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FishDuck Article

A FishDuck Primer: Prepare for Football Season–Learn about Lanning!

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No better place to learn more about our new head coach than FishDuck!  See if you missed any of these key articles about him...


So many readers check the site on a hit-or-miss basis in the off-season, and I want to be certain you do not miss all the articles about new head coach Dan...
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Two Sites: FishDuck and the Our Beloved Ducks forum, The only "Forum with Decorum!" And All-Volunteer? What a wonderful community of Duck fans!

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Charles thank you for taking the time to compile and organize this article. Reading, then rereading the articles you previously wrote about Coach Lanning energized me again during this long winter off season.


Once again your passion for the OBD is on display and in full force. You are amazing and just like this forum you created, "one of a kind". 


It is too early in Coach Lannings Head Coaching journey to draw any concrete conclusions. For me, many small steps or actions over a long period of time add to the yard stick of measuring a leaders performance.


So far the small steps and actions look promising. As always the results on the field will be used by many to weigh and measure their judgements about Coach Lanning. Some will jump off the Lanning band wagon if the Ducks start 2-2 or 1-3 this fall. Others will be singing his praises at 3-1 or 4-0.


In my 56 years as a member of the work force I have found that followers rarely understand what leaders go thru to build something special. I suppose many of those that followed Michigan State football were glad that Coach Saban left to coach teams in the SEC. After all his coaching record was not that impressive. Bet they wish he stayed.


It was too early to measure Sabans performamce. Leaders learn and grow thru out the journey. It will be the same for Coach Lanning.


So far so good. Looking forward to his journey. What a way to start, playing the defending national champs. Wishing and hoping for the best. How will you feel if the Ducks get blown out by Georgia? Win or lose then we will get our first glimpse of head coach Dan Lanning.


It cant arrive soon enough.........

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Thanks for compiling this great primer on Dan Lanning!


I enjoyed rereading the links!


They contain the secret sauce recipe for a successful Oregon Football program.

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Yep, thanks, Charles.  I had missed one of those articles so it was great to read it now.  It is the one regarding Coach's "Hard Progrum"  and the impact on possible transfer, even 5 stars.


Which is music to my ears.  While the last HC was undoubtedly a great recruiter, that was largely contingent upon the ratings services' rankings. I am not saying he didn't do his own evals but I think his emphasis on stars may have been to the detriment of his willingness to confront athletes who didn't completely buy-in or go the extra mile.


When I read DL talk about the "de-recruitment process" I was encouraged.  We have to be willing to lose some high profile kids that coach thinks may not pan out.   Better to have an understanding and move on early than to hold a rated 4 star player for going on 5 seasons now, who has played 3 downs of football on the field while never being on the injured list.  


Glad to have a coach who gets that in the awards before results era.

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Thanks to all who took the time to read them and post here.  I do appreciate your kind words--my thanks.



Mr. FishDuck

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