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  1. I am going - don’t tell anyone - haha Look for the one guy in red on the Oregon side. Does this hat work with a red hoodie?
  2. To be fair - the Ducks were one (of two) bad fourth down decisions from going to Vegas and being champs. Lot’s of respect for Oregon and how they handled Utah this year and how Bo stepped up on one leg.
  3. Nix and Rising both played on gimpy legs during the season and showed they were 10x tougher than CW. Rising hasn’t been full strength since missing the WSU game and Bo beating Utah was one of the guttiest performances of the year. CW did some amazing things this year and is very talented - maybe heisman worthy - but tough and gritty he is NOT!
  4. My congrats as well. Have just moved to the point where I can talk about it. Utah was simply outplayed and the Oregon coaches did a great job - except that one play. I have a lot of respect for how Bo stepped up and made the plays when he was obviously hurt. Hope the Ducks win out.
  5. I have to say that I was really surprised to see the sellout numbers. Not being from Oregon, I have a different impression of Autzen that I think is probably pretty common among my fellow Ute fans. Here was my perception: Autzen has probably sold out every game in the last decade Loud and intimidating - especially for big games - similar to playing at Utah Always thought Eugene was bigger than it actually is and closer to Portland My thoughts on expansion would be to hold off - unless the stadium is full every week and there is a mile long waiting list for season tickets, it will ruin the atmosphere to have a bunch of empty seats
  6. The PAC-12 refs are terrible. We used to complain about how bad they were in the Mtn West, but it isn’t even close. As far as any team getting favored treatment, it always seems that the spoiled children have been the beneficiaries of the 50/50 or questionable calls. Philosophy at the top has been it is “good for the conference” if they do well. It would be awesome if the refs were competent enough to actually punish them for once! Worst criers and complainers ever.
  7. Unless there is chaos in the B1G and/or SEC, I don’t think a 12-1 Oregon or Utah gets into the CFP - no way either beats out a 1 loss SEC team or B1G champion. USC could get in if they run the table, but I just can’t see that happening - and might quit watching college football forever if they do. I agree that it will likely be the same faces we have seen most years in the CFP and Clemson will get embarrassed in the semis.
  8. Arizona is a lot better than they have been, and likely will be the best 4-8 team in the country this year. History says it can be a tough trip for the Ducks, but I just don’t see any way that the Cats can stop Oregon from scoring 40+. I have watched Arizona and they are just not consistent or talented enough to hang with the Ducks in my opinion.
  9. Huge loss for Utah. I think it could be a game changer against the better teams. The Ute receivers are very average and can struggle to get open against good secondaries, so losing your go to guy and a really strong team leader definitely impacts the conference race. Not sure Utah will be able to make up for his production. Will be interesting to see how they adjust against the Beavs. Kincaid is still a tough matchup for most teams, but easier to adjust without Kuthie. I was pretty confident in Utah’s prospects after watching the Oregon game and the first half of the Utah game and the usc game - Not at all now.
  10. Watched a lot of football yesterday and Oregon can definitely still win the conference - even though the defense has some work to do. Got the road win in a really tough place, so the Ducks are still in the drivers seat based on the rest of the schedule and can afford to drop a game and make it to Vegas. I think this looks like a typical year where there is enough parity near the top that teams beat each other up and all end up with one or more conference loss. Utah, Oregon and usc all have flaws that can and probably will be exposed and lead to a loss, so it could depend on where those come and tiebreakers at the end. The Beavs and Cougs are going to get some wins (one of them will probably beat Utah) and muddy it up. Still not a believer in the fuskies but they are definitely better and could be in the mix because of their easy schedule. Bruins aren’t even worth a mention in my opinion - still pretenders.
  11. Could not, Cannot, Will not cheer for those traitors. Any chance of them making the CFP must be snuffed out - even if that makes the path for another PAC-12 team less likely.. Go Beavs!
  12. Streaming needs to be part of our future. Respectfully disagree that people that stream don’t watch sports - all of my friends that are big sports fans do some type of streaming. It is here to stay. I would do a lot of things differently in order to get away from the stupid late games. Shocked to hear that the 8pm start for the Ducks Stanford game is the latest ever at Autzen - you must have had someone looking out for you! Utah gets stuck in that time slot all the time - last week was one. We have had 8pm starts in the middle of Nov in single digit temps. Hate it.
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