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We're All Thinking about Football Right Now

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and maybe basketball, but what will all the conference hopping that's happened and is to come do to the non-revenue sports? Football and men's basketball can afford (at least at present) to go all over the country to play, but what will having to travel to the Midwest and East Coast on a regular basis do to non-revenue teams on the West Coast? Hopping down to the Bay area or up to Seattle is one thing, but traveling to Iowa, Ohio, New Jersey every year? That's a lot more $$$. Will athletic departments be will to spend to keep non-revenue sports going?

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I'm not thinking about this at all. I feel like Jerry in this episode. Everything was fine and all of the sudden I come home and..... Please take all this out of here!



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If I had to guess, Annie, it would be that the other sports would remain in the PAC-12 and it would be relatively unchanged.


What I don't have any idea about is Title IX changes that might be made that would de-couple the now "semi-pro" sports from the rest of the athletic department.  If that were to happen in some form or fashion, then we may see those sports go away unless they can self-fund somehow.



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