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If Coach Taggart doesn't flee Oregon for FSU, and if the players don't vouch for hiring Coach Cristobal as our HC, we don't steal KT from SC and all the other Cali schools.  Sco Ducks!


References Section:



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He's so fun to watch.

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Thanks for posting this. I had bookmarked it to share today if no one else had.  An excellent look into an Oregon Athlete that to me exemplifies the best of what we want our athletes to be - incredible performers on the field of play, and an even better student/citizen with a vision of life beyond the sport itself!


Go Ducks!!

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KTs influence on opposing quarterbacks is fun to watch. Especially live. He was making an impact on almost every play even when he was away from the ball. A very special athlete.


To be honest I was watching him on every play. A thing of beauty. He and Noah are dynamic when they are both on the field. Imagine if JF hadn’t been injured how amazing that defense would be.


Can KT play quarterback?

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KT really brought some energy to the defense. Need that kind of leadership on the field. 

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