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  1. Just watching parts of two games, this isn't the Stanford of old. Even compared to last year, I'd say Stanford has dropped another tier this season to this point. I understand the concern, but I absolutely would be more concerned if say Arizona was coming to town. Colorado seems to be imploding and I don't know you automatically take Stanford over them right now (might depend on the points).
  2. I absolutely understand "Stanford angst" but I watched a bit of Stanford against USC and UW and I must say they appear to be far away from the teams that have given the Ducks trouble, and yes even compared to the meltdown last year where - Stanford pulled out a win. Chaos does happen but I'd say we would need to see a world where the college football world is absolutely turns upside down to see a close game. Stanford is just at a point one week turnarounds are just a massive deal.
  3. Yes. Oregon hasn't had a ton of trouble to this point in the red zone heading into WSU. It somewhat natural to this point to suggest the OC is seeing things and making great calls all the time. Another explanation is he has some things he likes in those spots and to this point has largely "guessed correctly". My thought is WSU saw that and was prepared early in the game. 98% confidence first time play caller KD will catch on and be way better next time. He already did it with WSU loading the box and a flip to the TE later in the game. Totally owning the WSU smashes in the 1st half and making adjustments and generating a grand slam play call. It is natural to have confidence in what has succeed in prior spots. Adjustments and making plays is a sign of a real dude in that spot. KD deserves a credit!
  4. Obviously there are exceptions, but my impression was whenever possible Mario looked for bigger athletes, especially in the back 60% of a recruiting class - arguably the guys looked at a bit more to be developed a bit more. DL seems to be looking a bit more for different traits for different positions. Long, lean, twitchy CBs, tall WRs, beefy DTs, maybe less emphasis on beef and more on feet on the OL (though this is a tough year for OL I understand so maybe not a year to draw too many conclusions), bigger yet still explosive RBs, and speedy athletic types as ends and LBs. Guys like Bassa, Conerly, Devon Jackson, Harrison Taggart, Florence and Tucker, Jordan James, Khamari Terrell, Kyler Kasper, Justice Lowe, Jurrion Dickey, Caleb Presley, Ashton Cozart, A'mauri Washington, Donte Dowdell (and a whole bunch of other guys!), seem to me to possibly suggest a subtle shift in some recruiting areas. Through most of the Chip/MH era, Oregon usually had enough guys to produce nearly two pretty impressive 4 x 100 teams (based on actual reported track or timed camp numbers); and, another handful of guys who also had very solid numbers (some names that pop to mind: LaMichael James, Dior Mathis, DAT, Tacoi Sumler, Byron Marshall, Thomas Tyner, Devon Allen, Tony Brooks-James, Charles Nelson, Taj Griffin, Kirk Merritt). Now, I don't know if it was completely accurate but (before the new group of recruits and transfers arrived) I read in more than one place 6-4 and 270 pound DJ Johnson was among the fasted guys on the squad. Certainly impressive if even partly true (as one would think at least a couple guys like Franklin and Hutson could challenge); but, I think in the coming years the staff is going to emphasize that aspect a bit more than the previous group.
  5. Penix looks healthy and really appears comfortable in that offense. If he stays healthy, as much as I don't like to say it, I think the Huskies are going to be hanging around all season.
  6. Looks like I'm the first one to sort of see it like the coaches so far. Irving appears to have that good initial burst (1-4 yards). He gets to holes and through holes quickly. I think the pass catching will improve (but I only see 8 catches last year at Minnesota so it will be something I'm sure people will be watching). Whittington similarly accelerates well and flashes some power, and seems to be the most comfortable pushing through piles and traffic. Dollars appears to be returning to form nicely from injury and had shown a nice playmaking ability. It won't surprise me if his role increases if he continues to be as productive. Cardwell, while not as big, reminds me a bit of Blount (or maybe Royce to a lesser extent) in that maybe it takes a few steps for his burst to arrive ( not meant as a put down as both were plenty successful). He certainly shows good vision and picking up his blocking. 6.84 ypc and 8 of his 61 carries going for 20+ last year certainly flashes some big play capability.
  7. Sort of similar to Kentucky today catching Florida coming off their big Utah win last weekend, should be an advantage to Oregon at home catching BYU off a big, emotional double OT win tonight.
  8. From ESPN: UCF Drive Chart (yesterday) 10 plays 80 yards TD (3:30) 4 plays 24 yards PUNT (1:10) 8 plays 77 yards TD (2:43) 6 plays 14 yards PUNT (2:43) 8 plays 60 yards MISS FG (2:11) 3 plays 4 yards PUNT (2:26) 3 plays 1 yard PUNT (1:43) 5 plays 10 yards PUNT (2:20) 3 plays -3 yards PUNT (2:09) 4 plays 2 yards PUNT (2:46) 5 plays 20 yards PUNT (1:32) 9 plays 42 yards INT (2:49) 5 plays 20 yards DOWNS (0:32) One of the strangest box scores I've seen in a while - UCF didn't even lose its starting QB (Rhys Plumlee) that I can see. Not seeing the game, it worked, and then it didn't? 8 punts, an INT and a turnover on downs? When I see UCF it's hard to think anything beyond Gus Malzahn.
