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  1. High school QB recruits since Marcus (11 classes) Jake Rodriguez Jeff Lockie Damion Hobbs Morgan Mahalak Travis Jonsen Kristen Wallace Terry Wilson Justin Herbert Braxton Burmeister Tyler Shough Cale Millen Jay Butterfield Robby Ashford Ty Thompson With the exception of Herbert, "finding and developing" high school QBs hasn't really been too successful in quite some time (and the Herbert story generally has him pretty much coming to the UO ready to play at a high level). If the coaches and staff are able to hit on 2/3 or 3/4 portal or graduate transfer QBs, the numbers/history (since 2011) sort of suggests it's a no brainer.
  2. Tucker returned close to home to San Diego State and is listed as a WR. Caught 21 passes for 296 yards and 4 TDs as a high school senior (though doesn't look like he got on the field for SDS this season).
  3. Rumor from the Oklahoma side of things is he is being "Darron Thomas-ed". That is, OU has a former five star, 2022 Elite 11 MVP (Jackson Arnold), who sat this year; and, would be a portal candidate if facing another year on the bench. Oklahoma fans saying this was no surprise and has been in the works for weeks. Interesting because OU fans seem to have nothing but positives to say about DG. A little bit of a dangerous game for OU maybe; but, I guess it worked out for the UO staff (handing the keys to Marcus).
  4. I am still attempting to come to terms with the idea the Huskies actually have a very respectable chance at winning the National Championship this year.
  5. If it is ok to link to YouTube, some extended highlights
  6. Not kicking deep for a <5% chance for an inside kick with the time left is definitely open to be questioned. Midfield changes the dynamic.
  7. Muhammad has been grabby all season. I really don't understand how two very experienced announcers (and one "rules expert") struggle to see a DB with both hands grabbing and holding the WR's jersey for several seconds 15 yards down field being called a penalty.
  8. Didn't work the first game. Looked exactly like the first game tonight. Only 1/3 of the field for the Huskies to defend, 3 WRs all appearing to run to the same spot. Ugh.
  9. Might qualify as a "hot take" but: I'd probably look elsewhere than DJ; but, he has about 1,175 career passes attempts, of which maybe 700 have been "meaningful" snaps. TT has 66 career snaps of which maybe about 10 have been meaningful (depending on how you feel about 9 attempts in the second half in the Sony Brook game). I'd be hard pressed to put DJ at the top of my portal list; but, if nothing else comes together, I'd definitely let DJ compete against TT (nothing against TT, I'm still pulling for him about as much as most Duck fans -- but realistic).
  10. What an absolutely poor call on the 4th down PI. So poor, it shouldn't happen.
  11. Coach Petersen on the FOX Post game just said of the Michigan/Penn State game: "I don't get it, if this game wasn't in color tv, I would have thought it was 1950s football. It's all about winning the game and they did a great job with that with all the controversy surrounding that but I don't get it ... JJ McCarthy, is he hurt? He is supposed to be a Heisman candidate and threw for 60 yards... I didn't get it..."
  12. I can't root for Washington. I want them to lose to Utah, lose to Oregon State, and lose to WSU. I don't expect it; but, I can pull for it. I find it easiest to root against UW and root for chaos. I can't see Old Miss beating Georgia, need Georgia to beat Alabama in the SEC Championship game, Texas to drop a game, maybe somehow Florida State drop a game (and Michigan and tOSU can drop as many as possible as well).
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