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  1. I think the SEC should leave the CFP. That way we could have the other 4 conferences champions duke it out in a real championship tournament.
  2. I am always sympathetic to a man who is worth $35 million dollars when they complain about other employers outbidding them for employees.
  3. I don’t see any change. In the last 20 years, when was the last time a national champion wasn’t full of elite recruits?
  4. I’m not strongly apposed to the idea because, if the hypothesis is correct, transfer portal windows would bring stability to athletics. We should heavily consider the contra argument of transfer portals before implementing the policy. players transfer out of programs for a reason. Often we don’t know why. What reason should we limit an athletes opportunities to pursue their given trade?
  5. Athletes are employees, no matter what name you call them. Should Starbucks CEO lobby our congressman to codify low wages and strip baristas of NIL chances? How far do you want the CEO’s of any industry to dictate, by law, our opportunity to generate revenue for ourselves?
  6. The head coach position has grown into a CEO position and the governing bodies need to recognize that. The CEO shouldn’t be flying all over the country recruiting and analyzing talent anymore. If that means the coaching staff has to grow in order to recruit properly then that needs to happen. College sports is a billion dollar business, it needs to act like it.
  7. I am not a fan of restricting the flow of labor to satisfy the whims of a bunch of millionaires. Especially when ncaa has a pattern of ignoring abusive coaches. Further players transferring isn’t the real problem in college athletics (it usually isn’t the labor that cause havoc in the marketplace)… it’s the coaches, staff, and admin. Coaches leaving in the middle of the season, poaching labor and other coaches, ect. from other schools is ruining the game. Reigning in the poor behavior of the coaches, implementing harsher no compete clauses, and severely fine coaches to prevent them from poaching recruits or players from their current team would bring some stability. I recommend a 1 year sit out for all coaches that transfer schools in ncaa athletics.
  8. It is reasonable for any coach in D-1 athletics to know the medical consequences for poor workouts. The Oregon coaching staff fired one the best strength and conditioning trainers in the US and replaced him with an uncredentialed coach whose actions led to severe consequences. The athletes will likely have a shortened lifespan… no amount of money will be able bring that back but maybe a $125M punitive damages will make player safety during workouts a priority in athletics.
  9. I am thankful that Taggart is gone. This behavior should have never been allowed at the U of O and hopefully never will be here again.
  10. As much as I hate seeing UofO as a codefendant, I hope Mr Brenner wins. The injury that the snake’s workouts caused were inexcusable.
  11. NCAA sports was already dead. Who wants to watch a player wreck their knees, damage their brain, or get paralyzed for no income. While the NCAA, universities, advertisers, broadcasters, and coaches are in a multi billion business. No one asked if it was the end of collegiate sports when the Ohio State abuse scandals from 1978-1998, the jerry Sandusky scandal, or how no one said it was the end of Oregon football when our coach put multiple athletes in the hospital because our coach thought they “were not tough enough”. All of our sports are already divided into have and have nots: who thinks that Alabama and Ohio State will be out of the playoff discussion within the next ten years? If anything, with NIL, smaller teams will be able to lure big time recruits from larger schools. College sports has survived some of the worst policies, scandals, and even pac 12 refs. The most adaptable teams will not only survive but will thrive generating revenue for all involved.
  12. It will stop at what the market will bear or we artificially depress the value of their labor. Both are not great choices in a team sport. It’s just what we have to deal with.
  13. We live in a capitalist society that frowns on cartels. We pay the labor what the market can bear or the business has no reason to exist. These are not kids, the are employees that could use retirement, pay, and tuition wavers. It’s sad we have allowed employers fail to pay their employees for so long. Athletes produce a product that the university benefits from and it’s alright that the labor doesn’t get paid? It’s ok that coaches siphon millions from the school but it’s wrong to pay the labor? I’m going to have to disagree you.
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