  9. College football has walked itself to this point; but, they at least seem to be doing something about it with the expanded playoff in the works. The Duck's goal needs to be win the Pac-12 and hope for a lot of carnage amongst the top 10. (Non playoff) New Year's six games are going the way of all the other bowls, mostly meaningless. Yes, even the Rose Bowl. Made for TV live sports events they want to sell to TV? Of course networks still try to hype it. Even try to sell tradition and the game matters maters. It isn't fooling too many college football fans anymore. It's either the playoffs - or a glorified scrimmage between teams who didn't get it done - in a random bowl. Telling fans it's a big deal isn't working anymore. Rose Bowl: Oregon versus Michigan? Oregon versus Penn State? From the collective world of college football it will be zzzzzzzzzs and mostly all but devoted fans and hardcore college football types will care. Top players likely sit. The trend with lower bowls is working it's way up. It's playoffs or bust, but at least we may have 12 teams, if not 16 teams (plus contenders), still playing meaningful games late in the year. Plus ALL the tourney games will not be exhibitions but will matter. Instead of 3 playoff games that matter we will see between 11 and 15 (depending on structure). Only downside is too many blow-outs. Don't get me wrong, I wish there was some great consolation prize for non play-off teams for football. It just hasn't materialized, and much like NCAA basketball tournament there is a reason there is no consolation set of events that generates much interest. Non-playoff New Year's bowls hung around as somewhat meaningful for a while based on long histories, but were destined to fall to the waste side. Most likely a few will be rolled into playoff sites.
  10. I think Flower played in a handful of special teams snaps as a freshman in one game. He played one game his next year. Which means he has basically had two games since high school. I don't think he had a particularly good game either, but when you look at the stats, he still had 10 tackles and the Duck's only TFL. If it takes him two or three games to get it worked out, I'd say that's progressing pretty well.
  11. It is a positive thought. Oregon does play in the Pac-12 and there is a lot of: WSU, Stanford, Arizona, UCLA, Cal, Colorado, Washington, OSU, so if Oregon goes 9-4 or 8-5 a lot of people are gonna be happy and say "coaching change" and "rebuilding year". Given the huge number of key guys likely leaving, 2023 most likely another 9-4 or 8-5 year and a lot of people are gonna be happy and say "still coaching change" and "rebuilding year", "five years to grow the bamboo". And that is fine. I just wonder if we are seeing signs of a program which spent a lot of time and resources getting to where to where it is at, losing ground? Both major roster composition stats have Oregon's roster between #7 and #9 nationally in talent level, and Oregon picked a new $5 million dollar coach and hired a lot of young coaches with some buzz. Oregon has spent maybe 3 decades now getting to the point it can make a legitimate argument most years it is somewhere between maybe 6 and 14 national program each year. The Utah, Utah, Oklahoma, and now Georgia games are NOT showing a program competing at this level right now. They aren't just losing. In those 4 games, while Oregon arguably was even in those games, the first half, Oregon has been outscored: 109 - 6 That's Vanderbilt numbers, that's Arizona numbers, that's Rice numbers, that's Rutgers territory. And that's fine. People will disagree about whether it is a blip or something more. I will say with mega conferences arriving (Oregon appearing to be on the outside right now), the Pac-12 continuing to decline, NIL, portal, huge disadvantages with TV money, continuing to be outside a major recruiting hotbeds, along with everything else... That we might not be seeing Oregon looking like it can AT LEAST compete - like a top 10 type program it has spent 30 years building toward - may be a cause for concern amongst those of us (who for whatever reason) care about such things? Not trying to be completely all "doom and gloom". I'd be happy to field positives.
  12. It's a positive thought. I don't want to speak for my fellow Duck fans but most of us aren't just seeing the program not really be able to compete against just Georgia. It's getting rolled by Utah, getting pounded by Utah two weeks later, getting handled easily (by a just as depleted) Oklahoma team, then looking like an FCS program against Utah. Losses? Ok, not good but ok. Not being able to meaningfully even stay in any of those game and compete? Something else.
  13. I understand trying to find a nice spot to break in a young QB but JB is starting his third year in the program and TT had his break in with Stony Brook last year. That game was OVER. Georgia didn't at all appear to be out for blood, the second half for them looked a lot like they were playing a second Spring game. If you are that scared of throwing a young guy in at that point and somehow destroying some confidence (or whatnot), they likely aren't it.
  14. The big question about the portal for these guys is what exactly do they want to accomplish? Nix has said he plans to stay one season. If true, Oregon once again has a wide open QB spot. If you are a young QB still with the dream of being a power 5 starting QB, and you make a list of teams with an open QB battle, Oregon likely is going to be at or near the top of the list. Most places will have a returning guy, those that don't usually have a logical favored heir apparent, most of those don't still have 3 guys competing who were all rated highly. If you are a QB and happy here, Oregon is going to be about as good a P5 opportunity as any.
  15. I don't know, he also could be thinking I could come in and start and be off to the NFL in 3 seasons? As well, recruits rarely react to one game. I think Notre Dame was his #2? While they certainly looked much better against tOSU (scoring 10), I think tOSU held them to 253 yards of total offense and punted on their last 6 possessions (and their QB only completed 10 passes on the day). I guess Michigan was in there too? Harbaugh's not really known for throwing it around.
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