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  1. Mike leech is a lawsuit waiting to happen and a man of low character. I would be surprised if more of his team doesn’t transfer out like this.
  2. Having standards on what you spend your budget on is a good thing. For example, I stopped watching the ducks during the Cristobal era. Checking the score online and reading the forums was more exciting than watching the Mari Offense which was enjoyable as watching paint dry while periodically hitting my hand with a hammer. On the other hand I have watched all of lanning’s games. you are a fan if you root for the ducks and we become toxic fans when we become jerks. Otherwise life is short, if the ducks are producing a poor product and you go for a walk instead of watching them, more power to you.
  3. All teams in the CFP should be conference champions. Why should the loser of championship or a team who failed to even make the championship even be let in? They couldn’t even win their conference.
  4. It’s likely that the article is aimed at the football players. The team melted down after Mario name was being tossed around at Miami. Players that have seen both “the snake” and “”Mario” leave in a short period of time would be susceptible the let this kind of stuff in their head.
  5. I like the idea of a flagrant targeting vs incidental. He shouldn’t be kicked out for that play. However I still feel I’ll when I think of Kenjon Barner getting knock out for the season due to what would be called targeting today
  6. That’s a heck of a high score for a soccer game…
  7. 8 team playoff and if you have two teams in the same conference then they have to play each other in the quarter finals. No byes.
  8. I think Dilly would follow DL into the NFL, so we should be looking secure long term commitments for the coaching staff
  9. It shows his talk about accountability was about everyone else and not himself.
  10. I would be looking at Miami's recruits and players right now
  11. If they provide multiple games and $$$ then give them the pac network now and call it a day. Staying with the traditional providers will strangle the money out of the pac. If I want a future for prime time Oregon football in the pac then it’s going to be on a streaming service.
  12. Creating this culture is one of my greatest fears about the lanning culture. He has hired personnel who believe in “radical accountability”.
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