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Dr Hilarius

GameDay Advice

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i am going to my first game at the rose bowl tmrw and would love any and all advice y’all have. 

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Now THAT is very cool.  All I recall is that the tunnels are small and narrow, so get there early and get in your seats early.


And don't buy from a scalper unless you know the turnout is going to be light.  I went ahead and bought some from a hawker outside the stadium who insisted they were on the 40 yard line.  I squinted at them and pretended to know where they were, and claimed that the location doesn't look like the 40 yard line?


He then gave me a whooping loud Academy Award act....shouting about, "you questioning my integrity?!"  He was making a scene as everyone was staring at us they went by us.  Now I KNEW they were not on the 40 yard line (Gut instinct)  But where were they?  This is about 25 years ago, and my buddy and I were now curious as to have far off the 40 line these tickets were.  So we bought them just to find out!


So we got in and found that...of course they were not on the 40, nor the 35, the 30, the 25....and our faces got longer and longer.  Not on the 20 yard line, not on the 15,....not even on the 10 yard line!  They were about on the seven yard line is all.  We had a good laugh, saluted the fellow for his great acting and got up and moved to the 40 yard line because it was a light crowd that day.


My favorite Rose Bowl story.


Rose Bowl_Scott Kelley.jpg

Mr. FishDuck

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Have fun DR and great story Charles. I have a feeling that there will be many the available seat today?

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