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Jon Joseph

Utah Utes 2023 Analysis and Predictions

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College Football News has the Utes winning 9 regular season games.


So much of the 2023 season is riding on whether QB Rising can make a full recovery from a bad ACL tear suffered against Penn State in the Rose Bowl.


Even if Rising is healthy with out-of-conference games versus Florida and at Baylor and conference road games at Oregon State, USC, and UW, and with home games versus Oregon and UCLA, I see an 8 and not a 9-win regular season.




Man, the Pac-12 is top to bottom loaded in 2023. No easy day.



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Going deep with the Utes’ scheme, returning personnel, and unknowns


For a bit less fluffing and a bit more stuffing, here is Hytholday1's in depth review of the Utes. Weekly he looks at each of Oregon's future opponents from an analytics,  scheme and personnel perspective that is pretty comprehensive. Worth a read.



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If Rising doesn't make it back until November, I don't see 8 wins, although Whittingham does more with less better than almost any coach in the country so I wouldn't count them out.

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Without Rising, Utah probably slogs their way to 6-7 wins.  That being said, Coach Whit said Rising is on track or slightly ahead of schedule in his rehab.  Expects him to be ready for FL.


With Rising starting, I think 9 wins is possible.  They will need to actually show up for game 1, which has been hard for the Utes as long as I can remember.  If they win that one, I think they take L’s with Oregon and usc and one other game that isn’t the Fuskies.


Will be hard for any team to run the table this year based on schedules and the talent top to bottom

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