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Maybe this will be worthy of being pinned when the unwashed masses arrive. I don't think I have ever had a post pinned before. The excitement is overwhelming.

Anyway, the rules are these. You can't say "the Pick," or the first time we went to the Rose Bowl.

  1. What is your best memory as a Duck fan?
  2. Outside of Corvallis or Seattle, where did you go for your first away game, and what do you remember most about it?
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My favorite memory is easy, it has stayed at #1 for 50 years. Oregon 41 UCLA 40.

 The Ducks trailed 40 to 21 with 4 minutes left. Coach Jerry Frei had a feeling and took Dan Fouts out, replaced him with Tom Blanchard, 3 plays later, Blanchard connected with then Bobby Moore, for a touchdown, 40-28 in 33 seconds. UCLA coach thought he'd replace his QB too, Jim Nader for Dennis Dummitt. Nader  fumbles, Ducks recover, Blanchard to Moore again, 41-35, 2:24 left.

Oregon recovers the onside kick, a pass from Blanchard, this time to Leland Glass gets the ball to the Bruins' 10 . But during the drive, Blanchard separated his shoulder, and Fouts is back in. On the second play, Fouts is sacked, it's 3rd & 14, 1:00 left. Fouts find Greg Specht on a crossing route, touchdown Ducks, who now led 41-40.

 The Bruins got the ball back, but Dennis Dummit's last pass was picked off. This was all on radio, but I'll never forget it.

It wasn't my first road game, but definitely my favorite. September, 1980, Husky Stadium.

The Huskies were 2-0, outscoring their 2 opponents, 95-14. Oregon was 1-1-1, they were coming off a 35-7 win over Michigan State, but the Huskies weren't worried. After it was over, the Ducks and their quarterback, Reggie Ogburn, had won, 34-10. 

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1) Best Oregon duck memory is probably Oregon's win over florida state in the 2015 Rose Bowl. Mariota had just won the Heisman and it was against Jamis Winston who I really disliked. 

So when Oregon destroyed FSU it was very satisfying. 


2) I will be honest... I struggle in large crowds of people so I have not attended a game in person. Maybe someday I'll get over my dislike of crowds and go to a game. 

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My favorite memory is a lot of times my last memory. Being at the Auburn game last year to begin the season was setting up to be an awesome memory, however with 9 seconds left in the game it was slightly dashed. 😀. I still have the memories of the trip, the barbecue, the amazing stadium and venue, Spencer Webb catching the first touchdown and pushing the defender to the ground, but alas I also have the memory of the Ducks losing to an inferior team. Walking away thinking we should have won. While that was one Experience from last year it was not the only lasting one that I had.

My wife son and I were able to go to the pack 12 championship and watch the ducks play the Utah Utes. We had Wonderful seats right above the tunnel where our team came in and out of the game. We also traveled with three other couples that we sit with at all of the Oregon games. When we were walking into the game he heard several Utah fans banter with us about how we didn’t have a chance. Most of it was in good fun but there was some truth behind what they were saying. At least they thought there was truth in what they were saying. Not only did we get to talk to most of the players before the game as they were walking in and out of the tunnel we also got to watch a really good football game. We got to see Our beloved ducks win the game in the trenches on both sides of the ball. It was awesome and after the game we once again got to talk to several of the players as they left the field after their celebration.

Finally we made one last road trip down to watch the ducks play Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl and what a great game it was. If you have not had a chance to watch a game at the Rose Bowl I would highly recommend it as it is a unique place to watch a game. My wife and I retreated to a great game to follow up our other experiences throughout the year. Even though we didn’t get a lot of other experiences this year we look forward to the many experiences yet to come in 2021 and well into the future.

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My favorite game was November 3, 2012 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Oregon vs USC at the home of the Trojans. My wife and I had great seats on the 45 yard line and it was a shoot out with Oregon prevailing 62-51. 

A young QB named Marcus Mariota went 20-23 for 304 yards and 4 TD's. Matt Barkley for USC was 35-54 for 484 yards. Nelson Agholar could not be defended. My personal highlight however was Kenjon Barner with 38 carries for 321 yards and 5 TD's. We had a presidential election that week and I wanted to write in Kenjon Barner for President.

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