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  1. I feel Duck Nation should be happy that we have QBs in competition. Let's support whichever one is playing, Bo, Ty or Butters. Let's not tear one down in order to build up the other. They obviously support each other.
  2. I am NOT prepared to say that TT and/or Butters are not good enough or else they would have played. At the very least DUCK NATION should request that the coaches treat our QB1 and QB2 with decency and fairplay. These young men spent last year being denied playing time, yet, unbelievably they remain committed to the program. Put them in a game, and they might just be the spark we need.
  3. Something doesn't feel FAIR about your assessment of TT being "simply not good enough". What is terribly UNFAIR is not even allowing TT to see the field even when a game is already lost, and he could benefit from getting reps... after all, isn't he QB2. What happens if Bo gets injured? Doesn't TT have to take over? Just because you've decided that Bo Nix or Anthony Brown is QB1 shouldn't mean that TT never see any playing time. Coach him up, nurture his talent and find creative ways to put him on the field. Give him a chance to fail, too. Come on, Lanning and Dillingham... be FAIR!!! GO DUCKS!!!
  4. I sincerely feel that USC and UCLA are running away from getting crushed every year by Oregon. They fear the Ducks. Our best course of action is to have the best season ever... a lot of the haters are intimidated and threatened by the power of the Oregon brand, the facilities, uniforms, swagger, and being in the discussion for Championships perennially. Ah, the mystique of the Ducks gets them every time. WINNING will solve everything. Oregon is on the right track, the coaches, the players, the tradition, Uncle Phil, the legacy. Let's not get distracted... let's beat everybody this season. It's the one part we can control. SCO DUCKS!!!
  5. Just messin'. with you, man... you're hilarious
  6. Note to Jester: While I thoroughly enjoyed your cleverly written satirical poke at the grandstanding of Mario, I was turned off by your sentence at the end of point 4, describing Christobal's touchy feely contact with parents of recruits, "Even if they smell bad." I sincerely believe you meant no harm, but otherwise, you do have a gift for satire,
  7. I agree with Charles... this DOES change the narrative somewhat on the way Christobal left Oregon. As Jon Joseph so correctly stated we are reminded that football is only a game. Whoopi Goldberg once said, "When I lost my Mother I knew that I would NEVER find another human being to love me the way she did". I am a witness to that truism. The Christobal family has my deepest condolences. May she Rest in Peace
  8. Now that the DYE is cast, I wish him the best. USC is getting a good man. Travis, remember in the days ahead, "The HEART of a Warrior is NOT FOR SALE"!!! Let's go, DUCKS!!!
  9. Thanks for allowing me to express my opinion.
  10. Duck 1972, Didn't incoming Head Coach Lanning do it differently?
  11. Duck 1972, Did you actually see the video I'm referring to, where Mario goes into the Guinness Book of World Records for SQUIRMING answers to simple questions about whether he was entertaining offers from the University of Miami. Watch his body language and tell me that's what a TRUTHFUL man looks like. When asked if he thought all the rumors around his potential leaving affected the team, his answer shows that his mind was elsewhere. He DID advance the Oregon program as Head Coach, but his exit was lousy.
  12. I have been eating popcorn and thoroughly enjoying the chat on this page, and never intended to enter the fray. But now, I must come to the defence of Travis Dye. From my perspective, he does not deserve the negative comments he's received since he entered the transfer portal, having given his heart and soul and BLOOD to the Ducks football program. He is a never say Dye (see what I did there?) Running Back, who ALWAYS left everything he had on the field. He played with an unmistakable love for The University of Oregon. To those of you who doubt his potential as a NFL player, just you watch... the man has the heart of a Warrior. Underestimate him at your own peril. I am shocked that some of Travis's critics are willing to give "Sweet Mouth" Mario Cristobal a free ride out of the program. In my humble opinion, Mario made a disgraceful exit... watch carefully his drunken lies to the press when he was asked whether the rumours about him considering an offer from the University of Miami were true. No wonder the Ducks played without any spirit in the PAC 12 championships, their leader's mind was in/on Miami. Then, he just abruptly left. GIVE ME A BREAK. Let Sweet Mouth Mario take his place next to Slick Willie on the list of Head Coaches who lied to their teams on their way out the door. SHAMEFUL!!! I am hoping that Travis will return to the Ducks or enter the NFL draft, because it would break HIS heart to play for another college program. Come on, even Stevie Wonder can see that what I am writing about Travis Dye is the absolute truth. Let's GO DUCKS!!!
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