competitive football and tv markets. BTW, take a look at the TV markets and who really has them. I think the case can be made that product on the field is more important than market. SEC right now is in 4, yes 4 of the top 40 TV markets in the country. But they have one of the top TV ratings because they dominate the football crazy southest.
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