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Steven A

Washington Basketball Record Setting 2 Mil NIL Deal is an All-in Play

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The Washington Huskies’ shocking $2 million NIL player payment shows they’re ready for Big Ten


1.  Will future transfers say, I'm better, show me the money.

2.  Current players who have a good year, or better year than Sprinkle, want some sprinkled on them next year? 

3.  If he is a bust, will the NIL collective back away from future deals?



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Hmmmmh? I'd like to see the receipt. This from UW boosters for a CBB player. Kentucky, UConn, and maybe Indiana I would understand, but UW? 


What was the reporter's source? 


I can see $2M for an all-conference transfer QB but not this. Money from the Tournament if UW qualifies, will be split evenly among B1G members through 2030. Where is the ROI here? More folks tuning into the B1G Network will not yield a return for UW. 


No comprende. Nonetheless, thanks for the post. 

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Why would either party publicize this?  The pressure on the player to perform will be enormous, the team will be required to show results for such money....when you consider all the elements--it's all downside.


Oh well, UW will know how

to take care of the problem.


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Mr. FishDuck

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On 5/13/2024 at 3:38 PM, Charles Fischer said:

it's all downside.


That seems to be ewe dubs proess!

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