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My Wish List for Ducks Special Teams

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Consistent TBs on kickoffs

Snee continues his precision punting (if he's our punter)

Returns on punts and KOs that are 90% penalty free

No FG misses from inside 40 yards

Solid coverage on kickoffs and punts that keep return yards from being a liability

What did I forget?


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A few Seven 7 pointers

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We are ready for an onside kick, and to take it back to the house on the kick off. On kick offs plenty of hang time, coverage and if needed unreturnable, while never kicked out of bounds, unless facing a 40 mph headwind.


On punts, we have excellent blocking, again ready to take it back to the house. Punting, little pressure, great blocking, never a blocked punt, seldom punt, but when we do it goes over 40 yds. with no return.


Field goals we are deadly inside the 40 and a threat at 50. Never miss an extra point.


Other team are afraid of our special teams. They do not look at our special teams as an opportunity to fool us, or take advantage of our lack of preparedness. Fear from opposing teams extends from our offense, defense and special teams. I might add teams fear our fanbase enthusiasm and noise on gameday, once again! This is the ultimate special team!

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My list:


1. Be better

2. Look like you have a clue

3. Look like you actually care

4. Be better


Honestly B. Williams produced horrible results so getting rid of him can't be anywhere but an improvement 

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Agree with Gusduck. Find a guy who can kick the ball out of the end zone, is reliable on FG tries and can make a FG from 50 yards out.


Don't know if he's any good but I see that former USC kicker Peter Morton is in the portal?


It's just the Spring game but Lewis looked more like the 2020 and 2021 late season Lewis than he did when he was solid early in 2021.

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I could just summarize and say be better at every phase because we sucked last year at special teams but specifically:


1.  Better punt return and kick return coverage.  when we kick off and they return it they should not be getting out the the 35 yard line, 25 yard max and  frequently our coverage stops them inside the 20.  Punt returns minimize the return, stay in lanes, NO big returns.

2.  Kick returns,  better blocking, better situational awareness.  Can't have teams pooch kicking it and recovering the kick because we don't have a clue.  

3.  Punt returns better blocking which should lead to some longer returns.

4. We did make most of our field goals last year but I'm still not sold on Lewis, need some honest competition for him, may the best man win.

5.  Our punter Tom Snee was pretty good last year but I don't see why we can't attract one of the top punters in the nation to Oregon.  Need to make it happen.

6.  Kickoffs.   Was there any team worse than us at kicking the ball out of the end zone in the Pac -12 last year?? I don't think so, that has to improve.


Absolutely no reason we cannot be one of the best teams in the Pac-12 on special teams next year that will win us at least 1 extra game.  🙂 

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Forgot no frickin penalties!

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