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Charles Fischer

How Pac-12 Football Became an Absolute Joke (Whew!)

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"Nationally, The Conference of Champions was already thought of an inferior football league. After 2020, forget the inferior moniker, we’re now pitiful."

This writer let's it all go with his thoughts...read the rest right here.  As a publisher...the only thing I do not like about the article is the writing style of one-sentence paragraphs through-out, as an opinion article should be well-constructed paragraphs as you see from Joshua's article today at FishDuck.  Not a stream of consciousness, like this writer, but he makes good points!

Travis Dye scores vs. Stanford_ESPN Video.jpg

Mr. FishDuck

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So, the Pac-12 scheduling this year is a joke, but what the ACC and the SEC do every year isn't?  Can't have it both ways.  Granted, both conferences have teams take advantage of said joke schedules, but they still have joke schedules.

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It's very hard to defend the Pac-12 for anything, but saying that it manipulated the schedules to give advantage to Oregon & USC, is right out of Washington's pity bag. By the way, an obvious manipulation of schedules was the one that didn't have Washington playing a road game until they were to play the Ducks, in Autzen. Of course, they ended up not able to play that game.
Wilner didn't mention that.

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Pitiful, and it seems like the Pac-12 leaders are loving it that way, everyone afraid to say anything or take any action to correct it. Just milk it for all they can.

 Ron Burgundy No GIF

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The PAC 12 has major issues way beyond football.

The PAC 12 is trying to hold on by its financial fingertips for two major events. The expiration of Larry Scott’s contract, and the expiration of the broadcasting rights deals with ESPN and Fox. 

I don’t pretend that I understand all of the intricate problems of the  PAC 12. However, I do know that when you distribute revenues half of what other conferences distribute, there will quickly be financial problems trying to stay competitive. 

We aren’t playing on a level financial playing field, and for the next few years we are stuck. Oregon is blessed (Phil Knight comes to mind) to be as competitive as we are in various sports. 

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