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Steven A

Dartmouth Basketball Players Two Steps Closer to Unionizing

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Steps 1 & 2 cleared.  Petition to unionize signed in September, NLRB ruled they are employees of the school.



A National Labor Relations Board regional official has decided that Dartmouth basketball players are employees of the school...


Unintended consequences to follow?

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Thanks, Steven for the post. This is potentially huge if the ruling is sustained on appeal, to further consolidate CFB into NFL-Lite. And the House litigation if the plaintiffs prevail, could total up to $4B (!) in damages. 


Between the government and the lawyers the entire sports 'baby' could be tossed out with the 'bathwater.' Is anyone up for intramural flag football at Autzen? 


Meanwhile, Go Ducks Vandalize the Vandals! Don't worry! Be Happy! I'm going to enjoy 'THIS" however defined for as long as I am able but change to CFB is not going to wait for media deals to conclude.

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After Dartmouth case, why stakes are higher in NLRB trial against USC, Pac-12, NCAA



As the implications of the NLRB's decision at Dartmouth's reverberates, an even bigger development on the employee front...


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I think this, on the whole, is a really positive development for the current state of CFB. 

No matter where you stand on unions, what is historically undeniable is that they create stability in the labor market which is exactly what is needed in CFB.  

Both the state of NIL (think of that poor kid with the UF group ghosting him or the general craziness created by an unregulated system awash in oodles of money) and the chaos of the transfer portal need to be tamed.  

A unionized player org across all of CFB or P4 or even P2 should usher in a degree of stability completely lacking in the status quo.  

Personally, I’m a fan of the university holding the NIL rights and any negotiations happening between the player and that institution.  Get the shadow money out of the process (because it’s ripe for abuse as we’ve seen).  

I think that goes some way to solving the transfer portal but TBH I’m not so opinionated on a solution for that area.  

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