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PAC 12 Championship Game Rematches

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The regular season winner is 7-1 in the championship game. The only team to avenge their regular season loss? The 2014 Oregon Ducks. 

I actually went to the regular season game that year against Arizona. That was a weird game. Dropped passes, stupid penalty calls, etc. Arizona’s QB even caught his own batted pass and ran it for a first down on 3rd and long. 

Mariota was also still gimpy from the WSU game two weeks prior. I was at that game in Pullman and saw him limping on the sideline after a run in the 4th quarter. Helfrich limited him during the Arizona game because he never really ran unless he was avoiding pressure.

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Good DrJ, that loss to Arizona or the loss ro ASU are just real game examples of how anything can happen when they play the games.


Yesyerday's games were a great example. A number of heavy favorites struggled to get victories against their rivals. Bama got lucky!


Hope the CFP committee takes notice that OBD's and Texas did not struggle. They dominated!


While determining the outcome of any game is easy on paper, especially for us fans, when the stakes are high anything can happen.


The huskies are playing terrible and just finding a way to win. I dont think the Ducks will be in a giving mood.


If the Ducks play their game with minimal mistakes they should avenge that loss to the huskies.


Neither team is the same as when they first played this season.


IMHO, the huskies will be playing the best team in college football.


Go Ducks!

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We lost the first quarter by 7, it was 7-14. We lost the game by 3, but we must focus on the fact we lost the first quarter, and make sure that doesn't happen again.


With Camden as our kicker we must get ahead early and keep the pressure on the dawgs. It will take Bo at his best, along with Bucky again putting up some big numbers. 


The other element is Oregon needs to limit Penix's passing attack. Continual pressure on the qb, bat down passes, and make Penix know the pocket is collapsing. An early blitz that puts Penix on his back might make a huge difference. Also not allowing the receivers to get behind our defense will be critical. Fortunately I think our defense is up to the task. 


I would be nice to see Camden kick a short one late, but we can't afford to put Lewis in the position of saving the game, or winning the game late. The defense has to limit scoring, and the offense has to blend a game plan where DeBoer can't figure out our next move. We must win the chess game of game planning, this time. 


I also hope Deboer doesn't become a target of Texas A&M and that becomes a distraction! His buyout isn't a problem for A&M. With an $8 million AD shortfall the dawgs aren't in position to compete against the bigger programs for DeBoer's services, much like OSU found out. They are supposedly in negotiations, but now they may have to compete against Texas ATM.

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I can see the Ducks beating Fusky by 20 plus points. Not worried.

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