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Dr Hilarius

DL Features the Scout Team

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I’ve never seen this before… DL opens his Wed press conference singing the praises of his scout team.


Really proud of the guys that are giving us a look this week look is extremely important playing obviously a really talented team. Brock Thomas, is doing a good job over there. Extending plays and making it challenging for us. On the defensive side of the ball several guys on defense doing the same thing for our offensive unit but tough challenge 


Some coaches talk about teams. DL clearly walks the walk.


Teams are only as strong as their weakest link.


Go Ducks!

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This should serve as an illustration to all of us how important the scout team is and why having every single person on the roster all working together as a team to make the Team better.  


Good for Dan Lanning for calling the Scout team out to the Press and the fans.


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I remember when a guy who went by LaMike was praised on the scout team.  Hopefully, a few on them on board.

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Brock Thomas, Sheldon High grad playing qb, hmmmm something about that rings a bell. You want to talk about rumblings about a freshman qb on the scout team from Sheldon High School, that should wake you up and make you pay attention!


Brock may not be the next guy up, but agree love hearing about the scout team. At the same time he is a legacy, like Justin, and a multi-sport guy, has wheels and ran track, so maybe, just maybe......



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