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  1. I was simply replying to the part where it was said it’s now better than Kelley left it. We went to a title game twice thanks to Kelley. And he left us a title team. I do think it’s a bit early to be saying we are back as a title contender because we beat UCLA in Eugene in the rain by 10. I just don’t see the need to bash other teams? And we may play Kelley again in the sunshine and not in Eugene. Love watching the Ducks again. Hoping the coaches all stay and that Bo returns for another year
  2. Kelley left with a team good enough to go to playoffs. Just saying.
  3. Hopefully. But I think it’s just the Ducks that are the draw.
  4. I agree. I let myself get baited into answering that. Lol. Oregon is fun to watch again. Go Ducks
  5. I won’t make any friends but Lanning is an SEC boy to his roots. Unless Oregon is prepared to offer him 9 million per year he’s going to head home. The SEC breathes, drinks, and poops out footballs. It’s a culture there. There really isn’t much to do down south but catch crawfish and play football. To be honest I take the guy coaching our offense. Lanning hasn’t shown me much as a defensive coach. Kirby was the defensive genius at Georgia. We have more talent on D than any team in the conference and are ranked near the bottom. We lost to UCLA second half. They hung 30 on us in the rain and cold in Oregon; in their first true road game. We play them again it will be sunny and not in Oregon. We still gave up almost 8 yards per carry to their back. Just my observations.
  6. That would be a typical Alabama vs Georgia score. So you believe we are on Alabama’s level now?
  7. They play LSU, Georgia, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, every year, in conference play. Then they play the Big 10 Champion, and then Georgia again! You want that schedule. That’s what it takes to win a National Championship today. Why on earth would you also schedule a game against the PAC 12’s best team to start the year? look at those teams above. Do you think Oregon plays that schedule and ends up 12-1? Maybe in a few years but right now? Something tells me Alabama is not afraid to play us.
  8. You may be right but I beg to differ? That Ohio State team last year was a very different team at seasons end, then the one we beat early in the season. Remember they beat Utah, the team that beat us by 50 twice just 3 weeks earlier. I don’t like it either. But there’s the SEC and then everyone else.
  9. Fair enough. So you are saying by years end we will be better than Alabama? That’s wonderful!
  10. Maybe. But UCLA scored 3O at Oregon, in the rain. Georgia IMO would still get their 49. Our defense is ranked 77 in nation. Our pass defense is in the bottom 10 percent. So I am not sold we give Georgia a game after losing the second half in the rain to UCLA.
  11. We still do not have the defense to compete with the SEC. I would be shocked to score the 17. The SEC truly hates Oregon. I do NOT want to play any of the top 3 SEC teams. We are not ready yet Remember last year. Michigan absolutely demolished a veteran Ohio State team. Then Michigan had to face the SEC in playoffs and got curb stomped.
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