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1999 Nike Ad: 'Chicks Dig The Long Ball'

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Remember this Nike commercial from 1999?


Here is the back story:


Remember "Chicks Dig The Long Ball?" This is the story behind that iconic Nike commercial and its famous catchphrase.


While "Chicks dig the long ball", it isn't necessarily the key to winning.


In the game last night versus Arizona State, Oregon scored 11 runs. They did that with 14 hits. Of those 14 hits, 1 was a home run(long ball), and 1 was a double. Of those 14 hits, 12 were singles.


In the previous game against UC San Diego, Oregon had 19 hits of which 12 were singles in a 15-6 win.


Looks like chicks should be digging the little bingo's?

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I agree with you that there have been way-too-many fly-outs as they are swinging for the fences.  Get on base....get them in scoring position....hit them in!  That got us back on track these last two games and I hope we can continue it.


Oregon State put 20 on ASU in the first game, but ASU took a game later from the Beavers.  Very cool to see RJ Gordon pitch six innings to save the staff and give most another day since we had to use so many in mid-week.

Mr. FishDuck

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Classic commercial with Tom Glavine and Greg Maddox. 

Home runs are sexy and help put people in the seats. The House that Ruth built is probably a good example. I really wouldn’t know much about Oregon softball w/o some of the posts here….thanks

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Sadly that is about when one of the greatest baseball players in all of history become just another mistake of the steroid era. Barry wanted the Chicks to Love his long ball, not just his amazing talent playing the game. 

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