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  1. Ducks, Eight months have flown by since I first learned about this site. You guys have been nothing but gracious and kind to us UGA fans, thank you. @Charles Fischeryou should be proud of these sites, you hard work has created a great forum! After tomorrow there will not be a real need for me to come back here as often so I wanted to say it was great to meet you all. I wanted to tell you this tonight because depending on what happens tomorrow I may not be as gracious, lol. I do wish you guys luck from 9/4/22 on, and I hope Dan is a good coach for you. Your dawg friend (the real dawgs), amcdawg
  2. If not those are some big spread changes no doubt
  3. @Mic Isn't that what it opened at? I saw this at VegasInsider but I could be wrong. I had to screen shot the top and then the game odds separately. I am just wondering if I am looking at this wrong.
  4. Where are you seeing these, I see the latest 16.5 and 15.5 on Fanduel
  5. Hello Ducks, As discussed on these boards one of the interesting points to the first game is the familiarity between Dan Lanning and UGA. We know teams have a plethora of analysts who break down tape to find any patterns or tendencies. So I found it interesting when Kirby said UGA has analysts breaking down UGA film, looking for tendencies on Dan Lanning. Does he like to blitz in third and long, second and long, when they do blitz what % of the time is it the Mike? or the Mac? or the Jack? Man or zone? I also find it interesting that Dan has to be doing the same type of self-reflection vs team reflection when watching tape on UGA's defense. As Kirby as said many times, ultimately it will come down to the players once the ball is kicked off. I just find this intertwined relationship fascinating especially being game one. If this were a year from now each side would have tape on each other without each other (is that phrase correct?, well you get it)
  6. As you guys may or may not know Kirby Smart played safety at UGA and he was the DB position coach for Nick Saban before he was his DC and even when he was the DC. Of course Saban played and coached DB's as well. I say that to say this, the way UGA's DB's played was because that is the way Kirby (and Nick before him) wanted them to play. Dan had enormous input on the UGA defense, schemes, blitzes, game plans, so this is not a knock on him at all, but the DB's play the way Kirby wanted them to play. There is a reason our DB coach left for Miami and our current DB coach is handling mostly just CB's while Will Muschamp handles safeties. Being Kirby Smart's DB coach is probably the second hardest position job in the country, only behind being Nick Saban's DB coach. Dan may want them to play a different style, who knows? But if he keeps it the same, and my hunch is he will or he will want to, he will want big and physical corners. He will want to play a LOT of man coverage and it will not be play off the receiver five yards, it will be tight and on them from the snap. Refs in the SEC tend to allow more hand checking, grabbing, and physicality and UGA takes advantage of that. (as does bama, florida, lsu, etc) I do not know if Oregon has the corners to play that way, that is not a knock on them, I just do not know your roster. In regards to calling them all DB's the trend at UGA and all of football is to go away from the bulking safety that kills the receiver over the middle, you will probably get flagged for that. Instead coverage skills are extremely important, UGA's starting strong safety Chris Smith was a CB recruit, as was our star (nickel back) William Poole. They still have to defend the run and you will not (hopefully) see them covering the X receiver, but there is a lot of "crossover" skills. It may be that your staff is figuring out who can do what, so until they do, just call them DB's.
  7. Well this isn't a good excuse but it is the one I will use, this isn't a UGA thing, or even an SEC thing (okay it is an SEC thing ) but mainly a Pac-12 perception issue. One that I, and any reasonably knowledgeable fan knows is BS. But it is there and it is perpetuated by the media directly or indirectly. The only way to break it is by Pac 12 teams winning some big non-conference games (but not you guys against UGA I hope ) and get to and win playoff games. It ain't fair but it is reality. Non-Clemson ACC teams and non-Texas/Oklahoma Big 12 team face this too. Even Clemson has to feel like they have to go undefeated to get the benefit of the doubt. And as delusional as UGA fans may be I would say florida fans are even more convinced they will beat Utah, which I don't get that arrogance at all! Lastly, of course there are some UGA fans who think this way but I guarantee you many are respectful and are worried about the Ducks, myself included.
  8. You need to come out of your shell and show a little enthusiasm. /s
  9. Starting to get real Duck fans, isn't it? Off-season was filled with talk about coaching, recruiting, and talk of what was to come. Now practices are happening, instead of theoretical situations we are getting practice reports, injury updates, and depth chart changes. Three weeks (three weeks!) from today will be game week. Starting to feel real.
  10. This is awful. Condolences to his family and to all Ducks.
  11. I was wondering if you guys tended to pull for your conference foes to win non-conference games? In the SEC it seems like fans pulled for fellow conference members in non-conference games for as long as I can remember. Other conferences seemed to start doing that more with the advent of the playoff and more focus on strength of schedule. Is it maybe a case by case decision? If you think having a good Utah will help Oregon in a possible playoff scenario so you pull for Utah for that reason? I am pulling for Utah against florida. I will not pull for florida unless it directly helps UGA. Is Washington that team for you guys? It seems like it based on the comments I read here. One other thing, do you think the other Pac 12 schools are hoping you beat UGA to help the conference's image or will they want you to lose? Just curious on your thoughts.
  12. I think it is safe to say Greg Sankey played a lot of RISK as a youngster. Keep your territories together, only expand if you can defend your borders. Georgia and Florida and chillin' like Eastern and Western Australia. Those who played get the analogy.
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