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Charles Fischer

FEEDBACK: How About the New Background Pic and Font Size?

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My FishDuck Friends ... I am constantly working with the Web Developer as we make adjustments to the site. 

First of all--how about the new background picture?  I can change them although it won't be more than once a week, and normally it will be a football picture like the one of Travis Dye catching a pass in the Washington State game that was our first background.  It is just that right now--we could use a little basketball and the basketball season for these pics is only two months more.  

Next item is the font size; the original smaller font size seemed almost weirdly small in reference to the large size of the post, so I increased the size of the font to fit the post better and it is easier on old eyes for us who are Greybeard-age.



My friends, it is so easy to add videos, GIFs and pictures.  Go to the Directions in the Pinned Topic at the top of the Forum Front Page and learn how!

Mr. FishDuck

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As I believe most of the other posters have been, I too was drawn to the original FishDuck site by my love of Oregon Football.  But I also believe that we (being awesome OREGON fans, have a deep appreciation for all the sports played throughout the year.  I don't mind at all this forum being more football centered (especially with the recent disappointing ending to our season), but I know I also have a strong interest in the other sports. I'm enjoying the basketball background as I am also a big Ducks BB fan, and love how the college game is played.  The only sport I personally participated in was track in high school (waaay back in the last century...), so I also keep track of what is going on with our world class athletes in track and field.  I am looking forward to many other photos as the seasons and years go by.

Thanks Charles, for the time, energy & $$ you invest into this site!

BTW, the font size increase does help a little... 😀

Edited by olcodgerduck
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Larger font is always good.

What I would like to see is at least a slightly larger picture above our names. They are so small that even in close face shots like your's and David Marsh's are hard to see (though I can still make out the stubble on BigDuckFan's face).

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