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  1. For many years. from a pragmatic perspective I had been advocating for the 8 team playoff. But seeing the bowl game system slide into a state of irrelevance and mediocrity, I am changing my tune. While it would be challenging to gain agreement and figure out the logistics, a 16 team playoff makes 16 teams relevant. It gives more teams something to strive for. We are still left with what post season games outside of a playoff have relevance, and how do we make them more important to the players, and for fans to watch. How many bowl games should there be? I don't know. If somebody wants to sponsor a bowl game between two marginally average teams that few fans will tune into, who am I to say no? As silly as it seems. If money, power and conference politics were not involved - it would likely be done by now. For now, I can only dream.
  2. I certainly can't disagree with that. Having a 16 team playoff would solve that for 16 teams. However, there are at last count 42 bowl games, which means 84 teams playing (before the Covid debaucle that is.). Which seems absolutely ludicrous to me. The number of average teams playing in bowl games has long been a pet peeve of mine. But then, I suppose if a bunch of average teams want to play in meaningless bowl games, who am I to say that is wrong?
  3. While I have been a strong advocate for a 8 team playoff for the past decade plus, I have been skeptical of a 12 or 16 team playoff. Just seemed to hard to pull off in addition to other reasons. But seems to me that this state of affairs, even after filtering out the Covid effect, makes the case to expand it immediately to the full 16 team playoff. Or does that just make any games beyond the playoff irrelevant and uninteresting? If so, what other changes should be make to rescue the current state of affairs? That is to say, what changes that are in the realm of reality. What will make these games not only relevant, but make players highly motivated to play in them?
  4. It seems to me that we just don't have enough evidence to determine the potential of any of the youg QB's. A Spring game, very limited access to the practice field, and how many live game snaps? People say there must be a reason that they played AB over them, implying the young QB's were either not ready or not talented. I find that a very thin argument. While the Ducks were a 10 win team (yay!) the way they won games rarely allowed the opportunity for the young QB's to get live game snaps. Nor did it give us the opportunity to make a judgement on the coaching staffs ability or inability to develop the potential talent. It has been asserted that incoming OC Dillingham is a good QB evaluator and developer. That is encouraging. But it also makes sense for the incoming staff to take some wins where they can. For many reasons, Nix makes sense. Although I admit I did not see it coming. Being the optimist I am, I look forward to seeing what happens at the QB position. As fans, we like stories of hope and the promise of better times. This is a fun story. Let's hope it has a great ending. On a personal note, I would love to see Nix do well enough to put some games away in the first half, and the coaching staff bold enough to give the developing QB's more live game snaps. Not just hand offs at the end of a game, but the opportunity to run the offense with a full arsenal of plays at their disposal. Go Ducks!
  5. I have learned never to underestimate Whittingham. Which is why I hate when my Ducks face them in November, rather than early on. While they have lost their last two bowl games, Whittingham is 11-3 in bowl games with the Utes. Thus, my respect for Whittingham outweighs my dislike of Ohio State. Go Utes!
  6. I really appreciate the bathroom humor. Flashbacks to games at Autzen in the early eighties as a student. Not a lot to cheer about combined with alcohol abuse. Need I say more about bathroom scenes. As far as Jimmy is concerned, hoping he is the coach at Washington for decades to come...
  7. Without seeing Thompson in practice or on the field more, it is nearly impossible to make a determination whether he is ready or not. And one does not want to totally destroy Browns confidence. at least what is left of it, by benching him prematurely. Thus, it seems to me they need to find a way to get Thompson more live reps. Either by getting a big first half lead, thus allowing him to play the bulk of the 2nd half. Or by finding packages for Thompson they feel he runs well, and interjecting them into the offense on a limited basis. I am not a big proponent of the two QB system. I'd rather not see it. But in this case it seems as they need to find ways with both Brown and Thompson to give them both the best opportunity to succeed. Play to their strengths. It is an imperfect situation that requires an imperfect, but creative solution.
  8. As fans, we are fanatical, and thus the current turmoil and questions surrounding the team, marked by inconsistent play is not meeting our expectations of enthusiasm. Whether it is my beloved Ducks or Blazers, I and my fellow fanatics can become quite insufferable when things don't go our way. Sometimes destroying the joy inherent in being a fan. Sometimes I just prefer to sit in my Duck Cave by myself avoiding the pain or pleasure of experiencing my fellow fans suffering, or joy. Pretty silly though. My alternative is to accept the pain or joy of the moment, letting things fall where they may. With the Blazers this has become far easier, given the sheer number of games. I go to games as much to spend time with friends and family, the outcome of the game, while important, is easier to let go if the desired outcome is not reached. My beloved Ducks, that is not so easy. Every game seems that much more important. What I really want to see is progress. Something closer to the potential we all see. This season does appear to be at a crossroads. And Cristobal is tenure is at a point where fans want to see more of the potential realized. If things go well Friday, especially with the QB play, the narrative likely changes. Either way, I will be there. Go Ducks!
  9. Organizations, groups and teams tend to take on the identity of their leadership. While I was a supporter of Brown as I felt he was the most experienced and deserved the opportunity to show he could rise to the occasion and lead this offense, his career has been marked by inconsistency. Cristobal, whom I beleive can grow into a great head coach, is clearly struggling creating the consistency needed to rise to the level of expectations set for this program.
  10. Take a deep breath everyone. The sky is not falling, although there are valid reasons to be concerned. At the beginning of the season I thought they needed two things for this team to be a true top ten team. First, great QB play, especially in running Joe's RPO offense. That means consistently making great reads. Secondly, staying healthy. This is pretty much a golden rule throughout all of sports. On the first point, prior to the Stanford game, while I had my concerns about AB, I felt there was not the body of evidence to make a fair assessment. There is now. I love the comment "What is the best way to coach up talent? Reps in real games and lots of them." I also agree that developing consistency is important. But tough to do when injuries occur. I tend to agree with Hayward Duck's conclusion. Not that I don't have ongoing concerns about player development, I do. But with less injuries, and a Joe Moorhead offense led by a top tier QB I think the narrative at this point would be far different. Several questions I will leave you with: If Shough would have stayed, would he be starting at this point? Although his decision making also suspect, could he have overcome that? Am I off-base in my belief that Shough had a stronger arm than Brown? The difference between completing 55% and a 65% of your passes is fairly dramatic.
  11. I generally have a rule against rooting for anyone's demise but I admit I have been known to complain about the PAC 12 leadership in recent years. It appears to me that there is a general (if not overwhelming) agreement that a new direction is needed. Thus, heading into Friday Night I will be celebrating that new direction, and the hire of Tim DeRuyter as DC. I look forward to all of your reactions and thoughtful opinions on the hire. Go Ducks!
  12. I agree! Pretty much what I have been advocating for. With the 2 at large automatically getting slotted into the number 7 and 8 spots as allowing them to jump ahead in the seeding takes away the advantage earned by winning ones conference. Plus I don't want any manipulation by the SEC, ACC or any conference consistently getting two teams in. After that bowl games for the rest. But no teams without winning records should get into a bowl game, regardless. No 6-6 teams. No teams with losing records.
  13. Not surprised to see one of the RB's transfer out. I think everyone expects to see at least one QB transfer. I would be shocked if Isaah Crocker doesn't transfer.
  14. Two names I would add into the mix that might not have been anticipated would be Jordan Happle and Bennett Williams. Before Holland and Breeze opted out who would have thought they would have had the role they did?
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