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Jon Joseph


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1. Georgia - SEC vs 9 Iowa AL at 8 Michigan State AL - winterize those Big 10 stadiums


2. Cincinnati - AAC - vs 10 Ole Miss AL at 7 Oregon Pac-12 - chilly for the boys from Mississippi?


3. Oklahoma - B12 vs 11 Notre Dame AL at 6 Michigan AL - wake up the old rivalry echoes


4. Ohio State - Big 10 vs 12 Wake Forest ACC at Alabama AL - shocking that Bama gets the easiest 1st round game at home, right?


Poll: 6 SEC teams / 5 B1G/ 4 B12/ 2 ACC/ 2 AAC / 2 IND/ 1 Pac-12/ 1 CUSA/ 1 Sun Belt/ 1 MW


Ducks move up to 7 -  No top 25 team at this date left on the schedule - Ohio State is ranked 5 with no wins over a top 25 opponent and with the same record as the Oregon team it lost to


1L Bama jumps undefeated Oklahoma - SEC has the highest ranked 1L and 2L teams. 


1st Committee Rankings released on 11/2. IMO, no way that Cincinnati will be ranked #2. Cincy does have #19 SMU left on the schedule. 


4 B12 teams ranked seems generous and really helps OK SOS. 


Oregon continues to have the best OOC win YTD. Cincy is 2nd with the win at 11 Notre Dame. 


If ND goes 12-0 and 'steals' a PO spot The Alliance should move to stop ND's most favored nation playoff status.


When the Ducks plays conference game #9 at Utah, Bama will be playing NM State at home.



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On 10/24/2021 at 1:08 PM, Jon Joseph said:

Oregon continues to have the best OOC win YTD.


Very cool, and thanks for all the great information.

Mr. FishDuck

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I don't understand why Ohio State is ranked ahead of Oregon.


The Ducks beat OSU, ranked #3 when Oregon played them, currently ranked #5. What is Ohio State's big win since they lost to the Ducks? Tulsa? Akron? Rutgers? Indiana? Maybe Maryland?


OSU lost at home to Oregon. Oregon lost an away game to Stanford in overtime.

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