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  1. Great article. Stretching the field vertically and horizontally puts more pressure on the defense to defend more area. Throwing deep and getting speed to the corner, then makes power running more effective. It's win, win all around. I'm ready!
  2. Yeah, reads small on paper, but runs tough, doesn't run over people but slips out of tackles. I really like his speed and "quick feet". He is going to be really good in open space too.
  3. yes, I was thinking it looked designed to go inside with the right side of the line blocking down and the tackle and tight end pulling to kick out as you said. What made it a big play for the offense is that tight end read, plus the corner and safety both sold out on gumming things up inside. Making a seal block on the corner from the receiver easier and a block on the safety unnecessary. Whittingham then properly reads it as opening up outside and no one was there. If the end and corner aren't crashing inside, then the blocking gives the play a good chance to open up inside. Over all a very well designed play. Yeah, hoping for a lot more of this!
  4. Sounds like it was a great game. Hope there is some video posted.
  5. That's a tall order, being Seven is great! I think he makes a lot of big plays for us, no need for DAT sitting on his shoulders.
  6. Looks like the stadium will be almost filled just with the former players and recruits. Great to have all the former players there, what a great way to sell the program to the recruits.
  7. Yeah, but he's young. The Oregon training table and weight room should change that. I watch this guy throw the football and I'm to excited to notice he's a bit slim.
  8. While I don't doubt Butters is not that far behind, if behind at all, to Nix and Ty, I don't think we really know who is ahead of who or behind who at this point. Lanning and Dillingham have been clear it's an open competition with all three taking reps with different groupings of team mates. Let's see who performs well in the Spring Game, but even then I think we'll only know who the QB starter for next season a weak or 10 days before September 3. At that guy is going to have two guys hot on his heals.
  9. Been finding On3 is good with basketball, haven't looked at football that much with them. I often look at offers more than stars/rankings to gage a guy. He has a lot of offers from good programs, makes me think that 4 star ranking is solid and if he had played another year might have moved up a star. As far as this guy goes, he's big, strong, athletic (have you seen the elevation he gets dunking on a basketball court?) and already shows he is a pretty good rout runner. He gets separation and out fights guys for the ball when the coverage is there (mostly because he doesn't have a 4 star QB throwing to him, many underthrown balls when he was wide open).
  10. Respect, certainly, fear no. Riley's situation at USC is totally different than when he took over from Stoops. Oklahoma was a healthy blue blood program already hitting on all cylinders. USC needs lots of work. USC will be better this year, but I think it will take 3 years + for Riley to get them back on track and until then they will be sniffing Duck tail feathers. And still may be after that!
  11. Yeah, to this point (of course it's very early) we haven't seen it effecting the product on the field. I still love watching college football! Between NIL and the portal a lot is changing at once, it seems like a blur to me at the moment. Maybe everything just eveolves naturally and works itself out. I encourage patience to many church members (I'm a pastor) as the church is also going through quantum changes. Maybe I need to listen to myself.
  12. Remember Riley took over from Bob Stoops and Oklahoma was already dominating the Big 12. That they didn't drop off is a credit to him, but that is not the situation he has at USC. We'll have to see how he does. I'm sure they will be better, I'm not sure how much.
  13. I wondered this too watching some film. The guy is crazy athletic for his size. Playing on both sides of the ball is hard for seasoned vets, but give him a little time and maybe we'll see him in on goal line/short yardage, as a really big linebacker! That would be fun!
  14. Totally agree that the rules as they stand now are how we have to play the game. I think the rules must change at some point. I haven't heard anything yet that anyone is even working on this. I would suggest a few things: 1. No NIL offers in recruiting. I have no problem with guys getting advertising, selling T-shirts... whatever they do with their Name, Image and Likeness and making a lot of money if they can. But putting packages together to entice them to play is heading for a long downward spiral. Of course some programs will become well known for how well the players do in NIL, it just can't be a formal offer up front. 2. Have a profit sharing provision included in NIL, where a portion of NIL (that comes through or with the University's help) is spread evenly to all the players, maybe all the athletes in that university. 3. Some of the NIL goes into a trust/retirement/investment fund for the player(s). This is a start, I don't even know if this would be legal since NIL was mandated by court rulings. Maybe just wanting to start a conversation.
  15. Yeah, you just sense that whenever you see him, especially when you see him around the players. They seem to love him already, hopefully that leads to total buy in to what the coaches want to get done.
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