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  1. After seeing the Huskies throw the ball all over the field against our secondary, and the Beavs pound the rock down our throats (after being up by 21), I am not sure I want to see Oregon back their way into the championship game against USC. I don't know how, but USC managed to put a better defense out on the field this year that us, and K. Williams will have a field day against our defense. We only have to watch that defense once a week, but Lanning has to view it every day of the week. Perhaps, that why he goes for it so frequently on fourth downs. He probable has more confidence in Nix and the offense, than he does in his defense at his point. I am pretty even keeled, however I might just lose it if we were to lose to the Huskies, Beavs, and the Trojans all in the same year.
  2. Back and forth on the Palouse...I know it was a TOUGH loss for us today, but the PAC 12 has been exciting this year (let's excluded Colorado from the aforementioned).
  3. The backers can fill their gaps quicker without having to account for Nix. When Nix is healthier, backers have to account for him, which is just enough for our o-line to get up to them, which is not happening tonight
  4. Perhaps the adjustment was to utilize Ty legs...If that was plan B, I hope he has a plan C. The offense needs a running threat from the qb.
  5. They gotta get past it...Still up by 7, and they'll get the ball. That will not decided the game.
  6. Yeah, Oregon D looks better, but I am wondering why Utah is going at their strength. Washington gave them a blue print, and they are refusing to air it out in hopes of exposing the Duck pass defense. I think we see them be more aggressive passing in the second half
  7. Nice to see Bennett get a pick, especially after a tough week against the Dawgs last weekend.
  8. Nice to see a d-lineman make a play to get the d off the field.
  9. Got my eyes on that USC/UCLA game too...it's turned into a track meet.
  10. Not getting the tv broadcast....by Joey Mac is sounding great tonight 7-0 ....Go Ducks!
  11. That's good news Charles! Now if we gotta hope the defense shows up.
  12. USC just punched it in...now down by 7. It's tough to root for the Trojans, but my 'head' says that Oregon doesn't beat Chip a second time in the championship game, IF Oregon can get past Utah and Oregon St. (the Beavs playing good ball y'all).
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