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  1. USC has Utah the week after this which is a huge game and really goes along way in determining who will be in the Conference championship game. But coming up this week is Washington State and it's going to be really easy for USC to start looking ahead to Utah and have a let down against WSU. I don't know the line yet but I think WSU has a great chance to take down the Trojans this weekend. WSU isn't getting alot of press right now, they are not even rated, which is pretty surprising in my book. Cam Ward is a hell of a quarterback who nearly took us down. Trojans better be ready or WSU will sneak up and bite them on the arse!!
  2. I can't see KD leaving Oregon for several reasons. This is his first OC job where he is solely responsible for the play calling. He needs some time getting experience as the sole OC, give him a couple years and then he might consider it. Second he's working at a Top 10-15 program in the nation which has the funds to compete for a National Championship. ASU is never going to be that, IMO. Third, he and DL are good friends and I don't think KD would leave DL after a few months in the middle (or end ) of this season. His first season at U of O. Fourth, as it's been said already, ASU is a dumpster fire with possible sanctions looming. Not a great landing spot. Its going to be a tough rebuild. Fifth, offers will be coming for KD, good offers. Probably in a couple years. Be patient and take over a program that is setup for success not one teetering on failure. One caveat, I didn't see Mario leaving either. Although I'm thankful now!
  3. All these guys; Ty, Jay & Dante got the physical tools. The question is who will get the mental side the quickest. Because once the game starts slowing down for them then that's where their physical tools will really start to shine. We see all the time, good college quarterbacks who may not have the big arm lead their teams to wins because they can process and make good split second decisions. But it's really special when you see quarterbacks who have both talents. DL has said if you are good enough you are old enough. So if Dante comes in next year and he shows the ability to process what is happening and makes good decisions, better than Jay or Ty he will start.
  4. This game scares me. On the offense, BYU has a very good line, really good receivers, and a very good quarterback. On the defensive side, good linebackers, and returning talent all over. I'm not sure how good their defensive line is or the talent in the secondary but they looked good against Baylor. If both teams play up to their capability, this could go down to the wire. They have a definite advantage in experience which will really be beneficial in a tight game. I'm hoping that they have a little bit of a let down after a really tough game last week. We need a little Autzen magic on this one. For us, on the defensive side this is game that Noah Sewell and Justin Flowe can make a difference (assuming Flowe plays), as I think they will try to run the ball 50% of the time. Go Ducks!
  5. The way we lost to Georgia left a little bit of a smell on Oregon. As the season progresses that will slowly fade. For A&M that stink is pretty bad. However if they beat Miami all will be forgiven as they are in the SEC!
  6. It was a well played game. Personally I would have gone for it. It was about 4th and 2 and West Virginia had a lot of momentum at the time. Interesting side note. The quarterbacks were Kedon Slovis for Pitt and JT Daniels for West Virginia. Both were highly recruited coming out of high school and both went to USC. Both played well I thought. JT was the starting quarterback at Georgia until he got injured and was replaced by Stetson Bennett.
  7. Donte Thornton is a 6'5 speedster. Going to be a breakout year for him. Right now he is flying under the radar a little bit due to the lack of creativity in our previous coaching staff's offense. With Dillingham in charge they will design plays to get him the ball Georgia will need to keep an eye on him or he will burn you. Troy Franklin is also another name to know. He is 6'3 very quick and just as capable of taking it to the house. Another under utilized weapon that I expect to have a good day this weekend. You 'all already know about Seven but Kris Hutson, Chase Cota, and Caleb Chapman are all really high level players that can get open, make the catch, and get YAC. Oregon has a lot of weapons this year in the receiving corp as good as or better than Georgia (not counting Tight ends) so I'm telling you if you take us lightly thinking this is going to be just another win, you will not like the results. Your tight ends are from another planet so I don't really want to talk about them. Hoping they miss the bus.
  8. IMO Thornton & Franklin start on the outside. Hutson probably inside with McGee getting substantial playing time. Cota coming in on 3rd downs, short yardage, or special circumstances. Not sure if Chapman, Crocker, or Kasper rotates with Franklin. Guess we will find out next Saturday!
  9. Fine with it especially for this game. We need every advantage we can get for this game. It means Georgia has to spend more time preping for more options that could come their way next week. Now as we move into the season the cat will be out of the bag already, so I'm guessing we will get more info prior to each game.
  10. Just more bulletin board material in case they somehow make it to the Conference Championship Game. That was a good one Kamikaze Kid!
  11. By the fourth quarter their defensive front seven is going to gassed! USC has no depth up front. We win pulling away in the fourth quarter!
  12. Grew up in Oregon but moved to Houston about 10 years ago. Absolutely love the South and it's traditions. Recently moved to Austin, where a lot of the population is from up North or out west (CA). It's a beautiful area but it's missing the southern culture.
  13. Hoping for the Ohio State miracle again this year but that said...Going to go with Dawgs 34-27 over Ducks. Go Ducks!
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